While you were sleeping

March 31, 2006 at 3:05 am (Uncategorized)

shaming1.jpg I knew a girl once who had a problem with this kind of thing. She was going out with a guy she thought a perfect gentlemen. Then she began to wake up in various states of carnal surprise and… well, so much for that romance. Last I heard, she woke up pregnant and now she doesn't sleep at all.

Me, I sleep moderately sound, particulary after a good night of drankin'. My buddies used to try dunking my hand in a bucket of warm water, but that never worked. So, unwilling to let a sleeping Mark lie, they'd fill my shaming4.jpghands with shaving cream and then tickle my nose with a feather. Or they'd write lewd things on my forehead. One girl deftly applied lipstick and eyeliner to my face while I slept off the night's licentiousness. I woke up a pretty, pretty girl.

Why is it that we're so fascinated by those who sleep while we remain awake? Maybe it's that the sleeping have gone to a place that is unknown and unavailable to us. It is a place just short of death. Or maybe I'm overstating it, and we really just like to mess with sleeping friends or loved ones because it's fuggin funny. You just know cavemen messed with other cavemen who had fallen asleep after eating too many berries. And now, millions of years later, the Internet is replete with videos and photos of people who have been shamed by their friends while sleeping off debauchery. These slumbering sots are placed in embarassing postions, painted with nasty words and depictions of the male anatomy, hogtied, dressed in ridiculous clothing, or photographed while the funloving clowns expose their own body parts. shaming_2.jpg

It's all fun and games until someone wakes up with a social disease. Me, I don't really care what you do to me while I sleep. So long as you don't wake me up.

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A 28-year-old man faces a charge of sexual assault and one count of domestic violence harassment for allegedly having sex with his wife while she was sleeping.

 An arrest affidavit stated that the woman reported being awakened about 30 times over the last year to find her husband having sex or oral sex with her. She told Fort Collins police that she confronted her husband several times, telling him that she felt like she was being raped and wanted the behavior to stop.

The woman told investigators that her husband took advantage of the fact that she was "an extremely hard sleeper," according to the arrest affidavit.

According to the affidavit, the man admitted to having sex with her and taking nude photos while she was sleeping during a recorded phone call March 11.



  1. Bulldog said,

    Now I’ve seen it all! A WIFE is accusing her HUSBAND of raping her?? I wish I had that problem with my man…………….

  2. Mainetarr said,

    She was a “hard” sleeper and seeing her sleep made him “hard”. Hmmm, sounds like a match made in heaven.

  3. brenda said,

    well, yeah, a husband can rape his wife, but I think it’s rape when he just has no regard for her feelings about it.
    When I was married, I fell asleep cuddling & woke up in the process of my husband having sex with me, but I just got into it. The only reason I had to be mad at him about it was that we hadn’t used a condom which was my birth control at that time. The pregnancy also stopped me from re-enlisting in the Army. It’s ok, I love our son, who is now grown up & married, and he’s a handsome & intelligent young man.
    no regrets here.

    but if I felt my hubby was raping me: using me without any regard to my feelings, then I’d probably leave the guy.

  4. Gil said,

    To which the husband replied, ” Hey, you trying having sex with her while she’s awake and talking!”

  5. brenda said,


  6. Gil said,

    “Thanks, Gil
    We will review your message and post it shortly.”
    That’s what you get on Our View now. I think someone should screw them in their…..sleep.

  7. A.O. said,

    I agree with you on the Our View subject, Gil. So much for freedom of speech over at the Sun Urinal. I tried posting something yesterday and, it’s still not up. Guess along with Weasel, I’ve also been banned. Screw them.

  8. Martha said,

    I’m sooooooooo glad I keep all my doors locked when I’m sleeping.

  9. Bobbie said,

    Maybe Martha should try posting to see if she gets that message too.

  10. Bobbie said,

    My posts aren’t up either. I’m down to just checking the obits on the Sun Urinal anyway.

  11. Martha said,

    I posted something earlier.. I don’t remember getting that notice.. Let me see if its there.

  12. Mainetarr said,

    They suck. Nuff said.

  13. Fizzlefart said,

    Short and sweet today, huh, MT?

  14. Martha said,

    Nope I didn’t post earlier, but I just did.. didn’t get any pop up, but it isn’t there either like it used to be. Used to be, it posted as soon as you sent it.

  15. Mainetarr said,


    Daylight come and me wanna go
    Day me say day me say day Me say day me say AO
    Daylight come and me wanna go home
    work all night and a drink a rum
    (daylight come and me wanna go home)
    Stack banana till the mornin come
    (daylight come and me wanna go home)
    Come mister tally man tally me bananas
    (daylight come and me wanna go home)
    come mister tally man tally me bananas
    (daylight come and me wanna go home)
    lift six foot seven foot eight foot bunch!
    (daylight come and me wanna go home)
    six foot seven foot eight foot bunch!
    (daylight come and me wanna go home)
    day me say AO

  16. Mainetarr said,

    Now you guys will have that song in your head all day long. Just remember to replace Day-O with AO.

