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March 30, 2006 at 4:23 am (Uncategorized)

Hello, blog people. It's past 4 a.m. and it occurs to me I haven't posted anything in nearly twelve hours. Christ, I'm a slack ass. I apologize. Free drinks for the rest of the day. Hell! For the rest of the week. Sleuth.jpg

In lieu of my normally lucid and literate prose, I'll ask for your opinions on the blog situation in general. We seem to be getting by just fine without those Sun Journal people. Who needs them? I suppose it remains to be seen whether we're invited back to our old neighborhood. Do we care? Do we want to go back? Are we still pissed off at Dan, or have we forgiven him and discovered that we really care for the fool? What about Eric? How do we feel about Eric? 

Clearly, I have no idea about anything. I've heard very few rumors about it since the start of the week. Word going around is that Dan has been banned. What titillating irony, wouldn't you say? What does he do with his days? Should we invite him in? I kinda miss Huddle Up. Should we find some new way of harassing Whitehouse and making him impossibly more surly? And has anyone noticed that, now that we're free to cuss and get really gutter nasty, we don't really do much of either? There's probably a lesson in that. Damned if I know what it is, though.

Am I raving? Feels like I'm raving. Fine. I'll head away before the sun comes up. If someone would be kind enough to man the bottles and taps until I wake up, I'd appreciate it.



  1. Martha said,

    I think we’re doing fine right where we are… But we still need to decide if we’re the Lost Sole resurrected, or something different. I say let Dan stay away, and I think Eric is a putz..LOL.. I NEVER use that word. He should have told Dan to get a life like the rest of us tried to.

  2. A.O. said,

    Martha!! I had to cover my eyes!! YOU wrote the word…PUTZ?!?! My goodness! But, I agree with you, were doing just fine in here. Let the SJ rue the loss of The Lost Sole and all of it’s fine patrons. Cheers!

  3. Mainetarr said,

    I vote to stay here. I still think Dan is a douchebag and if he really is banned, he’ll be too stupid to figure it out, because no one else will tell him if his posts are there or not. So as usual, he will go on thinking everyone is ignoring him. I think Eric was overwhelmed with Dan’s foolishness, but I think he shouldn’t have banned anyone. Dan’s name was repeatedly told, over and over, and anyone could look in the phone book for his address and number. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do that. I don’t think Dan should be banned either. I’ve said it before, he’s a douchbag who does nothing but piss everyone off, but that’s his assumed role in the blog. He’s supposed to do that, it gives the rest of us something to do. Anyhow, if you’re gonna ban one person, just shut the blog down, because there’s really no point having one.

  4. Martha said,

    Frankly, I think what Dan called Ann, not just once, but on many occassions is a FAR worse offense than anything anyone said to or about him.

  5. Bulldog said,

    We are way to nice in here. It’s kind of sickening, don’t you think? Where’s the banter? Where’s the slams (other than the little digs Weasel gives K2).

    I think we should invite Dan to come join us in here. We need someone to pick on. We need someone that makes us go “huh”? And, as I said before- who the hell is he gonna complain to… Mark? *laughing uncontrollably-peeing in pants*

  6. Bulldog said,

    Thanks Martha. I appreciate your support. My shoulders are pretty big. Besides, I’m the Queen Bitch- I can take anything anyone throws at me. Bring it on!! (Piss boy- you out there??)

  7. Bulldog said,

    Not to get off the subject, but has anyone clicked on the “free pornography” link yet? Mark, you sly devil you! (P.S.- kind of figures that I’m the one that clicked on it)

  8. A.O. said,

    I clicked on it just this morning. What a disappointment.

  9. K2 said,

    Dan’s a taddle tale.

    Eric just didn’t want to have to deal with complaints. He had a full-time job to do before the blogs. I agree with him in that it the blogs aren’t his content, so why should he have to answer to it? However, his shutting all the blogs down was a knee-jerk reaction for sure.

    Mark, considering your blog was 1/3 of all SJ hits, it’s clearly their loss. My guess is that they’ll come back to you with some sort of arrangement to try to get you back. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not that’s what you want to do.

