The end of the world as we know it

March 25, 2006 at 11:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Welcome Street Talkers. If any of you are still standing after stumbling from the charred ruins of the Lost Sole, you can find safety and comfort here. All that is left of our old home is a mushroom cloud over a blackened pit in the earth. They blew us up, man. Blew us to smithereens.

For fear that no one will find this place, I'll keep it short. But should one of you wander by, drop a line and we'll get things started. There is much to discuss. There is rebuilding. There is repopulating our society. There is the matter of the loathsome one who caused this apocalypse. Yes, there is much business to attend.

I've gotta get moving. There are strange noises outside and you can't trust that everyone is friendly around here. Not yet. It's a savage new world we exist in. We've got to be careful.


  1. fizzlefart said,

    It takes a while to post something. It’s a screwy sight, but what other choice do we have if we want to be able to share the same air as you?

  2. Mark LaFlamme said,

    Fizzlefart? You call yourself Fizzlefart??

  3. LaFlamme said,

    Test. I say, test.

  4. LaFlamme said,

    One more time. Test. Test. And a one, and a two…

  5. LaFlamme said,

    Aha! I had the time stamp set at five hours beyond universal time. I needed to make it negative five. It’s all very scientific.

  6. A.O. said,

    Gotta love it! Serves him right, the Fat Bastard!

  7. LaFlamme said,

    The comments will come in out of order for a while because I just reset the time stamp on them. Won’t take long to work that out.

  8. Fred said,

    Happy to see we have found another meeting place.Let P.O.S. complain all he wants.Who cares? Not me.I may not post much but I`m here everyday ,to see what the rest are doing.

  9. LaFlamme said,

    Ah, I lost some comments in the time stamp fix. But we should be good to go. Hiya, Fred.

  10. LaFlamme said,

    Apologies to mainetarr and Flamette, whose messages were obliterated in the time change.

  11. Bobbie said,

    I’m glad that Mainetarr sent me the link for this. It’ll help me keep my sanity! LOL
    BTW-I’m still posting on the What’ll Ya Have? blog, but I think I’m going to stop once it reaches 1300. Any suggestions? Right now, it’s at 1276.

  12. Bobbie said,

    Just checking things out and I’m glad to see that the site automatically puts your name on all of the blogs. Saves you some time, but you need to remember that if you’re going to change your name for anything.

    Glad that my son is here to show me the easy way to work the computer some days!

  13. LaFlamme said,

    Yeah, this site seems pretty easy and in line with what we’re used to. Let me know if there are particular problems and I can probably work them out. Remember: I’m the administrator now. Ha!

  14. LaFlamme said,

    Cooooool. Check out my new banner ad at the top of this page.

  15. Gil said,

    Glad to see you survived. When are we getting the skinny on what really happened Mark?

  16. A.O. said,

    Well, since you re-set the time stamp, my earlier comment looks stupid. For anyone wondering what I was talking about, it was Dan. Mark (the aministrator!) had posted a comment about Dan being really irate about something that was posted about him in Our View. So…again..serves him right, The FAT Bastard!

  17. LaFlamme said,

    Gil, have you seen the explanation from Eric? I’ll post it.

  18. LaFlamme said,

    From the SJ webmaster:
    I imagine this will situation will spill over into all the blogs. And I am more than prepared to pull all of the blogs.

    I most certainly was not looking for a reason to pull Street Talk. It is our most popular area on the web site, which generates a third of our page views, that’s huge for us. I certainly enjoy Mark’s style of writing. Blogs seem like a perfect fit for him, I had been asking our editors to let him blog for a year and was thrilled when I finally got the green light. Heck, his blog is the only one we ever advertised online or in the newspaper!

    I pulled it because AO and others started posting his address in their posts in retaliation to banning Weasel. Had anybody sent me a post from Dan that violated our privacy policy, which everyone agrees to when they sign up, I would have banned him too.

    Yes, one person can spoil it for everybody. In which case it is Weasel and not Dan. I don’t think anybody realizes the liability it places on the Sun Journal company when somebody starts publishing a persons name online.