    Goodmorning Fizzlefart. How are YOU this morning?

  17. A.O. said,

    You big goober. I’ll be singing that damned song all day long. But, thanks for the lovely serenade.

  18. Mainetarr said,

    From partner in crime to big goober….nice, AO. Real nice….I thought I knew who Fizzlefart was, but me thinks I was wrong.

  19. A.O. said,

    You’re still my partner in crime. Who else could make me laugh so hard that I almost pee my pants? Guess I’ll have to see if I can get Dan’s discount on Depends. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Mainetarr said,

    Yeah, but next time don’t pee your pants while you’re in my car, ok? You know I love you, but there’s a limit to my love. (Still trying to get the stain out)

  21. Robert said,

    Talk about a double standard….if a man woke to find his wife doing something like that to him do you think he’d complain! Ha! NO, he’d go back to sleep knowing he was dreaming!

    My posts come up quickly on Sun Jounrla, but its just not the same without everyone and Dan the (Wanna be A) Man. Theres just no sport in it anymore….

  22. Robert said,

    Is it just me or does anyone else get that funny feeling when Markk starts a column with “I once knew a girl”…what Mark, amnesia? You only knew her once? after that she was a complete stranger?

  23. Fizzlefart said,

    Just who do you people think I am?

  24. Bobbie said,

    AO, Mainetarr and anyone else who finds a need for them,
    I’ll get all the Depends that you need or want at cost. You guys just have to pay for the shipping because I’m not filling my car with them for the ride to Maine. I got better things to bring!

  25. A.O. said,

    Nah, just bring the Fat Tire. That’s the most important thing.

    Fizzlefart, I have no idea who you are.

  26. Fizzlefart said,

    I’m ok. Maybe when AO finally gets her Depends from Bobbie, she’ll figure things out for you.

  27. Bobbie said,

    I’ll bring a case of Fat Tire just for you, AO. I’ll also bring a 6 pack for the rest of them to share. Sound fair?

  28. A.O. said,

    Bobbie, You really only need bring a six pack for me.

  29. K2 said,

    So, you know what 80-year-old beaver tastes like?


    Sorry, had to do it. All the Depends talk made me do it. By the way, they changed the product name to Depend. Makes sense. Depend is very different sematically than Depends.

    And Marker Man, why must you foresake me? Actually, I’ve woken up covered in marker and sans eyebrows one too many times for my liking.

  30. Martha said,

    K2.. you’re ilking.. is that others of your ilk who did it to you? ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. K2 said,

    My fraternity brothers were anything but sympathetic to people passed out in our fraternity’s lounges. Or if the door to your room was accidentally left ajar. Bad. Very bad.

  32. Bobbie said,

    Your post is there in What’ll Ya Have, but it’s for today, not yesterday. I guess it’s better late than never, huh?

    I don’t care if they delay my posts. Once it reaches 1300, I’m copying it to another file/folder/whatever you want to call it and then leaving it alone.

    Thankfully, I never had to worry about anything like this happening to me-my brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. would always find another way to aggravate me!

  33. Mainetarr said,

    Fizzlefart, I thought you were Corey or Blogophobe. Am I wrong?

  34. Fizzlefart said,

    Yes, you are wrong. Another guess anyone?

  35. A.O. said,

    If we guess right, will you tell us?

  36. Mainetarr said,


  37. A.O. said,

    Barbra!! Is that you??

  38. Robert said,

    I was thinking Fizzle was Dan in drag….the name so aptly describes him….

  39. LaFlamme said,

    You know? Back at the start, I thought Fizzlefart was Mainetarr. I’m always the last to know around these parts. Has anyone noticed that?

  40. LaFlamme said,

    Has anyone sneaked over to Our View to lead those tenancious survivors over here?

  41. LaFlamme said,

    New photo in THE VAULT.

  42. Robert said,

    I’ve been to Our View to post a couple comments but its very dead and as of today theres a lag while someone views your post before its accepted….boy Eric must love having to screen all that stuff..

    Randy, be careful, they’ll start screening your stuff too if they put the blog back up! Course they’ll expect you to do it for free….

    NO sign of the Dan The Man though, must be hiding under the leaves like a good little rat!

  43. LaFlamme said,

    I’m glad we beat a hasty retreat over here when we did. We are like cockroaches when it comes to surviving fallout. Or, as I like to say: cock -aroaches.

  44. Fizzlefart said,

    Of course I’ll tell you if someone gets it right.

    Robert, you’re out of the guessing because you insulted me with your comment. I look much better than Dan ever will in drag!

    Ahh, kicking Robert out of the guessing isn’t fair. I can see why he’d say it. Guess away, Robert!

  45. Fizzlefart said,

    The way that you and Mainetarr go at it some days, I can see why you’d say I was her. Can’t hold a candle to her even on my best days.

  46. Bobbie said,

    Things must be really slow for Eric today. My post from earlier this morning has already been approved. Wonder how long he’s going to last reading all those posts?

  47. LaFlamme said,

    There’s a new trained monkey at work. That must be who’s screening the blogs. Phew! I thought the little screecher was after MY job.