    And lastly, I think that if you have a free pon link on your website, well, it should at least lead to castingcouch.com or somepin.

  10. Martha said,

    I learned something new today.. Maybe I’ve been behind the times, but I was not aware the you Bulldog and Ann were one and the same. Now I do. 🙂

  11. Bulldog said,

    I don’t want to go back to the SJ. This place is soooooooo much better. It’s dingy, dark and nasty. My kind of place! We can say what we want without the blog police slapping cuffs on us or banning us all together! (do you know how hard it is to type with cuffs on???!!)

    In remembrance of the porn site link: Dancing on the tables begins NOW!!

  12. Bulldog said,

    Don’t get me confused with “Scout Ann” – I know Dan slammed her a few times too. But yea, I was Ann before I became Bulldog…. long story but we’re one and the same (she’s the nicer version of me, but I don’t let her out very often- she’s ruining my rep!)

  13. Martha said,

    LOL Bulldog.. ok.. actually I was referring to Scout Ann… He was just plain vile to her. But then, I guess vile is a pretty good discriptor most anytime.

  14. A.O. said,

    Yeah. He called her Slut Ann every chance he got. Bastard. But, she seemed to have a tough skin.

  15. Robert said,

    I’m for sticking here, love the company and really don’t miss Dan other than for having someone to prove the theory that every village has an idiot. And really its not that we have to provieit, he does that quite well on his own.

    I do still check the Our View on LSJ, but its just not the same. I too suspect LSJ will change and ask Mark back, but the damp dark basement we now reside in here just has such a cozy feel to it. Its an escape from the office I sit in, looking at the Portland skyline and Back Bay area.

    I also think Dan went way over the line with he Slut remarks and references to being racist or nazi, there was no reason to head down that path, nor was there any provication. Its like the fighting a ward of words with an unarmed man.

    So, bars open, cherers to all who arrive, may your days be short, your nights be long and may you be able to tell the difference between the two!

    My final question to Dan: How do you keep a dumb Frenchman in suspense?
    Answer: I’ll tell you tomorrow….

  16. Gil said,

    Belly up to the bar, the bartender is in. I vote we stay where we are and that we decide on a name now. Lost Sole? Lost Sole II? Something else? The floor is now open for suggestions and the taps are flowing. I think Eric and Dan should be left out together. Eric is a puss and Dan, well, we all know what Dan is. Besides, I don’t think he has the cojones to show up here anyway.

  17. A.O. said,

    I vote that we stay here, also. As for the name, I like The Lost Sole. I vote we keep it.

  18. Bobbie said,

    My votes are to stay here and keep the name The Lost Soul. As for inviting Dan, I’m all for it. I hate arguing with myself these days.

  19. Mainetarr said,

    Yeah, I vote to keep the Lost Sole too. It fits us just right. Since today is Wednesday and I am Italian, I will make Fettucini Alfredo and Baked Manicotti for munchies in here today. Oh, and garlic bread….must have garlic bread.

    Martha, just an FYI, I am also Thaifood Teena–it’s a joke between me, Treehugger and Mark. She, like Bulldog and Ann, is my alter ego.

    Ok gang, check your schedules. We have been promising Brenda (lost shoe) a meeting at the Cage. What looks good for you all and when should we plan on meeting there? I wanna see all of you jabronies this time, too, not just me and AO (no offense digital sister).

  20. Bulldog said,

    P.S. MT, its Thursday (yesterday must have been really good for you to want to repeat it!

  21. Mainetarr said,

    Ah man…..I am all screwed up. Whenever one of my doctor’s go on vacation, I lose track of the days. But hey, at least tomorrow is Friday!

  22. Bulldog said,

    So, we are in agreement that this is Thirsty Thursday! Barkeep- pour me a stiff one

  23. Robert said,

    I could use a nice tall Lynchburg Lemonade as mixed at the Tropicana Comedu Club in Atlantic City, now there”s a place that knows how to mix a good drink!