    Also, do you have any idea how many hours of programming it took me to create this blog? This isn’t some canned software we downloaded for free. I spent weeks writing the thousands of lines of code to control all of this. Do you really think I want my work to go to waste? The answer is no in case you are wondering.

    I’m a one man department doing the work of four. What it all comes down to is what I have time to deal with. Babysitting a blog isn’t something I have time for.

    I know others are sorry to see it go, but nobody is more sorry than me.

  19. A.O. said,

    I never posted Dan’s address. Wish I could take the credit for that brain storm but, I can’t.

  20. A.O. said,

    And, until Bulldog shows up, I’m declaring myself “Queen Bitch” of the blog. Any objections?

  21. LaFlamme said,

    Nope. The bitch slot is all yours.
    My thought is that Dan sort of invited the response he got by suggesting a protest be staged in Mainetarr’s backyard. Dan pretty much invites scorn everywhere he goes. I wish he’d stop by and offer his arguments.

  22. A.O. said,

    Thanks. I humbly accept the title. ***SNIFF***

    And, yes, Dan did invite trouble to his front porch, so to speak, when he posted that the protest should be held in Mainetarr’s yard. I just wonder what he’s going to do with his time now?

  23. LaFlamme said,

    Masturbate even more frequently. (I only say that because I can.)

  24. A.O. said,

    Just watch out were you aim that thing.

  25. LaFlamme said,

    Hey. We can say “douchebag” in here, too,

  26. A.O. said,

    But, can we say Douchebag Dan?

  27. LaFlamme said,

    I believe you can say anything you want.

  28. The artist formerly known as K2 said,

    *tip toe, tip toe*

    *head peaking over bunker wall*

    *tremulously speaking. . . .*

    Umm . . . hello? Dan, is that you?

    Yeah, what a fucking pussy. Although, the name-leak thing was not a sagacious maneuver. I didn’t know Weasel got banned, though. Shit, I coulda had him and Treehugger sold down the river months ago. If I only knew. . . .

    No, I ain’t that much of a sally gaggle to call on the Fun Police. I aired my differences in the open, the masses spoke, and I went into a self-imposed exile. It was either that or a steel-cage death match with Weasel or a white-hot lead bullet to the brain from LaFlamme’s high-powered assault rifle from a distance of a 1,000 yards — in a 15 MPH northwesterly wind, to boot.

    Still, I think Eric’s sincerely frustrated. One can only imagine what multiple e-mails from Dan would do to most mortals. I have a feeling that in time, this will all work itself out. Or the nukes start flying. Your guess is as good as mine.

    And Christ, Mark, fuck, man, I’m sorry shit got ugly. You can’t tell me King and Hemingway wouldn’t get into a fracas every now and then as they shared a bottle of absinthe and a fine herbal gorilla finger. I’d like to let bygones be bygones, but understand if you’d rather have me fed to the hounds. Just don’t slather cream cheese and peanut butter all over my genitals before they’re let loose, that’s all I’m asking. I just want to feel their canines sink into my neck, slice though my carotids, and fall peacefully into that luciously endless sleep. (This is the ‘Screaming Room,’ is it not?)

    All right, I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again, rock on, always. . . .

    By the way, it’s A.O.’s fault I’m here. I’m merely a victim, I swear.

  29. LaFlamme said,

    I know the wiley cohersions of AO, man. Believe me. She’s the real Lord of the Blog. She and Mainetarr. And speaking of MT, where is the wise one?

  30. Fred said,

    This is better then the Sun Urinal! We don`t have a nanny! Wonder who will get sued first! LOL

  31. LaFlamme said,

    If we didn’t get anybody sued in a public forum like the SJ site, we’ll have to work a lot harder in here to make it happen.

  32. A.O. said,

    No, Mark, I’m the bitch. Remember? Sheesh! Well, only until Bulldog shows up.

    K2, Glad you showed up. First beers on me.

  33. LaFlamme said,

    Yeah, we gotta start drinking in here. There is no last call around these parts.

  34. A.O. said,

    Okay. Whose going to tend bar? We need a big, surly guy. Someone who can throw a mean puch when things get ugly around here.

  35. LaFlamme said,

    What, Bulldog?

