Welcome to my Nightmare

December 31, 2005 at 9:56 am (Uncategorized)

When I was a boy, maybe six years old, I dreamed there was a head under my bed. The head wasn’t doing much. It just sat there in the dark, with the dirty socks and dust bunnies, and spoke to me whenever I passed.
In the dream, nobody believed it when I told them there was a head under my bed. Later, my babysitter came into my room (her name was Mrs. Gilbert and she had dyed black hair and bright red lipstick), and leaned under the bed to look. The head under the bed stole the head of Mrs. Gilbert and then it went on babbling from down there in the dark.
I wrote a story about the dream years later. In a fit of creativity, I titled it: “The Head Under the Bed.” I don’t know where I come up with this stuff.
When I was a teen, around the time I started drinking, smoking and doing that other great teen stuff, I had a dream about a nun. I had been swimming at Rice’s Rips in Waterville and drifted too close to the waterfall. There’s a 30 foot drop there and I plunged over it to the rocks below. When I opened my eyes, badly injured from the fall, a nun was standing in the water 30 feet above me. She was smiling wickedly and beckoning me forth with her hand. It was a horrifying site and in that moment, I knew I was dreaming but could not wake up. I struggled against the dream for what felt like days (it was in fact, more likely seconds) until I managed to force my eyes open with Herculean effort. The dream haunted me the rest of the day and I feared sleep for nights after.
Nightmares are crazy. So horrifying and crippling, they are also intensely personal. Try explaining one to another person and you sound like a child describing a comical boogey that lives in the closet. Bad dreams cannot be precisely recreated in the real world.
It would take a very long time for me to jot down the bad dreams I’ve had. There was one where I came into possession of a weird pair of glasses that afforded me a view into hell. There was another stunner where I walked passed a cemetery and heard the voices of the dead in my head. Both of those later became works of fiction, but again: bad dreams lose the true impact of their fangs and claws in the light of consciousness. Which by all reasoning is a good thing.
This morning, I’m up uncharacteristically early because I snapped awake at 6:34 a.m., chilled and near paralyzed by a nightmare. I stumbled from bed and came out here to write about it. By the time I was done, 2,000 words were on the page and it’s a nail-biter. What are the chances this will morph into my next novel? Ask me in eight weeks.
With all of this morbid rambling in mind, the topic for today is bad dreams. Lay down on the couch and tell me all about them. I’m here for you. I can help. And if I can’t, at least I can steal your thoughts and write stories about of them.
Happy New Year, freaks.


  1. Clyde said,

    I can’t decide if that picture frightens me or turns me on.

  2. John said,

    I had a dream where I started dreaming the dream from the night before.

    …Wait, where have I said this before… ohhhhh, horror.com now I remember.

  3. John said,

    I had a dream where I started dreaming the dream from the night before.

    …Wait, where have I said this before… ohhhhh, horror.com now I remember.

  4. Anonymous said,

    John, you got to remember to only click once when you get going that fast.

  5. -- said,



  6. Nader said,

    What you’ve seen in your dream was axactly the same one when I was 2 or 3 years old. but mine was the black head of the silence and just the head which was staring at me. the frightening part was didn’t matter my eyes are open or closed, either way I could see the shape and it’s been there for a long time.

  7. me said,

    i am confused…

  8. jamie said,

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    To be honest i am just looking around to find out why..

  9. jamaica said,

    I cried like mad when I left Jamaica, i loved it there. We rode hosres on the beach and I met my husband there.

  10. bill said,

    I love your site

  11. myhouse2 said,

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  12. Tara said,

    When I was a child I suffered from horrible series’ of recurring nightmares that ran along noticably diverse themes. The most curious of all was that from an early age, I used to dream of Heaven and Hell. There was a holiday caravan resort that I used to go to every summer and lived in for 9 months over the winter once. And this place was usually the gateway between Heaven and Hell. The slope that ran to the beach in real life was usually littered with Gothic gravestones and swarming with eerie red fog once I closed my eyes, and above the slope, the rusty gateway to the playground was transformed into a solid gold vision in the clouds. More often than not I took the smart route and spent many a happy hour playing foozball with God and watching his wall-sized TV (oh, the innocence) but occasionally I was tricked and would follow a classmate down the wrong path and before she would realise where we had gone, I’d be clambering desperately up the steep slope out of Hell. Strangely enough, this didn’t frighten me half as much as the dream where I’m left at the top of a steep hill in the back seat of a car and somebody’s left the handbrake off. Freaked me out right up until I learned how to drive….

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