    As for the name of this locale, I say stick with Lost Sole, with perhaps a memorial page to Dan thanking him for giving us such a glamorous location without all the hangups associated with the LSJ site.

    Mark, any good crimes to write about? How bout that mom who tried to assault the person driving the cart that struck her daughter? Or did her daughter strike the car…hmmm…bet she files anice big lawsuit on that one! Any takers?

    God this has been a rough winter ever since they busted the methlab, gotta love LA cops, one big bust a year and they think thats all it takes. If you really want to know who’s selling illegal substances all you need to do is go to Shaw’s when they send their money through Western Union back to Lawrence, Boston & that area.

  24. LaFlamme said,

    Robert, the little brouhaha over at Tall Pines was the funnest thing I’ve covered in weeks, sad to say. It’s just that people were everywhere, with wild versions of the story to tell. Very Springer. A good time was had by all.

    Okay, the people have spoken. As soon as I can change all the links on my website, I’ll rename this joint The Lost Sole.

    Dan has been invited.

    Bulldog, I posted the porn links up there to see who would click on it. I’m betting Treehugger clicks over and over, waiting for the naked people to finally pop up.

  25. LaFlamme said,

    Another thing I get asked a lot is whether I can tell who is posting under what name. Answer: nope. There’s no registration process so I don’t have those stats. I think that’s for the best.

  26. Blumpkin said,

    Well, well, well……. the Lost Tool is coming back to the Lost Sole. Let the fireworks begin. “Are you about a size 14?” – Buffalo Bill

  27. LaFlamme said,

    It rubs the lotion on its skin…

  28. Robert said,

    Mark, Its a sad day when then mom seems more concerned with fighting with the driver than caring for her child who has been injured. I couldn’t help wonderhow long befreo Hardy Wolfe & Downing got a call from mom asking for their assistance in this matter.

    Yes folks thats exactly why auto insurance rates are more expensive in Lewiston than most other parts of this fine state. Its also why we seem to have more attorneys per capita then most major cities.

    Mainetarr can weigh in on this, working for surgeons I’m sure she has seen as many as I have in 20 years of healthcare administration…always looking for a buck!

  29. A.O. said,

    I don’t know about any of you but, I’m ready for a tall, wet, frosty one. A beer that is. Who’s tending bar today?

  30. LaFlamme said,

    Ha! I didn’t think you were talking about snowman anatomy, AO.

    Robert: Yeah. Yeah, ugly stuff.

  31. A.O. said,

    Ya never know, I may have.

  32. LaFlamme said,

    With a corncob pipe and a button nose, and also a tall, wet, frosty one.

  33. Bulldog said,

    AO! you’ve been hanging out with me too long!!

    and aMark, I’m glad I didn’t disappoint you by clicking on your “porn” link – asshole. big tease…jerk.

  34. LaFlamme said,

    Well, I took that link down to link some really nasty stuff I learned about you.

  35. Richie said,

    I’ve always been rather partial to the term “affenschwanz”. My German ‘dad’ would call me that while correcting my German. We do need to have people like Dan in here; else we’ll turn on each others as any survivors are wont to do. Cannibalism ? Yah, but that’s what happens. Contentiousness is the spice that drove the old blog; now we’re all peaceful; like the dead.

  36. Bulldog said,

    You ain’t learned nothing about me yet…………

  37. A.O. said,

    You mean there’s MORE to know?

    • Eddie said,

      wow i think someone needs to goto the er looks like a serious infection in need of medical care great find gigpsymirl smooches hugs and audie bear loves

  38. Mainetarr said,

    Robert–I see that kind of thing all the time. Twenty one year old wants lifetime disability for simple surgery that he/she totally recovers from. Or..I fell off a ladder at home, but it didn’t hurt until I went to work, so it’s workers comp. It’s so frustrating. I have two words…….Tort Reform. Period.

  39. LaFlamme said,

    One of us should go to Our View and send an invitation to Dan. This is like sending Tom Cullen to Vegas to infiltrate the bad guys in “The Stand.” Go with God.