  36. K2 said,

    I’ll man the nitrous tank. $5 a balloon. No refunds.

    Okay, I actually just switched to tea, with honey and cream. How gay is that? The few beers I had today gave me a headache. I feel shame. (‘Slapshot,’ anyone?)

  37. Bobbie said,

    The person to blame for starting this whole “Let’s spread Dan’s personal information on the blog” was someone using the TIITA handle and it happened in the What’ll Ya Have?” blog way back in Spetember of 2005. So, unless AO, or someone else, admits to being that person, she and Weasel can’t be blamed for starting stuff.

    Glad to see you back, K2. Long time no see, Fred!

  38. A.O. said,

    Geez K2, How will you ever show your face at Fast Breaks again? Tea, with honey and cream?

    As for bartender, I was thinking maybe we could hire Randy away from the SJ.

  39. Bobbie said,

    What comment did Dan take exception to in Our View? I’ve been otherwise busy and probably missed it. The story of my life, I guess. If someone could fill me in, I would greatly appreciate it.

  40. LaFlamme said,

    Hulking and surly Whitehouse, you mean? He’s probably knee deep in the NCAA today, wondering how my Villanova pick could possibly be coming through.

  41. Gil said,

    “We need a big, surly guy. Someone who can throw a mean puch when things get ugly around here.”
    That sounds a lot like me. Although the only one I want to punch right now is the whiny asshat who forced us out of Street Talk. Oh well, probably better off here. First round is on the house.

  42. Gil said,

    Speaking of first round, are we renaming the joint, or are we sticking with the Lost Sole? Or Lost Sole II?

  43. LaFlamme said,

    You know? I almost called this blog “The Lost Sole.” I kept it as the Screaming Room because all my weblinks are set up that way. I could go back and change the links if I wasn’t such a lazy bastard.
    Great term, “asshat.” I’ve gotta use that more.

  44. A.O. said,

    I vote that we keep it as The Lost Sole. We had such good times in the old place. We’ll just rebuild this place.

    I nominate Gil as bartender!

  45. LaFlamme said,

    Seconded. Of course, it doesn’t take any special skill to pull me a Pabst out of the fridge.

  46. Bobbie said,

    I third it, so motion passed.

  47. Mainetarr said,

    Asshat made me laugh out loud. Great one Gil. I shall add that to my vocabulary. Goes nicely with Bastards! I, unlike you blogging fools, was in Rockland today. I ran into none other than Stephen FREAKING King at Moody’s Diner this evening and had the waitress slip him one of Mark’s cards. My husband was mortified that I even spoke his name (King’s) out loud in the diner once I spotted him, so I decided to take the high road and not make a big stink over him being there. Instead, I very quietly, behind Chris’ back, slipped one of Mark’s cards to the waitress and she quietly handed it to him. He looked over at me, down at the card, back at me, winked and nodded as he got that devilish smile on his face. Made the hair on my asshat stand up. LOL I proceeded to glow all the way home. T’was a good, good day.

  48. Mainetarr said,

    I am so happy to see everyone over here now. I hope we hear from you more Fred, it’s nice to see you again!! This will work nicely. Thanks for pulling it together so fast Mark, well done!

  49. LaFlamme said,

    Thank you, thank you. It turns out WordPress is much more user friendly than the other one.

  50. Mainetarr said,

    Yeah, this is great, I like it a lot. We are going to have sooooooo much fun in here. I e-mailed Brenda, Herb, Martha, Bulldog, Catsinjammies, Robert, and a few others to make sure they had the link. I also sent it to Weasel and Treehugger earlier this morning.

  51. LaFlamme said,

    Is it any wonder Mainetarr is my hero? Jaysus.

  52. Mainetarr said,

    Speaking of hero’s, I got a mass e-mail from that cheeser Dr. Wuattrocchi, I see he made it into the website too. What a ham, gotta love that guy….

  53. Mainetarr said,

    Hey, this is cool, all you have to do is hit refresh to see who has posted after you, and it doesn’t double post whatever you just wrote. This is much better than the Sun Urinal website.

    Are you going to do a feature on the collapse of the Street Talk blog? Just joking….

