To Clyde, with love

December 7, 2005 at 12:54 am (Uncategorized)

Thank you, Clyde, for that deep and provocative message. You know? It reminds that no matter how provincial and personal my opinions seem to be, there is always someone out there who gets me. Clyde, in that one word you summed up the exact message I was trying to convey. You look, but you also see. I appreciate your candor and your scrutiny. I also appreciate that you might be the only person who has seen this blog. Please come back, Clyde? Won’t you please come back?

The concept jars lose an unsettling thought. When does writing for an audience of zero become akin to schizophrenia? At what point will I be talking to myself and settling comfortably into that relationship? What if I start posting responses to my own blogs but don’t realize I’m doing it? I might have back and forth exchanges with a man named Lou or a young lady named Sandy Sue. I might get into heated arguments with identities created by myself in a fugue state. Frankly, I’m looking forward to it.

Many people read my Street Talk blog which can be found here. Maintaining that daily dialogue is easy because we have established a known environment, like a bar will establish a regular clientele. In here, there has been no give and take on which to mold such an environment. That is, at the bar known as The Screaming Room, nobody has placed an order or even asked for directions. In here it’s just me and a bunch of figurative taps I can’t get a drop of beer out of. An empty bar, a silent blog and the blossoming stage of schizophrenia.

Please come back, Clyde. Won’t you please come back?



  1. Clyde said,

    … and getting stranger.

  2. Anonymous said,

    vellly intelllestingk….

  3. fizzlefart said,

    Are you sure that Clyde isn’t Bill Bailey in another life?

  4. Warren Showe said,

    You raise a lot of questions in my head; you wrote a good post, but this post is also thought provoking, and I will have to ponder it some more; I will be back soon. Across the street from City Hall, there are already a bunch of charging stations.

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