  40. A.O. said,

    You do it. I dare you. Or, we could send Weasel over there to do it. He’ll do it. He’ll do anything.

  41. LaFlamme said,

    Isn’t the Weasel banned over there?

  42. A.O. said,

    Oh, tat’s right. I forgot.

  43. Meatspin said,

    I say you all come over to my Blog


  44. Meatspin said,

    Come on over to my Blog


  45. Meatspin said,

    Come see me at my new Blog


  46. Meatspin said,

    Wow check this out


  47. "The Weasel" said,

    Hell no…. I won’t Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. LaFlamme said,


  49. "The Weasel" said,


  50. LaFlamme said,


  51. A.O. said,


  52. Bobbie said,

    You know it’s been a long day when you walk out of the hospital to put the book away that you brought to keep you company while you waited, you open the passenger side door, wondering why the door is unlocked when you know that you locked it before going in. You put the book down on the seat, wondering why your husband put all that paperwork on the dashboard and wondering what’s in the box that he put on the back seat as well. Then you wonder why your car stinks like it does. Something obviously isn’t right, so you close the door and walk to the back of the car. You look at the back of it and realize that your spare tire is not there and someone had the nerve to put a different plate on the car.

    Then you look 2 cars over to your right, see your Kia Sportage, unlock the door and put the book on the back seat and then go collect your groggy mother-in-law.

  53. LaFlamme said,

    Wow! Unprovoked anatomy lessons!
    Someone’s having trouble posting. Clearly, it’s on their end. No problems here. Except for the high stink of sweat and spilled brew.

  54. LaFlamme said,

    Oh, Bobbie. The excuses a car thief will make to explain away her habit. Ha! Classic.

  55. A.O. said,

    Wow. Sounds like you’ve had a rough one Bobbie. It’s a good thing you didn’t kick the sides of the car you thought was yours.

  56. Bobbie said,

    Make sure that you don’t get the brew in the way again, Mark. That’s a waste of good beer, unless of course it’s PBR in any form.

  57. Bobbie said,

    Nah, that car stunk too bad for me to boost it. Besides, it didn’t have all the bells and whistles that mine does.

    And if I had kicked it, I would have knocked all the dirt off that was holding it together!

  58. Herb said,

    Hi white folks. First of all, I have to confess, I changed my name a lot of times, and most of you smart ones knew it. Who cares you ask? No one. but me. As for the name Lost Sole, it is as good as any of them. I don’t get to post every fifteen minutes any more, so once or twice a night should do it. I feel sorry for Dan, as I do a lot of people. Robert you know better than anyone, he must have a very bad life, and sad as well. I often think of him and say, there but for the grace of god go I. MT knows what I am talking about. I am not a Nazi, or a Clansman. I don’t sacrifice children on an alter. I have a tendancy to talk too much, but I forgive me for that, like Jimmy Swaggart forgave himself for the blowjobs he got from those prostitutes. As for Treehugger, The Weasel, and Chunder, and anyone else who hates me, I know where you live. (Somewhere in the L/A area.) And for the rest of you. KMA after I’ve had a bean supper.

  59. Mainetarr said,

    I get my days all mixed up and thin today is Wednesday, Bobbie gets in the wrong car…is there a gas leak in here?

  60. Mainetarr said,

    think today is Wednesday, think think think…..see…….there IS a gas leak in here.

  61. A.O. said,

    Nope. I don’t think so. I had a lovely day. Went shopping in Portland. Not that I like shopping but, it got me out of my own store and, into another.

    Herb, plenty of bean suppahs up here in Maine. Ayuh! Every Saturday nite.

  62. LaFlamme said,

    Wow. Herbivore sounds kind of ornery.

  63. A.O. said,

    Ornery or, hornery.

  64. Linda said,

    That getting in the wrong car thing is annoying isn’t it? For me, the tip off is usually that the car is too tidy to be mine. Every now and then my husband clears out the dog toys, coffee cups, knitting needles, and other detritus, but it takes no time for me to clutter it up again.
    But then it’s my only fault — that’s my story!