    And another thing, we can swear in here? Holy SHIT!!!

  54. Mainetarr said,

    Make that Dr. Quattrocchi…geesh, time for bed! My typing skills are gone.

    Good night Mark…

  55. LaFlamme said,

    Night Mainetarr. Night AO. Night Bobbie.
    I hated the Waltons.

  56. Bobbie said,

    Night, Mark. Night, JimBob. Night, who ever is lurking under Mark’s bed tonight.

  57. Martha said,

    WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO the Lost Sole is resurrected… Take that Dan… SJ… PPPPPPTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.. I love it.

  58. Robert said,

    Glad to see we’re back in business….

    I do have one minor gripe with LSJ…Dan whined about his address being posted but if you go back about 6 weeks Dan the Man himself posted my address to prove he knew exactly who I was. For him to now complain that his address was posted is nothing more than a typical double standard hypocritical response that we’ve come to love about him.

    Now this morning I see all the blogs have been pulled from the site, what a shame, whats the point in being online now…

  59. A.O. said,

    He DID? Where did he post it Robert? Did you complain? I’ll bet you didn’t. That’s only something Dan would do. Glad to see you found this place. Pull up a stool. Have a glass of TANG. Very soothing.

  60. Robert said,

    I sure could use something a little stronger than Tang…out of work a week to care for my wife post surgery….Its hard to get caught up on all the voice mail, email, and stuff piling up from employees Ugh!

  61. A.O. said,

    Hope your wife is doing okay. Maybe coffee would be better for you than Tang.

  62. Robert said,

    Anything but coffee, please!

  63. Bobbie said,

    Hope that your wife is doing good.

  64. Bulldog said,

    AO, kindly hand over the Queen Bitch crown. I am back.
    Son of a bitch. shit. whore. fuck. dink….. man, it feels good to really let out those words and not have @#$%&^**^%$#@%&* show up in it’s place!!

    Gil, pour me a Captain and Coke- Xtra large. And, AO, get out of my throne.

    Mark, no matter what I say in the future, I love you man.

  65. A.O. said,

    Hey! Don’t be so fucking pushy!! I’ll get the hell out when I’m damned ready!

    You’re right! That did feel good!

    I’ll have a glass of my usual.

  66. LaFlamme said,

    Wow. You guys are swearing your fucking heads off.

  67. A.O. said,

    No Shit!! Can you fucking believe it Man?

  68. Bulldog said,

    This is fucking hillarious! FUCK- the epitome of the english language.

  69. A.O. said,

    I could go on a fucking tangent.

  70. Herb said,

    Hi I saw the rubble of Street Talk, probably the only reason I read the SJ from Indiana other than to see if Brettuns Mills has been bombed by a towel head. Also to see if that bitch of a stepmother is dead and been planted so I can go take a dump on it. Now that I am among friends, I will not exercize the restraint I chose to before. If I piss you off, let me know, and you can bet your sweet ass I will let you know too. Fred I am sorry if I pissed you off, and this one time I will apologize. You guys are about the only friends I have in Maine, and it is nice to see what is going on. Sometimes ther Mainers piss me off with their attitudes, but what can I say.? I will stick with Herb, since it is my name, and so it will be easier to mess with my mind again. Gail tried to get me over here earlier, but I had to wait until I was free. This blog has become addictive, and I was spending too damn much time on it trying to be a funny man. Well the Honeymoon is over. Have a good time, because I sure as hell will. Kisses to all and licks where it feels good.

  71. LaFlamme said,

    Welcome back, Herb.

  72. Mainetarr said,

    Why so angry Herb? This is a place of love and happiness.

  73. A.O. said,

    Herb, hang around. Have some fun. Have a drink and….relax. We’re a happy group in here.

  74. LaFlamme said,

    What? Herb didn’t sound angry to me.
    Hey, do you guys look at the “recent post” thing over on the right? Very useful.

  75. Herb said,

    Yes, I did interesting. What makes you think I am angry? As for getting love, when am I going to get some? A question, what the heck is URL or URI? I don’t even know.

  76. MzBizzy said,

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  78. Jojo said,

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