  48. brenda said,

    yesterday i had an idea who i fizzlefart was, but today i forget. i’m typing with one hand so i’m not capitalizing anything… ..this shain’s of maine ice cream is really good!

    i did try to post in our view last night, mentioning the mescalero apaches who lost thier documentation when the records building burned, leaving 200,000 people without documentation, so many of the “undocumented” migrants may well be descendents of people who were migrating between mexico to canada long before we drew the lines in the sand, the line which was drawn with the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo- under the influence of alcohol- and the agreed price was never paid by the usa….. and it didn’t appear, i guess i was too radical.

    fizzlefart = laflamme?
    just a guess, no reason.

  49. LaFlamme said,

    Nope. Not me.

  50. A.O. said,

    Herb would be my guess.

  51. brenda said,

    you’re right-
    our view is “reviewing” my radical message……..

  52. LaFlamme said,

    I have no idea who FF is. Unbelievable.

    Reviewing posts has GOT to slow down the flow of thoughts in there.

  53. brenda said,

    fizzlefart is not herb

  54. Fizzlefart said,

    I guess I should feel honored that no one has figured out who I am yet. Definitely not Herb.

  55. A.O. said,

    Weasel? Bulldog?

  56. Fizzlefart said,

    No to both.

  57. Bobbie said,

    The What’ll Ya Have blog should hit 1300 by tomorrow. I’m driving the poor newbie nuts and getting it to that level now. I’m up to 1297 right now. If anyone wants to beat me to 1300, you’ll have to do it now.

  58. A.O. said,

    I just posted a few things over there. In one of them, I asked the person who is reviewing all of the posts how they liked their new job. Told them that I hoped they were getting paid well but that I seriously doubted it. I’m sure it will be deleted. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  59. A.O. said,

    Mark..you ass!!

  60. Bulldog said,

    fizzlefart- hmmmm, let me think. Are you Lori? or Nadine maybe?????? I was gonna guess Weasel but A-O, aaaayyyyyy-O beat me to it….

  61. A.O. said,

    Hey, maybe it is Nadine. Lori ?? We’re running out of regular posters.

  62. Bulldog said,

    I went and posted on the What’ll you have blog. Not sure which numba I’ll be but I didn’t want to get left out of the big 1300!! Took me forever to find it though. What a pain in the ass that was!!

  63. Fizzlefart said,

    Unfortunately, you still haven’t found me out yet. I’ll give you until Mark’s next post. If no one gets it right by then, I will forever stay a mystery to you all. Of course, I’ll stick around to make you go, “Huh?” Got to earn a living some how, right?

  64. A.O. said,

    I’ll bet who ever has that job is now pulling their hair out!

    Fizzlefart, We’re you a regular blogger before this blog started up?

  65. A.O. said,

    Brenda, Are you Fizzlefart?

  66. Bulldog said,

    FF- Gil in disguise?

  67. Fizzlefart said,

    I have been a regular follower since the beginning.

  68. A.O. said,

    Follower but, not blogger?

  69. Fizzlefart said,

    Should Brenda or Gil want the credit for being me, by all means they may have it.

  70. Fizzlefart said,

    Whether I’ve been blogging that long or not is for you to figure out.

  71. A.O. said,


  72. Fizzlefart said,

    Definitely not Penny. The make up tends to clog my pores.

  73. Oompa Loompa said,

    Hey no fair, I was gonna guess Gil….but i guess if Fizzlefart can be a hidden pseudonym, than I too shall have more than one name…

    Perhaps Mainetarr is actually Fizzle?

  74. Fizzlefart said,

    Should she want the honor as well, she may have it.

  75. A.O. said,

    Yeah. I’m guessing that she is. It’s Mainetarr, my partner in crime.

  76. Fizzlefart said,

    Welcome, Oompa Loompa. Are you short and orange as well?

  77. Fizzlefart said,

    Definitely not Mainetarr. Your partner in crime can not be blamed for this one this time.

  78. Oompa Loompa said,

    I am neither but I just kinda thought Fizzlefart & oompa Loompa went well together so here I am!

    Maybe you’re “the Old Philosopher” whomever that was!

  79. A.O. said,

    Okay, it’s Bobbie. No? Then, it’s Fred. Um…Eden Eve?

  80. Fizzlefart said,

    The Old Philosopher has nothing on me. Oompa Loompa and Fizzlefart takes some getting used to, but it should be a hit eventually.

  81. Fizzlefart said,

    What is your final answer, AO?

  82. A.O. said,

    All of the above.

  83. Fizzlefart said,

    All of the above? Normally, you are only allowed one answer.

  84. A.O. said,

    Bobbie is my answer.

  85. Bobbie said,

    It took you long enough. Am I that memorable that I’m the last person you think of anymore?

  86. Oompa Loompa said,

    A.O. – Good guess I think, leave it to a woman to figure things out…

  87. Bobbie said,

    Maybe I should be offended? LOL

  88. Oompa Loompa said,

    Crack is whack!

    Bobbie, hows the weather out there now? Its 67 here!