  65. A.O. said,

    My car is a sty. I hate housework and, I hate cleaning out my car. I figure, why bother? The kids are just going to trash it again later. Linda, if your husband gets bored, send him over to my house. He can clean away.

  66. "The Weasel" said,

    Tell me Herb is not going to kill himself again Jeez……

  67. Mainetarr said,

    I am going to clean out my car tomorrow, I hope. Supposed to be really beautiful outside.

  68. Bulldog said,

    AO, there are still many secrets about me. I haven’t told you all of them!

    gotta go cook suppah. Ham steak and fries. quick and easy (sometimes, I do like it that way!)

  69. Bulldog said,

    P.S. Flamer- I saw you changed your porn link to “gossip about Bulldog”. Unfortunately, the page was too big to download….

  70. LaFlamme said,

    Hey, we should all gather together with our cars and see who has the slobbiest. I’m betting I take you all.

  71. Anonymous said,


  72. A.O. said,

    No way. I’ll win. The only thing holding my jeep together is the dirt. It really is a garbage can on wheels. I hate it.

  73. LaFlamme said,

    Oh, I’ll pit the Stanza against the Jeep. This will be good. Good and stinky.

  74. A.O. said,

    Bulldog, Do I DARE ask? Maybe you should write a best selling book. I’ll bet we could all learn a lot from you. ; )

  75. A.O. said,

    You’re on! I know I’ll win. I have two kids. You just have yourself, I KNOW that Corey wouldn’t make a mess. She stops at all the STOP signs in the Wal-Mart parking lot. ….so do I!

  76. A.O. said,


  77. Bobbie said,

    I liked it better when we had a pick up. I could throw all my garbage in the back of it and when I needed to clean it out, I’d just stop at the dump on the way home. Then, I’d get in back and kick it all out. So what if some of the husband’s stuff went too? LOL

  78. A.O. said,

  79. Fizzlefart said,

    Who was the ditz today, Bobbie, you or your mother-n-law?

  80. Bobbie said,

    Has anyone else tried to post today and been todl that their comments would be edited? What’s up with that today?

  81. Bobbie said,

    Has anyone else tried to post today and been told that their comments would be edited? What’s up with that today?

  82. Bobbie said,

    Once every 15 seconds? Slow down, cowboy? Mark must have gotten more from Brokeback Mountain that he’s willing to admit. LOL

  83. A.O. said,

    Where are you talking about Bobbie? Here or, at the Sun Urinal?

  84. A.O. said,

    Ha! I’ve gotten that before. He loooooved Brokeback Mountain.

    Hey, Fizzlefart. I’m glad you’re posting. We need to keep you around.

  85. Bobbie said,

    When I cancelled the security alert thing and corrected my lousy spelling. I then hit post comment and got the message that I could only pots once every 15 seconds. Then it said “Need to slow down, cowboy.”

  86. Bobbie said,

    Actually, Fizzlefart, when I have to spend more than an hour with my mother-in-law, I turn into a ditz. I freely admit that one.

  87. Bobbie said,

    Gotta watch the fingers when I type, I guess. That should have been post, not pots. Guess I still haven’t recovered yet. LOL

  88. A.O. said,

    Bobbie, I FEEL your pain. I’ll be the first to admit that, I love my mother in-law. She’s the best. But, I do know what you’re talking about.

  89. Fizzlefart said,

    Is that an invite, AO? I guess I can stay around so you guys have someone to go “Huh?” over now that Danny boy is not around. I ain’t as bad as he is, but I do give as good as I take.

  90. Bobbie said,

    I wish that I could say that I love my mother-in-law and that she was the best, but…..

    Some days, I think she just acts this way after a scoping because she knows it drives me buggy to have her ask a million times what time it is! LOL

  91. Bobbie said,

    I guess the best we can ever hope for is that we continue tolerating each other as we do now. LOL

  92. A.O. said,

    Fizzlefart, Yeah, it’s an invite. And, I KNOW you’re not as bad as good ol’ Danny Boy. How could you be? 😉 Sure hope you post more often.

