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May 1, 2006 at 3:51 am (Uncategorized)

I remember in my sophomore year of high school, a group of about a hundred of us staged a walkout. It was entirely warranted, too. We were extremely agitated over the inequities in the attendance policy. Or it might have been the smoking policy. You know? Now that I think of it, we might protest-naked-01.jpg have been protesting the recent ban on off-campus excursions between classes. I don't quite remember. I may have mentioned a time or two that high school is hazy for me. Whatever we were protesting, I'm sure it was an outrage.

I do recall that we stood in the parking lot facing the front entrance. We weren't organized enough to carry signs so we just yelled a lot at anyone who looked like they might listen. There is nothing like the cacophony of young teenagers with cracking voices hollering their poorly defined rage with the sounds of Ratt playing in the background. Anyway, we kept it up for an hour or so, got no real attention and so wandered off to experiment with drugs, break windows or shoplift or something.

My only point here is that I have no real experience with protests. I never understood the central themes much, so I typically joined such uprisings for the sheer adrenaline and the possibility of meeting girls. I have my share of social conscience about this and that, don't get me wrong. But I tend to be more of a solitary dissident when it comes to that.

With this in mind, I have no real way of predicting how this "Great Immigrant Boycott," is going to play out. From what I understand, millions of undocumented workers will boycott work, shopping, school, stamp collecting, etc. to demonstrate their impact on the nation's economy. Sounds rational to me. Only, don't undocumented workers tend to get shit canned for blowing off work like the rest of us? I'm sure they've thought this through.

It is also my understanding that an equal number of American citizens will respond with protests of their own. One group plans to build a massive fence, with barbed wire, to express their view that undocumented workers should not be here in the first place. Others plan to do extra shopping and stamp collecting to offset the impact of the immigrant boycott. Which is probably the portion of the days events that will make it interesting. Then again, what do I know? To really get a feel for how things work in matters such as this, I like to turn to you wise bloggers for input. I also refer occasionally to a man with a name that implies that he starred in a porn movie about a motorcycle gang.

"It's highly unpredictable what's going to happen," said Harley Shaiken, director of the Center for Latin American studies at the University ofratt.jpg California, Berkeley.

Yes. Yes, that's deep, Mr. Shaiken. Didn't I see you at that protest at Waterville High playing air guitar to "Round-and-Round?"


  1. Martha said,

    If people want to protest for ILLEGAL aliens, maybe tomorrow they should protest for decriminalize rape or murder. The operative word here is illegal. If they want ot have the benefits of living in America… become America… or, at least, live here legally!!!

  2. LaFlamme said,

    And the first opinion is filed! I have a feeling it’ll be a common one.

  3. Martha said,

    Mark, I suspect there are some who will take exception to it just because its my opinion and they like to be contrary.

  4. jarheaddoc said,

    No, Martha, I agree with you! And you should learn to speak the language, too!

  5. Martha said,

    What do you mean, I should learn to speak the language? Yes, you are correct.. it should be decriminalizing..

  6. Mainetarr said,

    Martha, I think he meant if you come to this country, then you should learn to speak the language. LOL

  7. Martha said,

    MT, thats what I thought too at first… then saw what I had typed and had to correct it.. So, I’m not sure what he meant…. And how are you this fine morning?

  8. Mainetarr said,

    Here’s my opinion, for what it’s worth. I think today would be a great time to round up all of these illegals and ship them home. What a perfect opportunity. Since they are so proud of being illegal, I say send out the National Guard and gather them up and ship em. Bye bye–have a nice trip. When you decide to enter the country legally, we will welcome you with open arms. Until then, go home. I really doubt this “Day Without Immigrants” is going to shut down the country. And why is it called “A Day Without Immigrants” and the word illegal left out? No one has anything against immigrants. My grandparents immigrated from Italy, however they did it legally.

  9. Mainetarr said,

    Goodmorning Martha….I don’t think that it was a correction to your statement, LOL, all of us make typos, (look at my posts…ha!) How are you doing this morning? I am just heading to the shower, but wanted to make a quick stop to see what the topic was today. I think it will be a hot one today.