  89. Bobbie said,

    It’s in the 70’s here today. No clouds.

  90. A.O. said,

    No! Not at all! It just wasn’t your usual writing style. Good job at keeping us guessing, Bobbie. Phew! Now that that mystery’s been solved, someone pour me a glass of wine.

  91. Bobbie said,

    In a few weeks, I’ll bring you a Fat Tire as your reward for guessing right.

  92. Bobbie said,

    Now you just have to figure out who Oompa Loompa is. It isn’t me today.

  93. A.O. said,

    No way. I’m exhausted. Somebody else can figure out who Oompa Loompa is. Hey, Bulldog, is that you?

    And, thanks for the great prize Bobbie! I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  94. Bobbie said,

    You’re welcome. Figured you’d had your fill of Fat Bastard for awhile.

  95. LaFlamme said,

    Damn. I was just getting ready for the 20 questions version of name that Fizzlefart. AO figured it out? Typical.

  96. Bobbie said,

    Day late and a dollar short again, Mark?

  97. A.O. said,

    I talked to a guy today that has a Fat Bastard t-shirt. How funny is that?

  98. A.O. said,

    I think we should all get one. But where it reads Fat Bastard we should have a big 0 with a slash through it.

  99. brenda said,

    bobbie???? Bobbie!!! oh ๐Ÿ™‚
    where’s what’ll ya have? I thought it was part of street talk, but street talk ‘s gone? right? wrong?

  100. brenda said,

    hey cool! If you type a colon & a parenthesis, you get a REAL smiley!

  101. brenda said,





  102. brenda said,

    only works for smileys ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. A.O. said,

    Brenda, To get into any of the street talk blogs you have to go into Our View or, any other one that’s left over and click on one of the months on the side. What’ll You Have is in October’s past blogs.

  104. A.O. said,

    You can’t even access the old blogs anymore. Everytime I’ve clicked on the comments, I’ve been redirected to the main page. Guess the What’ll You Have blog will just die a natural death.

  105. brenda said,

    where is everybody?
    I did get my radical posts in our view after all. but cannot find the “what’ll ya have” blog. Is it in archives?

  106. brenda said,

    oh, thank you. I’ll try again ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. A.O. said,

    Don’t bother trying Brenda, they are now off limits. You can’t get to them.

  108. A.O. said,


  109. Bobbie said,

    I know. There’s some good posts in therethat I would have liked to have kept.

  110. LaFlamme said,

    Son of a… I guess we should have copied that one way back.

  111. A.O. said,

    Should have a memorial service for it. ****SNIFF****

  112. Blumpkin said,


  113. brenda said,

    it would help if you could give me a hint- esp: what month was it?
    sheesh, they want me to log in again when I try to check the old street talks from december…..

  114. A.O. said,

    Ladies and Gentlemen…The Great Blumpkin and his Cuckoo-Cuckoo Clock impressions!!

  115. A.O. said,

    Brenda, They are now unaccessible. You can’t get to them. The Sun Urinal has shut them all down.

  116. Bobbie said,

    You won’t be able to get into them at all.

  117. Bobbie said,

    I guess this was Eric’s final revenge on us all.

  118. brenda said,

    nope. they make me sign in again if I try to get there.
    what do you mean, blumpkin? It’s not 2:00….?

    anyway. yeah, we should have a memorial service for our Street talk blog.

  119. lost & found said,

    then celebrrate the new life of Lost Sole!

  120. A.O. said,

    Cheers! Salute! Bottoms Up!! Pinkies Up!! That’s all I’ve got.

  121. Bobbie said,

    Ditto until I think of something wittier to add.

  122. brenda said,

    I have the tv news on, there was a knifing & bleeding man at my old home, my ex-neighbor’s on tv…..

  123. Bobbie said,

    Aren’t you glad that you’re not there now?

  124. A.O. said,

    Wow, Brenda. You must be so glad that you’ve finally moved.

  125. LaFlamme said,

    Guy was stabbed three times and denied being hurt at all. Tough guy from Cambridge, Mass.

  126. A.O. said,

    Cambridge. Tough city. Too bad he wasn’t from Lynn. You all know the little ditty about Lynn, right?

  127. Bobbie said,

    Share with us, please!!!!

  128. A.O. said,

    Just a thing my husband always says when we’re driving by a Lynn sign on the turnpike: “Lynn, Lynn, The city of sin. You never come out, the way you went in”. That’s it. Sorry.

  129. LaFlamme said,

    I was in Lynn last weekend. Doesn’t look nearly as bad as it used to. Got my rock and beat feet. I mean, my groceries.

  130. Bobbie said,

    Do I have to pass Lynn on my way to Maine?

  131. A.O. said,

    Yeah, you do. But, heed my warning Bobbie. Don’t go in. Look what happend to Mark!

  132. Bobbie said,

    Thanks for the warning. I can’t even stop to pee on it?

  133. Randy said,

    Wasn’t there talk in Lynn about changing its name a couple of years back?

  134. Herb said,

    Ah yes the old sex while she’s sleeping bit. Necrophilia has made a full circle.