  93. LaFlamme said,

    Okay, I totally don’t understand the computer glitch your describing, Bobbie. Is it happening here?

  94. Bobbie said,

    I was talking about the Sun Urinal. Makes me wonder if this isn’t their way of restricting the people who complained about things. Mark, you wonderful insight into this today?

  95. Bobbie said,

    I went to post something on What’ll Ya have? and Our View and got that my post would be reviewed. Angler posted a little bit after 4 PM your time and his post went thru. Am I being punished because I exercised my 1st amendment right to free speech?

  96. Fizzlefart said,

    Or maybe its the words you used. If they’r too big for Eric to understand, he gets pissy about it. Maybe he thought you insulted him with all those big words.

  97. Fizzlefart said,

    I’ll take you up on the invite, AO. Thank you, but you haven’t seen me after a fufu drink. I can really get wound up then. Give Mark a real run for his money.

  98. LaFlamme said,

    Huh. Sounds like there are some new safeguards in place at the SJ blog sites. I can do without those.

  99. A.O. said,

    Talking to my partner in crime.

  100. Bobbie said,

    So can I, but they have to do what they have to do to prevent us from harrassing some poor idiotic person who refuses to grow up.

    Wait a minute, I wrote that out loud. Sorry.

  101. Bobbie said,

    Tell her I said hi.

  102. Bobbie said,

    How much trouble are the 2 of you going to get me in when I finally show up there?

  103. A.O. said,

    i will.

  104. Fizzlefart said,

    Are you saying that its just going to be their fault if you get into trouble? You can always just say no. DUH.

  105. Bobbie said,

    But that takes all the fun out of it! I have to have some good stories to share when I get back here.

  106. Linda said,

    By the way, I said yesterday that there was no crime happening in my town; that was my mistake, apparently. Today the SJ reported that some evil perp drove around in Kineowatha Park and ripped up the grass with their tires. Police are on the lookout. And Mark, why weren’t you notified? (to paraphrase that old reprobate Foghorn Leghorn)

  107. A.O. said,

    Linda, Whre do you live? I know that you posted it before but, then I’d have to go back and try to find it. And, right now I’m feeling kind of lazy.

    Where are Treehugger and Weasel? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

  108. Anonymous said,

    Wilton. I live in town but still, there was a coyote in my driveway last week. Frankly I long for city life. It’s ridiculously rural here. Fine when you are walking the woods with your dog but just plain inconvenient when you want to go clean your car but there’s a coyote between you and it.

  109. Linda said,

    Wilton. I live in town but still, there was a coyote in my driveway last week. Frankly I long for city life. It’s ridiculously rural here. Fine when you are walking the woods with your dog but just plain inconvenient when you want to go clean your car but there’s a coyote between you and it.
    Oops did i post without a name? Not used to this free and easy environment yet.

  110. Randy said,

    You’ve lured me out of hiding, Mark.

    Actually, you’ve lured me out of yardwork, and potential brush burning, which as you know, is one of my favorite pasttimes.

    Glad to see everyone is doing well over here, where the free flow of ideas is unfettered by whiny, thin-skinned twits and the people worried about being sued by them.

    Gotta admit I miss being able to blog because of all the stuff going on now, with this sham steroids investigation, the start of the Red Sox season, the NCAA tournament and UMaine in the Frozen Four. And I miss Mainetarr, A.O. and K2, too. Perhaps we’ll meet again on the other side.

    In the meantime, would someone please get LaFlamme to stop singing Johnny Cash. He’s worse than Joaquin Phoenix (good actor, doesn’t have the nuances of Cash’s voice down though, and that alone is keeping me from seeing the movie).

  111. LaFlamme said,

    Dear Randy:

    I hear the train a’coming. It’s coming round the bend. And I ain’t seen the sunshine, since I don’t know when. I’ve been stuck in Folsom Prison. And time keeps dragging on…

  112. LaFlamme said,

    worse comes to worst, we could set Whitehouse up with one of these WordPress blogs and link back and forth. Hell, we might as well just buy the paper and have our way with it.