  10. Martha said,

    Mt… actually, I’ve seen better days. Something I ate yesterday didn’t agree with me. I’m at work, but wouldn’t be if I’d thought there would be anyone to replace me if I’d called off. Likely, as soon as my supervisor gets here, which, if he’s on time will be about 15 minutes, I’ll take my last 3 hours as sick time. On top of that, my truck is sitting beside the street a half mile from my house with the ignition locked up. I have to call a locksmith as soon as they open because I was am too cheap to pay the emergency weekend repair rates.
    On a brighter note, apparantly an “investigation” company in Portland found my name on an unclaimed property list and sent me a letter wanting to claim my funds for a 25% finders fee. I went to the Maine treasurers office website and found a listing, so if there is actually money coming to me I’ll claim in myself and get it all… tyvm.. ūüôā

  11. K2 said,

    I think the only effects we’ll see in L-A is a closed Taco Bell and Margaritas.

    While I think shipping out five million illegals is simply impossible and rather Draconian, it would be nice if people coming here tried to assimilate into our culture, like almost all of our ancestors did.

    I see conflcits of nationalism, religion and oil in our future. But, of course, they were in our past, as well.

  12. Bobbie said,

    It should be a very interesting day all across the country. Thankfully, I don’t live in Denver where they’re expecting over 500,000 people to protest today. I agree with MT, Martha, Jarheaddoc and K2-if you want to come here, do it the legal way and learn to speak English as well.

    I heard on the news that a lot of employers are going to be giving the workers the day off to protest. Some of the employers will also shut down their business today even tho they will lose money.

  13. Robert said,

    I’m guessing most will still go to work and then complain that becuase they do the jobs no one else wants that had to for fear that the job would go to someone else.

    But then again, if they do protest will we then know who they are and will they no longer be undocumented? Can I not eat Chinese at the new place in Lewiston today as most of theirs will also be protesting? (Nope the Chinese are smart enough not to call attention to themselves). Perhaps the schools will be less crowded today, the streets will be safer to drive and we’ll all be happier…wouldn’t that be a kick.

    Here’s one for the pro-set on this issue…how many legal Americans have died due to the actions and/or crimes committed by illegal immirants. I heard a number of 6 per day Friday but I’m trying to back up the source, if its true that more in just over a year thatn have been killed since fighting began in Iraq & Afghanistan combined.

  14. Gil said,

    The new Illegal Immigrant National Anthem
    (With Apologies to Francis Scott Keye)
    Jose can’t you see
    We don’t want you here illegally
    Please go back from where you came
    Fill out all the forms, use your real name
    Then we’ll welcome you with open arms
    Our laws will protect you from harm
    Then you can have a real job
    And become a 9 to 5 slob
    Jose give us a break
    And stop whining about your plight
    We don’t owe you anything
    At least not ’til you do it right

  15. Treehugger said,

    This may be a bit off topic butttttttttt, did anybody see the St Mary’s article?
    Tarr, how could you let it happen?

  16. Linda said,

    Hi Treehugger!
    If you mean signing uninsured people up for Mainecare — the thing is, hospitals wind up treating uninsured people anyhow. This way, the hospital will at least get the Mainecare rate, however little and however slow to arrive.
    I know you didn’t ask me, but that’s my contribution for the day

  17. LaFlamme said,

    I’m a dolt. Do you suppose there’s any way I can get this day off by claiming immigrant status? I’m French Irish. It’s gotta count for something. Of course, I’m too drunk and stupid to figure it out on my own. Besides, I’m playing darts. Little help over here.

  18. Treehugger said,

    Not a problem with that. My point St Mary’s in particular brought us a huge influx of uninsured people, with no way of caring for them.
    For the most part when another, non-English speaking person enters the health care system, they bring their own interpeter, the Somalians bring one of two at $60.00 per hour. Who do you think is paying for that?
    Last , but not least, who do u think is paying for Maine care?