  135. Mainetarr said,

    I’m back….hey Blumpkin! So, fizzlefart is Bobbie. I never would have guessed. You had me on that one Bobbie.

  136. brenda said,

    I’m nosey enough to wonder who it was that got stabbed….. but glad I wasn’t there.

  137. LaFlamme said,

    What would they change it to? Leanne?

  138. Randy said,

    My sister–in-law claims to have had sex with her husband while he was sleeping. Now that’s a wet dream.

  139. brenda said,

    herb, ? necrophilia? You think he’s pretending she’s dead? then she ‘s lucky she isn’t & ought to run from him! ?????

  140. A.O. said,

    Wow, Randy. Why would she want to do that? Never mind. I don’t think I want to hear the answer.

  141. Bobbie said,

    Sometimes it’s better when the guy is asleep. LOL

  142. brenda said,

    I remember a porn movie- (it was the 70’s when I watched porn- in the pussycat theater in portl;and!) – anyway a porn movie that started with a woman going down on her man while he was asleep & he got mad at her for waking him up like that! Oh, yeah, then he went to work & had sex with someone everywhere he went……. there was something about a red boot…… and I thought the fire hydrant was phallic! Freaked me out!

  143. brenda said,

    I’m pretty sure it ended happily, with him going home & giving his wife some love & appreciation…..

  144. A.O. said,

    Was Ron Jeremy the star of that porn movie?

  145. Bobbie said,

    Nah, he was playing the fire hydrant in that one.

  146. A.O. said,

    Must have been one big fire hydrant!

  147. "The Weasel" said,


  148. kjhkjh said,


  149. Bulldog said,

    See what happens when I tune off for a couple of hours…. I get buzzed and then come on here to fill my time and voila, everyone is happy ๐Ÿ™‚ and all that shit.

  150. A.O. said,

    Shit. Ha. We can say shit in here. Shiznit is a thing of the past.

  151. LaFlamme said,

    Bulldog. Whatchoo drinkin?

  152. Bulldog said,

    I’m having a few wite russians (russian hands and roamin fingers…..ha, I kill me!)

  153. A.O. said,

    What the hell is a “wite” russian? is that a new drink?

  154. Bulldog said,

    fuck you AO (man, that felt good)…..

    ha, I’m just kidding…. can’t reawy type rite now. takin short cuts

  155. A.O. said,

    Hey, Bulldog…FUCK YOU, TOO!! Still love ya, though!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  156. Bulldog said,

    Doesn’t that feel much better than saying “flucking” or “fluck” — all this talk about fucking and I’m starting to get horny. Maybe “my man” will do something while I’m sleeping (can’t rape the willing…isn’t that what they say?)

  157. FB said,

    How about this? Fuck both of you. Right in the ass. Your right, that did feel good.

  158. A.O. said,

    It really does! Ahh..much bette. Bulldog, rein it in horny…oh..I meant to say…honey. Your man will be there when you need him to be.

  159. Bulldog said,

    FB- you wouldn’t have the balls to say that to me in person, would you? As a matter of fact, you can’t be the “real” FB because you wouldn’t have the balls to say that to me in here. You moron.

  160. Anonymous said,

    I think fb was kidding, just saying something really really not allowed on sj’s blogs, like shit & fuck & ass & bitch & ……………………….

  161. A.O. said,

    Hey, FB!! Who the FUCK do you think you are? In the ass? I don’t think so honey. You will never get any where near MY ass. And, if you did, I’d kick you right in the…balls.

  162. brenda said,

    anonymous? Are you FB? what a weenie!

  163. Bulldog said,

    me thinks FB is Weasel trying to get me riled up (as he did when he was piss boy)

  164. FB said,

    Brenda are you Herbs daughter?

  165. Bulldog said,

    Brenda! Nice to see you hanging around the joint again! This is a much nicer place, isn’t it?

  166. A.O. said,

    I’ve heard that Weasel is having trouble with his computer. He can’t post. Personally, I think that Mark’s banned him.

  167. brenda said,

    I found out the guy on Knox street who got stabbed was my next door neighbor, a very nice guy. He was jumped by a bunch of guys, and his lung was punctured.
    He was really nice, friendly.

    Meanwhile, another neighbor’s teeny baby died while they were sleeping….

  168. Bulldog said,

    Well if it ain’t Weasie then it’s Boobie or maybe even Brenda- trying to screw with our minds (which isn’t hard rite now!)

  169. brenda said,

    no I’m not herb’s daughter, I was just joking around.
    I’m online again so I can joke around & don’t have to rush off.

    Thanks to Oxford Networks!

  170. FB said,

    Weasel? Come on you dumbasses can do better than that. Where’s Slut? She not allowed with the rest of you? You turn on her too?

  171. Bulldog said,

    Geez, Brenda. I’m glad you moved when you did! Too bad about your neighbor’s baby though. It’s sad when you lose a baby that way. My husband had an older brother that died of SIDS at 6 months. It’s not something you’d wish on any parent.

  172. A.O. said,

    Nah. It’s not Bobbie. I talked to her a little while ago and she was on her way to Wally World. Must be a newbie. Or…maybe it IS Dan.

  173. Bulldog said,

    SLUT? who the hell is slut? MT, is that you?

    (Mark, I just go the “you can only post a comment every 15 seconds. slow down cowboy” comment. What the hell is up with that?! I ain’t riding no horse (or cowboy, for that matter!)

  174. LaFlamme said,

    Well, huh. Some rancor.

  175. FB said,

    Oxford Networks takes food stamps? Or are you screwing someone there too Brenda?

  176. Bulldog said,

    DUDE! You’re back! I missed you man (NOT)

  177. Bulldog said,

    Brenda, just ignore FB. He’s just trying to ruffle our feathers (it could be Treechoker in disguise)

  178. FB said,

    Bulldog don’t insult me. Mainetarr is a stupid right wing liar that cant back herself up when she accuses people of something.

  179. Bulldog said,

    You are really cracking me up FB! quit your day job (ooops, I forgot, you don’t have one, do you?)

  180. A.O. said,

    FB…YOU are WAY off Base. Who the hell do you think you are?? DAn?? I’m thinking that you are. Still stuck on that computer chair, huh? FB…FAT BASTARD.

  181. Bulldog said,

    AO, he’s trying to ruffle your feathers. Let’s take care of FB the way we took care of TiA.

    you’re in my prayers tonight FB. hugs and kisses.

  182. LaFlamme said,

    Clearly Bulldog wants me.

  183. Bulldog said,

    In your dreams Flamer. In your dreams………………………

    P.S. don’t look under your bed

  184. A.O. said,

    And, make sure you keep your feet tucked in your blankies. Never know what’s going to reach out and…GRAB YOU!!

    FB…you’re going down!!

  185. Bulldog said,

    FB- you hear that?

  186. F.B. said,

    What of it? Going down…where? Any place good? I doubt it.

  187. Bulldog said,

    Well, honey, the place you’re going down is a place you’ve never known (considering the flea bitten, rat infested dump of a place you live in)

  188. A.O. said,

    Okay, here we go again. Another asshole in the blog. How the hell did you find us? I thought we were safe here. Mark…Kick his ass out! Never mind, Bulldog and I will do it. Ready Bulldog? And, please don’t tell me you’ve had too much to drink. I need an ass kicker. Are you with me? Bulldog??? Are you there?

  189. F.B. said,

    Wow. You Beo-tchs really scare me. Fuck you.

  190. Bulldog said,

    AO, I’m here and ready to kick some major Fat Bastard ASS!! Yippee! Mark, here’s the bar fight you’ve been drooling for!!!!

    I’ll hit first. I don’t care. I’m not that drunk!

  191. Bulldog said,

    Hey FB. Get it right. it’s Be-otch. asshole.

  192. Blumpkin said,

    Hello FB. Loved the ‘fuck the ass’ comment.

  193. Bulldog said,

    hey Blumpkin. Wanna help AO and I kick FB’s butt? It’s been a while since I’ve been in a good bar fight. I’m ready………..

  194. A.O. said,

    Bulldog, Neither am I!! I’ll throw the second punch. A good One-Two ought to knock the Fat Bastard on his big Depend’s ass. Let’s kick some ass!

    Hey Blumpkin…nice to see you around here. Done doing your imitations of Coo-Coo clocks?

  195. LaFlamme said,

    Ahhhh. The FB riddle has been cracked.

  196. FB said,

    its bitches-you are all a bunch of bitches. LaFlamme included.

  197. Bulldog said,

    gee, a regular commedian, aren’t you flamer? funny guy (don’t quit your night/day job)

  198. Blumpkin said,

    Hey FB, found the Weasel’s home page that he’s been updating since his ban. http://www.meatspin.com

  199. Bulldog said,

    Now I know that FB has got to be one of the regulars…. Treechoker, is that you, you warped bastard?

  200. Bulldog said,

    what the fuck Blumpkin! That was sooooo bad. dizzying, actually.

  201. Blumpkin said,

    I aim to please

  202. Bulldog said,


  203. Bulldog said,

    Mark, what the hell is up with the “slow down cowboy” comment?????????? do you get that? Oh, wait, I forgot… you cried at Humpback Mountain.

  204. LaFlamme said,

    Whitehouse got that slow down comment today. Something about posting too quickly? Premature posters.

  205. Bulldog said,

    OK, people. the mono bug is telling me I need to get to bed. Keep the bar open!

    Barkeep- give them all one on me (take that any way you want people)

  206. Bulldog said,

    Premature, my ass. I’ve NEVER done anything prematurely…. I ALWAYS take it slow.

  207. brenda said,

    wow, FB, you get to write words like “bitch” here…… we’re all so grown up!


  208. FB said,

    Who are the two scared looking women and the gay guy in The Vault?

  209. Bulldog said,

    FB, you are killing me! I’m sitting here, lauging at your comments. It’s gonna be real fun kicking your ass.

  210. brenda said,

    i coouldn’t get into the weasel’s thing
    is weasel really banned? from sj / our view? or from here?.

  211. FB said,

    I’m not a warped, cross burning, sheet wearer like Treehugger. Bulldog…get a life.

  212. Bulldog said,

    he’s banned from the Sun Urinal (aka SJ). No blog of his will ever be seen there again (the poor bastards). We’d NEVER ban him from here. Weaseal is always welcome here (even if he is a pain in the ass)

  213. LaFlamme said,

    Cross burning? How dare you attack Treehugger thusly! It’s cross DRESSING.

  214. Bulldog said,

    yea, that’s the way to threaten him Mark…. thusly???? where the hell did THAT come from?

  215. brenda said,

    sounds like FB is weasel?
    Or dan?
    or a dan imitator?

    treehugger cross-dressing. That’s the picture I wanna see. also a picture of weasel, pleasel.

  216. LaFlamme said,

    You’re right. Dumb word to use when talking shit. I’m such an arse.

  217. Bulldog said,

    That’s right. Don’t you forget it! I’ll spank you next time!

  218. FB said,

    FAKE FB alert! I never posted about the two scared looking women in the vault!! I would never say anything bad against gay people either!!

  219. brenda said,

    I checked the vault & didn’t see that anyway.
    is that french or latin or what language??

    It was a fake FB, you wouldnt say that, but you would accuse me of using foodstamps & sex to get my internet service?

    why? whywhywhy?????

  220. LaFlamme said,

    Hey, I’d use sex to get my internet service if I could. Those friggin’ bills are ridiculous.

  221. brenda said,

    the lady at the desk didn’t look like someone who would get excited about me……. really I’m not all that attractive, the world isn’t full of people trying to get sex with me……. not anymore, anyway.

  222. A.O. said,

    Sex to pay my internet bills? Are you kidding me? It could be that easy? Why didn’t anybody ever tell me that before? Where do I sign UP??

    Brenda, Ignore FB. He’s an ass and, has alyways been an ass. He knows not what he speaks.


  223. brenda said,

    besides, the internet service is under $20 a month, so someone would be gettin screwed….?

  224. brenda said,

    I don’t wanna ignore FB, it ‘s more fun when there’s someone to joke around with. I wasn’t really seriously offended about the foodstamps & sex comment, or I’d have left in a huff! If someone is mysogynist like that, it reflects back on himself.
    Although I suppose there are people in the world who do try to get whatever they can dishonestly……. at some point, they pay for it, one way or another, though.

  225. brenda said,

    you know what? I have some teeth that are really bothering me. A molar that has a huge gaping hole, it’s getting all the way to the root & hurts really bad. I have an appointment for Dr Kippax later this month. Meanwhile, I am suffering! the dr prescribed a narcotic & I didn’t want to take that, but the pain is at the point that I have to try the pain meds. So I don’t yet know how this medicine affects me.

  226. LaFlamme said,

    Speaking of mysogynism, what about that classic wedgie pic at the top of the page?

  227. brenda said,

    you know? “fake FB alert”? remember when there was always “fake dan alert”s if it isn’t dan, it’s a parody of dan!

  228. brenda said,

    wedgie pic? yeow I thought it was a massage pic

  229. brenda said,

    i mean, how could anyone even pull someone’s underwear up like that?

  230. fake FB said,

    it ‘s a picnic wedgie

  231. A.O. said,

    Brenda, Take your pain medication. Why suffer? Take it.. Hey. We all need a little relief sometimes. And, know that Dan’s an ass. Always has been, always will be.

  232. A.O. said,

    Picnic wedgie! fake FB…when was the last time you got one of those?

  233. LaFlamme said,

    Whose got meds??

  234. A.O. said,

    Brenda did, for her molar.

  235. FB said,

    Brenda should take her meds, maybe she’ll pass out and stop blogging. Fucking Oxford Networks. They should be shot.

  236. "The Weasel" said,


  237. A.O. said,

    FB..I have Oxford Networks and, I love it. Maybe you’re the one who should be shot. Bastard!

  238. "The Weasel" said,


  239. "The Weasel" said,


  240. hhhhh said,


  241. hhhhh said,


  242. Oompa Loompa said,

    Well nice to see FB could join us, and still be a gutless wonder…

    By the way FB….if you’re so insistent about giving up the ass, you must have some experience with other “gentlemen” in that respect huh? Any man who can beg a woman for that particular preference given all their other fine attributes must be gay.

    But we already knew that! The slut comment gave it away for me!

    Glad to see you’re here and still stupid,

    Bobbie is Fizzlefart ? I never would have guessed….doesn’t sound very Coloradoan to me, thought sure it was a native Maine word, and Bobbie deserted us for the quiet of the Rockies, where men are men and dan would get lost!

  243. Oompa Loompa said,

    Brenda needs to take meds? I’m shocked, but then again she probably has lots of stress from agreeing with Dan so many times hahahahaha!

  244. A.O. said,

    Wowsa..Oompa Loompa, Who the hell are you? Such harshness. I think I like you!

  245. Oompa Loompa said,

    AO I am your worst nightmare hahahaha…I am the conscience of a mind too shy to speak, the eyes to afraid to peek and the ears too afraid to hear the darkest secrets.

    A voice from the past or a friend in the future, its all the same to us here, for today is yesterdays tomorrow…don’t think about that too long, you’ll get a headache!

    I lift my glass and toast the fine ladies of the Fly Girls Society, may your days be good and your families be healthy!

  246. A.O. said,

    Hi Bobbie.

  247. Oompa Loompa said,

    Guess again girl! Close but no cigar. I can’t beleive you don’t recognize someone you’ve gone shopping with!

  248. Bobbie said,

    Trust me, Oompa Loompa, it wasn’t my choice to come out to this flea bitten area of the country-we are still part of the US, right? Love makes you do strange things and moving here was one of the strangest things I’ve ever done!

    Don’t blame me for any other posts. This is the first time I’ve been on here since I talked to AO. Who, by the way, has an interesting story to tell everyone about a certain name. Unfortunately, it’s not how she came to be known as AO.

  249. FB said,

    Anal only?

  250. FB said,

    Ass Overachiever?

  251. FB said,

    Any Orifice?

  252. FB said,

    Always Open?

  253. Bobbie said,

    Your Hooked on Phonics package should arrive any day now.

  254. FB said,


  255. Bobbie said,

    Is that the best that you can do? Especially when you consider that you have a bigger cup size than I do?

  256. fake fb said,


    bitch (ok, that one’s too obvious)

    fuzzy beaver

    fellow blogger

    free breakfast!

    forced break-in

    finch’s beak

    found boot — (opposite of lost shoe?)

    i have more……..

  257. friggin bliggin said,

    fine blarney!

  258. Anonymous said,

    what’s worse than a toothache?
    a toothache & cramps at the same time

  259. brenda said,

    thanks for all the compassion

  260. Anonymous said,

    fred’s brother?

    funny bunny

    fried bisquit

    fruit basket

    fresh berry

    filthy brasniffer…..

  261. Anonymous said,


  262. Bobbie said,

    The best one yet, Anonymous.

  263. Anonymous said,


  264. Gil said,

    Hey, that last anonymous post was mine. Apparently if you don’t fill in the info first, it posts you as anonymous. I just want credit for my Bobbie acronym.

  265. Anonymous said,

    there’s more than one “anonymous” here!
    that’s funny though, but not a nice thing to call bobbie!

  266. brenda said,

    ok, how are you? gil! then I’ll admit I was the other anonymous!
    lets see,,,,

    back in a minute….

  267. A.O. said,

    Not nice things to say about Bobbie at all.

    e…I’ve got nothing for e! Sorry, Bobbie!

  268. brenda said,



    great at






    grief to
    idealists &


    i’m just getting started…..

  269. brenda said,

    essence! ?

  270. Bobbie said,

    Good one, AO. Thanks.

  271. Anonymous said,


  272. Anonymous said,


  273. Anonymous said,


  274. Anonymous said,


  275. Mainetarr said,

    hey Gil…how’s it going? Send Mark your e-mail address so I can invite you to the next blogging party, ok?

  276. Herb said,

    Well Roberta, I thought we were friends, I was wrong. Oom could you be Eden Eve? As for FB, Dan how could you after all this time trying to be nice to you. You are still a mother fucker in my book and you probably do her anal, that is why you are so into anal sex. You have a dildo that has a vibrator inside, with an energizer battery that just keeps cumming and cumming and cumming. Brenda, I love you honey, but sometimes you say some of the things that I say and that is why they think we are related. Don’;t kid yourself, I bet with the proper incentive you can be a hell of a roll in the hay still. Dan, I know you live in L/A so don’t be surprised if the IRS comes to your dump apartment and audits your ass. You can only fuck the government out of so much money then they want it back.. Go ahead and try to sue LaFlamme, your address is a public record, as is mine and everyone else’s. The difference is in Indiana you are expected to shoot tresspassers to save on court costs. Have a good day motherfucker, and don’t forget the KY jelly so you won’t wear the hair off your palms.

  277. Oompa Loompa said,

    Geez its been along day…so lemme try this names..

    free beer
    free board
    free beotch
    free bies

    Yeah its Dan, always looking for the freebies…but the best yet is fairy beetch…yeah thats the Dan we know and love…

    To AO:

    Did ya figure it out yet….I’ll give you a hint if you lined ud up correctly it would be you first, then me, then Bobbie…

    Dan, That girl says you owe her $20.00, %5.00 forservices rendered and $15.00 for removing the splinters you left behind….you do seem to have a fascination with anal, I wonder why…

  278. Bobbie said,

    I have no idea what in the hell you are talking about, especially since you’re using a name I rarely use for anything except official paperwork now. If you would be so kind as to get my e-mail address from Mark, I’d really like to know what’s going on with you. I don’t have a problem with you and I enjoy your posts.

    FYI-Should a post ever come up with my “real” name on it, it sure in the hell isn’t me posting. I refuse to post under that name.

    Oompa Loompa is definitely not Eden Eve. Oompa spells too good and I would have been informed of that bit of information.

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