  113. Randy said,

    To paraphrase Groucho Marx, I’d never want to be part of a web site that would have me as a member.

  114. LaFlamme said,

    And I said, that’s not a fork. It’s my wife!

  115. brenda said,


    I was gonna check the nude treehugger photos, but I usually don’t click on porn because if you start, it just keeps coming, popping up uninvited…..

  116. brenda said,

    Am I lost again? Where am I?

  117. jjjjh said,


  118. brenda said,

    Am I here yet? HELLO-OOO–OH!!!???!!!!!!

  119. LaFlamme said,

    You’re in the right place, Brenda. People have drifted away in the last half hour or so. Welcome back, though.

  120. LaFlamme said,

    And not to worry… there’s no porn up there. It’s a trick.

  121. Randy said,

    You coulda said something earlier

  122. brenda said,

    there’s a show on tv about false confessions. so depressing. Apperently it happens more than we want to think about.
    I still want to find a way to clear the names of the men who I falsely accused of molesting me (when I was almost 5), if only I could remember the whole names…….
    Then, exactly who would I tell?

  123. Martha said,

    I just won my ebay bid on a fuji f601 digital zoom… you all better behave yourselves or I’ll bring it to the Lost Sole and post all the pics of all you reprobates… LOL

  124. LaFlamme said,

    Hey! Nice camera. You can be the Lost Sole photographer, if you wanna. I started a new link called THE VAULT where we can post ’em.

  125. Martha said,

    Mark, that’d be cool, but first I suspect I’m going to have to upgrade my computer and windows to be compatible with the software and drivers.. any suggestions?

  126. Mainetarr said,

    Hey Randy, sorry I missed you last night in here, but I am happy you wandered over. I miss huddle up too. Hope to see you around in here more often.

  127. A.O. said,

    Randy, I also miss you and, Huddle Up. I’m glad you showed your big surly self in here. Don’t be a stranger. Hey, you could write your sports blog in here. We’d all love it.

  128. Robert said,

    Wow, guess I missed a lot in the past 20 hours or so since I’ve been away…just a couple idle thoughts from an idle mind…

    1. Bobbie – I saw the security repots of your incident with the wrong car unlocked…kind of funny now that I realize a BMW 350 and a Kia Sportage don’t look anything alike…
    as Ricky would say “Yucy, you gut some splaining todo” And no folks thats not typos’ thats lingoism at its finest!

    2. As far as the dirtiest car and most trash, I have you all beat – in fact mine is so bad the kids won’t even ride in it!

    3. Herb- As far as taking you up on the KMA offer, your nose is in the way! Zing!

    4. Mark, please continue to sing solo Johhnny cash, in fact sing it So Low we can;t hear it!

    Back to the office gotta get the staff back in line and working!

  129. Bobbie said,

    Unfortunately, I know the difference between a BMW and a Kia Sportage as well. My brain just doesn’t know the difference between two like colored Kia’s some days. Gotta see if I can get that fixed.

  130. K2 said,

    ‘. . . I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die. When I hear that lonesome whistle, I hang my head and cry.’

    You can’t go wrong with the Man in Black. His compilation disk, ‘Murder,’ is one of my most-listened-to CDs. ‘Delia, O Delia. Delia all my life. If I hadn’t shot poor Delia, I’d have had her for my wife. Delia’s gone, one more round, Delia’s gone.’

    Randy, a belated hello to you here. Who will I complain about my Vikings to now that Huddle Up has been pulled by the Fun Police? Life is just so damn cruel.

  131. Mainetarr said,

    Hey Mark, wanna sing a duet with me? Let’s sing Jackson, the tweaked version that is.

    (Mark and Gail singing together)
    We got blogging in a fever, hotter than a peppered sprout,
    We’ve been talkin’ ’bout Jackson …

    …ever since the fire went out.
    I’m goin’ to Jackson, I’m gonna blog around,
    Yeah, I’m goin’ to Jackson,
    Look out Jackson town.

    Well, go on down to Jackson; go ahead and wreck your health.
    Go play your hand you big-talkin’ man, make a big fool of yourself,
    Yeah, go to Jackson; go comb your hair!

    Honey, I’m gonna snowball Jackson.

    See if I care.

    When I breeze into that city, people gonna stoop and bow. (Hah!)
    All them women gonna make me, teach ’em what they don’t know how,
    I’m goin’ to Jackson, you turn-a loosen my coat.
    ‘Cos I’m goin’ to Jackson.

    “Goodbye,” that’s all she wrote.

    But they’ll laugh at you in Jackson, and I’ll be dancin’ on a Pony Keg.
    They’ll lead you ’round town like a scalded hound,
    With your tail tucked between your legs,
    Yeah, go to Jackson, you big-talkin’ man.
    And I’ll be waitin’ in Jackson, behind my Jaypan Fan.

    (Mark and Gail)
    Well now, we got blogging in a fever, hotter than a peppered sprout,
    We’ve been talkin’ ’bout Jackson, ever since the fire went out.
    I’m goin’ to Jackson, and that’s a fact.
    Yeah, we’re goin’ to Jackson, ain’t never comin’ back.

    Well, we got blogging in a fever, hotter than a peppered sprout …

  132. LaFlamme said,

    Yes! I’ll do a Jackson duet any time. I hate country music, yet I love that song. You explain it.

    Martha, your camera should come with the software disc that will have all the drivers and everything. If your computer still gives you problems, you’ll have to go scrouning for what you need. That’s kind of a pain, but it can be done.

  133. Oompa Loompa said,

    Advise to Maintarr after seeing the song, don’t quit your day job!

  134. Herb said,

    Robert, what kind of crack is that? You accuse me of kissing ass and you don’t even know me. Well Pooh on you. LOL. Liked your comments in Our View.

  135. Anonymous said,

    “Robert, what kind of crack is that?”
    I thought he meant the crack of his butt, not the crack from Lynn, Mass……

  136. brenda said,

    that’s just stupid.

  137. Anonymous said,

    I know, that’s why I’m anonymous

  138. brenda said,

    well, I don’t like people to pick on herb. you might make his chest get steamy again…..

  139. Anonymous said,


  140. LaFlamme said,

    Chest? Steamy? Explain.

  141. A.O. said,

    Anonymous…post on.

  142. FB said,

    Herb you are a moron. Are you Brenda’s father or something? Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  143. Bulldog said,

    FB- ha. Are you the infamous fat bastard?

  144. A.O. said,

    GET OUT!! Is it the Fat Bastard?? Dan, is that you. Ha! Welcome to the new Lost Sole. Pull up a couple of stools. You’ll need them to hold your fat butt up.

  145. Bulldog said,

    What is up with that pic in the vault AO?!! too funny!

  146. brenda said,

    oh, it just occurred to me that calling me herb’s daughter was an incestuous instigation.

    The reason I mentioned Herb’s chest getting steamy was because at our view today he was steaming off his chest…..

    and basically I was just jesting

  147. A.O. said,

    Bulldog, I had nothing to do with that picture. I hate it. It was all Mainetarr’s doing. And, of course Marks. Stay tuned……

  148. Herb said,

    FB no I am not Brenda’s father, as for me being a moron, I will quote to you from Dan Quale when told he was no John Kennedy . OH YEAH? Brenda, I never said that in our view. And FB did not imply that you and I had an incestuous insitigation. He implied that you were my daughter, and that you were a moron also. Actually FB I don’t give a fuck what you think of me. I am not running for political office or any other popularity contest,. and you sir or madam whichever the case may be, can go fuck yourself.

  149. moresports said,

    Whether you have a casual interest in Sports Info or you are fanatical about finding out all you can, we’ve got all that you need right here.

  150. cars2health said,

    This site has been developed to document and provide the history and all other related information on cars. Anything you need to know on cars, you’ll find it here.

  151. Antoine@ yeast in men said,

    @Mandy- If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization. Speak about security holes 🙂

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