  19. Richie said,

    I would like to talk a little bit about something. There is a fellow by the name of Michael Savage who has a radio program. He has a rather frenzied approach to his ideas, such that generally he’s more for entertainment value than anything else. But one thing he’s said really does make sense to me. He spoke about “Borders, Language and Culture”.

    Borders can be both simple and complex to define. At it’s simplest level it’s a physical demarcation between areas. We all both need and want borders in our lives. This is MY house; that’s YOUR house; this is MY car, that’s THEIR truck.
    This is the RESIDENTIAL area of town, thats the MERCANTILE area of town. You can see where we’re going here; this is MY country, that’s YOUR country.. In MY country we do things a certain way, in YOUR country you do things your way. And so on and so forth. Borders can be defined economically, culturally, religiously, any number of ways. But once a country cease to defend its’ borders, it becomes amorphous and ceases to be definable as a country. A country UNWILLING to defend its’ borders ceases to be a country. A country over-run with illegal aliens ceases to be a country.

    Language is the vehicle that citizens of a country use to communicate the ideas and ideals of their country and of their culture. When any / all languages become official for the communication of said ideas and ideals, then the cultural glue separates since the citizens of that country no loonger have the commonality of thought and common medium to convey those iseas and ideals. How many languages do we need to put on a traffic control sign; to make sure some unfortunate illegal alien can understand them ? If anything, the commonality of language is a defining core of citizenship and nationhood. If a country cannot define a common language for its’ citizens, then it will have difficulty defining itself as a country.

    Lastly, there is culture. Wether people believe it or not, there is an American culture, as compared to, say, French culture or Italian culture, or what ever. We have 200 years of culture ! Problem is, in their rush to encourage multi-ethnicity schools no longer teach it. It’s a joke today to go out on the street and ask people who their congressmen are; or who is the vice-president, or, who is Bill Gates, or . . . well, you know what I mean. Schools today are more concerned over self-esteem and feeling good about yourself; which in the end Only generates citizens who have no sense of their Border, or Language, or Culture.

    Americans today have been taught that to stand up for their Country, their Borders, their Language and their Culture is to elitist, or racist, or sexist, or what ever PC term comes to mind. We are weak and timid, afraid to offend, and quick to beg forgiveness when we “offend”. Just look at how media defines this latest migratory wave; using any euphemism rather than to correctly ID them as what they are; Illegal Aliens.

    They are not here within our laws and guidelines; therefore they’re Illegal. They come from another country; thuse they are aliens. What is so hard to understand about that ?

    The first question always seems to be “Well, Richie, what’re ya gonna do, arrest 12 million people ? Ha ha !”. This, of course, is meant to shut me up and put me in my place. In return, though, I would offer this. Imagine you’re in a boat. You’re out in the ocean; and the motor starts to misfire. You look, and just damn; you’ve got five feet of water in-board and it’s rising fast ! What’s the first thing you’re gonna do ? If you said start bailing; well, so has almost everyone else I’ve asked. But you’re wrong. The first thing you want to do is PLUG THE DAMN LEAK !

    There is a leak in our Ship of State. We’re sinking. Our borders are porous, and all the politicians can do is posture and manipulate things to their advantage. It’s time to get down to it people; we have to plug the leak. Otherwise, we’ll have no Borders, our language will be someone elses, and our culture will be gone.

  20. LaFlamme said,

    Verrry nice.

  21. Richie said,

    The importation of Somali’s to our City is an example of what I said. As Mayor; Kaileigh Tara had to ‘volunteer’ our City as a Federal relocation point. In coordination with Catholic Charities – Maine & SMGH, they advertised in various places for Somali’s to move here. Later, when Ms. Tara needed a job, who hired her ? 3 guesses ? Yup. SMGH / Catholic Charities. It was all in the Sun Journal while it was going on.

    Now; we know what she got. What does SMGH / CC get out of this ? Guaranteed paying clients; since they’ll need all sorts of med car & services, and guess who will foot that bill ? The Federal government.. Sure, Uncle sugar will pay. Did ANYONE say ANYTHING to ask WHY we need Somali peasants in Lewiston ? I mean; do we have a problem herding goats or subsistance farming; that we need to import these people ? And, how many of them fought at the gunfight in Mogadishu all those years ago ? How many of these people shot and killed American soldiers ? And how many of these people support Al Queda by sending money to it’s various front organisations ? Think it can’t happen here ? It has , and it is !

    But, nope, can’t speak out. That’s racist.. Don’t make them learn english; that would be racist too. I could go on and on; but I’m starting to get angry now. Drive down Knox Street in Lewiston sometime; but make sure you go there locked and cocked; and make sure your top gunner has plenty of ammo for his “Ma Deuce”. Watch out for that roadside trash; probably hides and IED. And don’t let kids near your vehicle; since car bombers will attack then to get maximum effect..

    I used to go on calls dealing with these people. They’d be out on the street, drunk and disorderly. I’d ask them; I thought moslems couldn’t drink alcohol ? They’d say “I Christian (“kris-tee-an”) now. Jesus, he a party dude !”

    Maybe some other time I’ll tell you about their Clans. (No kilts, either.)

    Yup. Now I’m angry.

    (The above reflects solely the ideas of Richie, and does not in any way represent the owner / operator of this blog.)

  22. K2 said,

    Hey, Frenchy McSpud, pipe down, I’m trying to drink here, dammit.

    Yeah, and why did Gil post today? That greasy wetback is supposed to be out protesting. Must’ve taken time out from his siesta or somepin. I can just smell the tequila on his chorizo breath.

    Actually, maybe he’s out shooting ‘cans. Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Africans . . .

    Kidding, people, kidding.

    I think nationalism will ultimately go the way of the wind in 100 years, give or take a few decades, thanks to trends in globalization. Or we blow ourselves up first.

    Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people, living life in peace . . . *cough, cough* Dude, you knocked over the bong, man. What were we singing? Ah, never mind. You gonna eat those Doritos?

  23. jarheaddoc said,

    One of the great strengths of this country was its immigrant population. The colonists were immigrants, weren’t they? The problem has become that we are forgetting that america developed its own culture and morales. Martha, what I should have typed was that if a person goes to another country, that said person needs to learn how to speak the language of that culture. There is a very thick line between giving somebody a hand up and giving someone a hand out. What kills me is that a lot of these people immigrate to American and refuse to adapt, but then again, why should they have to? They go to a hospital and are provided with an interpreter and God forbid a male doctor should need to examine a female patient. They are given state and federal aid for however long. I do have to say this, though: in a lot of ways, it’s the few who are screwing it up for the many. It’s not hard for some to think outside the box and see that this is a backlash for all the years that America has tried to impose its will on the cultures of others: you want ’em, you got ’em. What does it say at the bottom of the statue of liberty: give me your poor, your tired, your weak, things like that. That was a very different day, true. I’m sure the founders of this country are turning over in their graves about the way this country has turned out.

  24. jarheaddoc said,

    I don’t understand this dual citizenship thing. If you leave your native country to come to America, and you become a citizen here, why on Earth would you want to maintain citizenship in the country you left? Must be the benefits, I guess

  25. Anonymous said,

    Dobbs: Radical groups taking control of immigrant movement
    CNN | May 1, 2006
    By Lou Dobbs

    NEW YORK (CNN) — We all awoke to headlines in our nation’s most important newspapers reminding us that this is “A Day Without Immigrants.” Not illegal immigrants, mind you, but immigrants.

    USA Today headlined today’s demonstrations and boycott “On Immigration’s Front Lines.” The New York Times headlines its story “With Calls for Boycott by Immigrants, Employers Gird for Unknown.” The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times are both calling its coverage “The Immigration Debate.”

    These major newspapers obviously don’t want to disturb their readers with the information that today’s demonstrations and boycott are about illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens.

    CNN and Fox News are both using a banner calling their coverage “A Day Without Immigrants,” while MSNBC is titling its coverage “Immigrant Anger.”

    Most of the mainstream media has been absolutely co-opted by the open borders and illegal immigration advocates. I’m not opposed to demonstrations and protests of any kind, even by those who are not citizens of this country, because one way or another, demonstrations and protests enrich and invigorate the national debate and raise the public consciousness of truth.

    But only one newspaper, to its credit, reported that illegal aliens and their supporters’ boycott of the national economy on the First of May is clear evidence that radical elements have seized control of the movement. The Washington Post, alone among national papers, reported that ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) has become an active promoter of the national boycott.

    Some illegal immigration and open borders activists in the Hispanic community are deeply concerned about the involvement of the left-wing radical group. But others, like Juan Jose Gutierrez, whom I’ve interviewed a number of times over the past several months, manages to be both director of Latino Movement USA and a representative of ANSWER.

    As Gutierrez told us on my show, “The time has come…where we need to stand up and make a statement. We need to do what the American people did when they pulled away from the British crown. And I am sure that back in those days many people were concerned that was radical action.”

    Just how significant is the impact of leftists within the illegal immigration movement? It is no accident that they chose May 1 as their day of demonstration and boycott. It is the worldwide day of commemorative demonstrations by various socialist, communist, and even anarchic organizations.

    Supporters of the boycott have made no secret of their determination to try to shut down schools, businesses and entire cities. Much of Los Angeles’ 7th Street produce market, which supplies thousands of local restaurants and markets, is closed today. Many meat-packing companies like Cargill and Tyson are also closing many of their plants.

    “The meat packers are confirming what we know,” says University of Maryland economics professor Peter Morici, “and that is that this large group of illegal aliens in the United States is lowering the wage rate of semiskilled workers, people who are high school dropouts or high school graduates with minimal training.”

    In fact, a meat-packing job paid $19 an hour in 1980, but today that same job pays closer to $9 an hour, according to the Labor Department. That’s entirely consistent with what we’ve been reporting — that illegal aliens depress wages for U.S. workers by as much as $200 billion a year in addition to placing a tremendous burden on hospitals, schools and other social services.

    Radicalism is not confined to Gutierrez and Latino Movement USA. Ernesto Nevarez of the L.A. Port Collective is promising to shut down the Port of Los Angeles today: “[Transportation and commerce] will come to a grinding halt. …They are going to put a wall along the border with Mexico. We’re going to put a wall between us and the ocean. And those containers ain’t going to move.”

    No matter which flag demonstrators and protestors carry today, their leadership is showing its true colors to all who will see.

  26. Linda said,

    Disclaimer — Anonymous is usually me, but this time it wasn’t. Not that it’s likely you thought so, but I’m just sayin’.

  27. Mainetarr said,

    Treehugger, I had nothing to do with it, I swear. If I were in charge, I would be handing out applications for jobs, not for Mainecare. It’s bullshit, but they have to do it if they want any payment whatsoever. Richie hit the nail on the head. Thanks for nothing Kaileigh Tara. Thanks for promising the moon to support “diversity”. Yeah, we really have a need for a diverse community. I love driving down Lisbon Street and having these diverse folks approach my car and try to open the door to get in and get a ride. Luckily, I lock my doors. I love how the state came out with food stamp debit cards, so no one would be embarassed by the actual food stamps. Maybe a little shame would get some of these folks off their embarrassed asses and into a full time job. Yeah, Keileigh, thanks for nothing.

  28. Mainetarr said,

    By the way, Treehugger, thank you for my present at work today. You rock. Muahhhhh!

  29. Gil said,

    That’s all I get for rewriting the National Anthem? Ungrateful Ingrates. I’ll have you know that I slaved over a hot keyboard for all of about 6 minuttes grinding that out.
    K2 is a racist, at least that’s what Dan says. Or is it Jean? Or TiA? I’m confused.
    Richie, don’t listen to Savage for too long, he’s insane you know. He has a good point on borders/language/culture, but other than that he’s friggin’ loopy.

  30. Gil said,

    Hey K2, this one’s for you brother:
    (CBS/AP) Rush Limbaugh must submit to random drug tests under an agreement filed Monday that will dismiss a prescription fraud charge against the conservative radio talk-show commentator after 18 months if he complies with the terms.
    Limbaugh also must continue treatment for his acknowledged addiction to painkillers and he cannot own a gun.
    The agreement did not call for Limbaugh to admit guilt to the charge that he sought a prescription from a physician in 2003 without revealing that he had received medications from another practitioner within 30 days. He pleaded not guilty on Friday.
    “This is a commonsense resolution and the appropriate way the state should treat people who have admitted an addiction to prescription pain medication and voluntarily sought treatment,” Limbaugh’s attorney, Roy Black, said in a statement Monday to The Associated Press.
    Prosecutors accused him of illegally deceiving multiple doctors to receive overlapping prescriptions, a practice known as doctor shopping. After seizing his medical records, authorities learned Limbaugh received up to 2,000 painkillers, prescribed by four doctors in six months.
    However, the single charge only alleges that Limbaugh illegally obtained about 40 pills, said Mike Edmondson, a state attorney’s spokesman. He would not elaborate or explain why prosecutors scaled back the case.

    Footnote K2, prosecutors do not “scale back” cases on Rush-types. That’s legalese for “Ah, I got nuthin'”

  31. Linda said,

    Hi Gil, I think they are all at Larry the Cable Guy or watching the Sox. No respect for creative effort, eh?

  32. Gil said,

    Not if they’re watching Larry the Cable Guy or the Sox. I love these Sox fans up here whining every year that “the curse” kept them from winning. Did they ever stop to think that maybe they just sucked for 80-something years? And what about last year? Is the curse back on?

  33. Linda said,

    Don’t go trying to make me feel better about them …

  34. Mainetarr said,

    Hey Gil, you did a good job in rewriting the anthem. I posted on it earlier, but apparently it didn’t stick. And yes, everybody is at Larry the Cable Guy, I think.

  35. Gil said,

    That’s just sad. I went to go see United 93 this weekend. Reviewed it on my blog. Still trying to get it to post.

  36. AO said,

    I just got back from….Larry the Cable Guy’s concert. It was very funny but, my seats sucked! NOW…my seat is sore. But, had a great “date” with my son. He told me that the next concert he wants me to take him to is E.C. …ha. I told him that Eric never comes around these parts and that, we could never afford the tickets if he did. My son replied that, he’d sell his spleen to see Eric Clapton. My reply was, “Who’d want a spleen?” Guess that’s all he’s willing to part with. Thank God.

  37. AO said,

    Gil, How was “United 93”? If you can’t get your blog to post, review it in here.

  38. Linda said,

    I might sell a body part to see Eric too, AO. I have tickets for Train next month, didn’t even give money for them (free) but then I am pretty cheap.
    Glad you had a good night out. Missed you around here!

  39. AO said,

    Where’s Train playing? I didn’t even know that they were coming around here. I’m old.

  40. Linda said,

    Portland. Merrill I think, June 25. My social secretary (husband) is handling the arrangements. I expect we’ll park three quarters of a mile away and be seated sometime between the 2nd and 3rd songs.

  41. Linda said,

    Hey, did anyone notice — this week is National Family Week AND National Pet Week. Interestingly, the SJ had an insert for National Pet Week. Do you think they are saving their big family spread for later in the week, or ignoring it? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  42. AO said,

    I saw the Pet Week flyer today. I don’t have any pets so, I just skimmed through it.

    My son and I parked rather far away from the Civic Center. But, it was a good way to walk off our dinners. It sucked when we came out because, it was raining. Oh well!

  43. jarheaddoc said,

    Gil, the Red Sox spin doctors would like you to beleive that the law of averages, more appropriately called the Law of Random Chance, comes into play. It involves code word stuff, secret handshakes, and imaginary numbers plugged into formulas that the insurance industry concocts to keep the money from insurance premiums. What is really means is that the Yankees are better at spending their money. Evidently George Steinbrenner knows better how to apply the old saying of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  44. K2 said,

    Gil, no hablo espanol.

    Still, if Rush didn’t have million dollar attorneys, he’d be going to jail. