April 19, 2006 at 1:26 am (Uncategorized)

g2222coffeebuzz.jpgAh, coffee. I could write an ode to it. Dark brown gold so piping hot you can barely tolerate it against your lip. Steaming java with the first light of day reflecting swimming circles on its muddy surface. Sweet, rejuvenating coffee, so simple and yet so powerful as to make dead men rise. Whether you wake at dawn or noon, where would you be without the faithful comfort of Joe?

And I'm not talking about those sally versions of coffee available now at even the dankest of gas stations. Spare me your lattes, you Blueberry Bohemian blend, your foaming cup of coffee mutation. Trying to improve on coffee is like trying to better a pizza. It can't be done. The result of such improvement is nothing more than a malformed hybrid of something that was perfect to begin with. The real joy of coffee is its simplicity, it's consistency, it's I-will-always-be-here-for-you promise.

Simple yes, and yet adaptable. You can drink it bright mornings on the French Riviera, with poets and romantics. You can drink it on the park bench on which you slept just beyond the perimeter of the ghetto. You can drink it in a hotel suite with butt kissing servants, you can drink it under the bleachers with a $40 whore you rented for an hour. pour.jpg

Sweet, life-saving coffee. I'll never understand those who stumble into their days without its resuscitative powers. I mourn those who get by with colas or water, heroin or cocaine from tiny spoons. Coffee is rebirth. It is a thousand springs poured scalding hot into a mug that fits just right in the hand's embrace. Ah, coffee. The biggest shame is that we cannot make love to it…

So, I have to be up at 8 a.m. for an interview and this is my pre-lamenting stage. Eight-friggin-o'clock. The coffee is ready to go. It's cheap stuff, maybe Folgers or Maxwell House. None of that Starbucks pretension for me. Coffee should be swilled with a cigarette over the dismal morning news. It should be placed in a cup and gripped between the legs on the zig zagging, high speed drive to the menace of the daily routine. It should…

But I've said too much. I'll let you be about your morning. By the time you see me again, I'll be wide-eyed, grinning manically and shaking like an old washing machine. Totally wired. Hey ho, let's go!



  1. Bobbie said,

    Two cups of coffee has me wired for sound all day, but let me drink Mountain Dew all day and there’s no problem at all.

  2. Martha said,

    Gotta have my caffieine…you can keep the smokes, but you try to take my coffee and I’ll break your fingers.!!!! And that’s a promise.

  3. A.O. said,

    My coffee is brewing as I’m typing this. Mmmm…what a heavenly aroma. I’ve gotta have it every morning. Don’t know what I’d do without it.

  4. Gil said,

    From your friendly Blog Buddhist,, a coffee haiku

    Wife has no coffee
    Things get broken
    Threats are made.

  5. brenda said,

    wow, we all agree on something.
    I need my coffee!

    I’m drinking a cup of Somalian coffee which is probably half ginger. I think I’ll just go ahead and make a regular half-pot of regular coffee and deal with regular milk since I’m out of hazelnut coffeemate. I wonder what they put in that hazelnut coffeemate? It’s more addictive than anything I’ve ever tried!

    thanks for the coffee blog this am, mark!
    and good luck with your interview!

  6. brenda said,

    hey gil! put this in your coffee:
    What Immigrants Must Learn from the Black Civil Rights Movement … and Soon
    by Juan Santos, Mexica Tlahtolli, Wednesday, Apr. 19, 2006 at 1:48 AM
    Un Pueblo Unido
    “I’m not an American. I’m one of the twenty-two million Black people who are the victims of Americanism. One of the 22 million Black people who are the victims of democracy–nothing but disguised hypocrisy. So I’m not standing here speaking to you as an American, or a patriot, or a flag-saluter, or a flag-waver–no, not I. I’m speaking as a victim of this American system. And I see America through the eyes of the victim. I don’t see any American dream; I see an American nightmare.” — MALCOLM X

    They’re lying to us.
    They want us to keep playing their way.
    To keep waving American flags.
    To keep trusting them to do the right thing.
    We dare not.
    Millions of people’s lives are at stake.
    Racist lawmakers on the Republican ultra-Right now assure us – after they were deeply stung by the protests of millions, and after we won the hearts of 62% of the US population – that they want to drop the provisions in new immigration laws that would make migrants felons.
    Some three to six million people would still be arrested and deported.
    The Republicans and Democrats alike have decided the arrests would be for misdemeanors – not felonies.
    That’s so they don’t clog their courts, a point that was made with crystalline clarity on the House floor when HR4437 first passed in December. It has nothing to do with “compassion” or authentic “inclusion.” They want us to imagine that not being labeled “felons” will make us safe.
    But nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s why.
    Every immigration proposal still on the table authorizes local police to enforce federal immigration law, just like agents of La Migra, the Border Patrol. The National Immigration Law Center makes it plain:
    “State and local police with no immigration law training could claim new authority as enforcers of criminal law to decide when someone who ‘looks foreign’ or ‘sounds foreign’ has violated federal criminal immigration law.”
    Everyone with brown skin would become a stigmatized “suspect.” The only difference is we would be suspects in a misdemeanor – not a felony.
    But the penalty for the “crime” would remain the same – for those without papers it means deportation. FOX News tells us that under the Hagel – Martinez “Compromise” that was backed by the Democrats and by organizations like the National Council of La Raza:
    “Illegals (sic) in the United States less than two years would be required to leave immediately. If caught once, they would be subject to a misdemeanor, and if caught twice they would be charged with a felony. About 2 million to 3 million people fall into this category.”
    Under such “compromises” millions of migrants will be deported, their families split apart and uprooted. The “compromise” approach endangers not only migrants, but all Brown people. It will open the door to a new ethnic cleansing, one surpassing the ethnic cleansings of Mexicans the US government carried out during the Great Depression, when 350,000 Mexicans and Chicanos were deported, and during Operation Wetback, when 1,300,000 of us were deported in the mid-1950s.
    Imagine – at a minimum – that everyone who’s marched for migrants rights in recent weeks were deported. That will give you a picture of the magnitude of pain and chaos the rulers want to inflict.
    Not that life post-“compromise” would necessarily give the impression that mass roundups were underway. More likely, it would all happen quietly, millions arrested, one by one: out of sight. Call it a slow death, the kind suffered today by impoverished African Americans in the wake of the first Civil Rights Movement. It is imperative that our new movement not suffer the same fate.
    This is how it worked then, and what they’re aiming for now.
    When outrages like open Jim Crow segregation could no longer be counted on to keep African Americans “in their place” in the context of the world-wide anti-colonial rebellions of the 50s and 60s, the powers that be tried to buy off a sector of Black people in the US by giving them new opportunities; a substantial Black middle class arose almost overnight.
    This is the equivalent of the “carrot” of “legalization” and “citizenship” in our context today.
    For the rest of the Black nation, stranded in the ghettos, Jim Crow was followed by an even harsher master – mass incarceration. One by one young African Americans have vanished, locked into prison, until the ones added up to millions, each rendered silent – until the silence of the terror and rage in the ghettos of America has grown so loud it has turned the nation deaf.
    A similar fate would await the millions, who, under a “compromise,” would face nothing less than mass deportation, mass, legal persecution.
    Same trick: different decade.
    A sister disappears; a father, a mother …
    Here’s the rough numbers.
    If every one of the 650,000 cops in the US were authorized to arrest only one migrant once every 3 months, within two years 3 million of the migrants left without papers would be gone. In four years half the migrant population of the US would be gone. No mass roundups, no mobilization of the SS or the National Guard. Just quietly, one by one, until the ones add up to millions, and until the millions add up to silence.
    And in that silence, the terror and rage that has engulfed the ghetto would engulf the barrio as well. Then, in a replay of the African American experience following the Civil Rights Movement, our middle class “leaders” will wonder aloud where the “victory” went, never admitting that their “compromise” was not our victory, but our defeat.
    Don’t imagine that the powers that be don’t understand what they are doing. Even the Minutemen understand it, as evidenced from this all-in-caps-communication from one of their number·
    However poorly articulated, this Minuteman understands the situation clearly. The powers that be are parading an illusion of “due process” before us, and trying to appear as something less than punitive, while they set the stage for a radical ethnic cleansing, American style.
    To achieve this, they are using the time tested method of divide and conquer, the same tricks they used to derail the first civil rights movement, and to destroy the lives of millions of African Americans, while keeping their system safe from any rebellion from below by establishing a Black buffer caste who, they hoped, would come to have an investment in being real “Americans.” That’s the same bait they hope today’s movement will take. The government that trained and financed the death squads of Guatemala, El Salvador, and, yes, Mexico, cares nothing for our dreams.
    — Juan Santos is editor of Mexica Tlahtolli, a Chicana/o – Native American newspaper in Los Angeles.

  7. LaFlamme said,

    Ahhhh! Meeting’s at 9:30, I just got up. Mornings suck.

    PS… I mean, really, really suck.

  8. brenda said,

    what kind of interview is it?

  9. brenda said,

    oh, shit! I woke up about 7:30. and checked in on email & the blogs with my FIRST cup of coffee and I haven’t had the second yet, and I’m supposed to have sewed something up & taken it to the shop at 10 and it’s already 9:30 and I haven’t even started the sewing? What happened to the time!

  10. Bobbie said,

    With all this talk of coffee this morning, I broke down and made a pot. Between the Dorals, coffee and vicodin, I’ve got a pretty good buzz going. Now I remember why I don’t have this combination too often! LOL

  11. Bobbie said,

    The internet tends to do that to you-you only intend on checking your e-mails and the next thing you know, you’re running late. Some days, it’s worth it to be late.

  12. Fred said,

    Oh Please,Brenda.We are a nation of laws.Laws that apply to EVERYBODY! Not just WASP`S.If these people want to come here ,let they do it legally.If more people of color are incarcerated then whites,Its because they have done something to be there.They need to quit whining and make better choices.They have a “you owe me because my ancestors were slaves mentality”Bull! I have never owned slaves have you?We all make our own choices in life,no matter what color skin we have.

  13. Gil said,

    Brenda,I don’t know what else I can tell you. There is a big difference between LEGAL immigration, and criminals here illegally. This is a country of immigrants, but legal immigrants. It is also a country run by the rule of law. Every other country in the world defends it’s borders and enforces their immigration policy. Look at Mexico’s policy on illegals entering their country from the south. You are jailed, if not shot, and deported. All we ask is that you enter this country legally, the way millions of others have done.
    And to try to equate a lawbreaking illegal alien with the civil rights movement is disingenous at best. Blacks were here legally already, and what the civil rights movement did was to confer equal rights which they deserved. The two are apples and criminals.

  14. A.O. said,

    Very well stated, Gil.

  15. Bobbie said,

    I agree with Fred and Gil. If you want to come to the US, please do it legally. The US is having a hard enough time taking care of its own (the Appalachian area ring a bell?) without being burdened by illegal immigrants. Texas never signed the paperwork at the end of the Civil War to rejoin the union, so let’s give Texas back to them and see how they like that.

  16. LaFlamme said,

    Nine cups of coffee later, I’m back.

  17. Linda said,

    Did you power-talk at your interview? always a risk after nine cups of coffee, and we know you have that tendency anyhow.

  18. Bobbie said,

    Provide us with a link and we can judge for ourselves how it went today. After nine cups of coffee, I don’t know where they’d find me at.

  19. LaFlamme said,

    I did okay at the first one. That was a group of a dozen or so senior citizens who read my book. The second one was an interview at Great falls TV. I think I talked reallyfrigginfast for that one.

  20. Richie said,

    I learned to drink coffee when I was about 13 yrs old. I was attending a Catholic Seminary in Canada (I was supposed to be the Priest in the ‘typical Irish family’), but then, that’s another story. (No I’m not a Priest nor do I play one on TV. Although, I did have the infamous Fr. Audibert, the alldged child molester, tell my wife and I that he wouldn’t waste the churcs’ blessing on us, since we probably wouldn’t stay married – that was about 36 yrs ago, now.)

    Anyways, back to coffee. Drank it as a kid, and it stunted my growth. I’m only 5′ 9″. My mother said I go blind doing that other thing, so I stopped when I had to wear glasses.

    Learned to drink swill and call it coffee while I was in the service. My father was in the German Army in WW-II; they drank all sorts of crap, called it coffee, and were damn glad to get it. He enjoyed his time in the american PoW camp. He then did 18 moths in Flossenburg as a ‘War Criminal’ (member of a criminal organisation, the W-SS); and there was NO coffee there at all.

    Can’t start my day without my coffee. More during the day, more at night. I can drink it hot or cold; although I prefer it hot. I can drink it before going to bed; but since I’m elderly now I’ll have to get up and pee during the night. Wife hates it if I do it in the bed. I’m partial to Dunkin Donuts, but Tim Horton has decent coffee. I use the stuff from MacDonalds or B-K to clean rust off my car.

    What used to be bad was when I’d be at Boy Scout camp in the summer. Coffee was repulsive there, and after a while I’d get the cafeine withdrawal headache. Bleahh.
    But that first coffee AFTER B.S. camp – sheer heaven, oh yah.

  21. LaFlamme said,

    Ahhh, coffee will stunt your growth and self-gratification will make you go blind. I know a guy (Treehugger) who is completely sightless and only three feet tall!

  22. LaFlamme said,

    DAN alert: there’s a posting by someone named Dan in Our View today. In the sex offender piece. Could it be? Could it possibly be?

  23. A.O. said,

    Nah. He would have had more to say. Unless, he’s just testing the waters.

  24. LaFlamme said,

    Yeah. It WAS a rather mild comment.

  25. by the way: said,

    we choose what laws we want to pass, collectively, and some things are only illegal when someone passes a law against it.

    mexican migrant workers are not a drain on the system, anymore than slaves were. They do the work, cheap.

  26. brenda said,

    forget it- you can’t teach those who don’t want to learn

  27. Fred said,

    They may “work cheap”,but they still need food,clothing housing and medical care.Their children have to be educated,If they can`t earn enough to cover the expenses,who do you think pays for them?

  28. Linda said,

    BTW, doesn’t Mark sound a bit like Dr Seuss in the third paragraph, except he could do some work on the meter and the rhyming.
    Like, you can drink it by the shore, you can drink it with a whore. You can drink it in a car, you can drink it in a bar. You can drink it in a fog, you can give it to your dog. You can drink it in your truck … well, I’m no poet but you see what I mean.

  29. Asshat said,

    Brenda, you say you can teach those who don’t want to learn, but have you even heard anything else that anyone who is against illegal immigration has said? What next, should illegal drugs be passed out at school? Should prostitution be allowed? What the hell, get rid of all speed limits and road safety laws, too. Are you advocating anarchy? Because once you start ignoring the law, all hell is going to break out. Illegal means ILLEGAL. If you are not happy about this particular law, do something to change it, don’t advocate ignoring or discrediting it. It is still the rule of law.

  30. Gil said,

    Brenda & by the way, read this and then tell me if you honestly believe that ilegal aliens are a problem and not a solution.
    and one more haiku:

    like beans of coal
    ground into black buttery nectar
    my eyes they open

  31. Gil said,

    Dr Seuss is dead
    dead I said
    buried in the ground with dirt on his head.

  32. Asshat said,

    Gil is being gay
    gay I say
    posting all these poems all day

  33. LaFlamme said,

    I am just agog
    not a cat or a dog
    simply agog, like a frog
    and I should be sleeping like a….

    Ah, i suck at this.

  34. A.O. said,

    My husband is about to puke.
    Is it just a great big fluke?
    No, he has a stomach flu.
    And, I feel like an old lost shoe.

  35. LaFlamme said,

    There once was a man from Nantucket

    But skip it.

  36. A.O. said,

    You should finish your “Suessism”. No limits, remember?

  37. brenda said,

    ao, yours should be set to music & become the lost sole tavern’s theme song!

  38. Gil said,

    I found a shoe
    A shoe by itself
    It once was a pair when it sat on the shelf

    Now a Lost Sole
    On the side of the street
    We’ll name a bar after it
    That will be neat

    We’ll gather and blog
    And drink lots of grog
    We’ll blog and we’ll grog, and we’ll grog and we’ll blog

  39. A.O. said,

    Blog and grog.
    At The Lost Sole.
    We’ll be Whole.
    Okay, Gil, that’s all I’ve got. Loved your lot. .

  40. lost shoe said,

    great songs for the tavern!

  41. LaFlamme said,

    In heaven there is no beer
    that’s why we drink it here
    And when we’re gone from here…
    All our friends will be drinking all the beer.
    La la!

  42. Asshat said,

    A cheer for you:

    Here’s to peaches
    Here’s to cream
    Here’s to your most erotic dream
    Here’s to hoping your dream comes true
    Here’s to hoping you come too!!

  43. LaFlamme said,

    Ha! I like that.

    If wishes and buts
    were candy and nuts
    we’d all have a wonderful Christmas

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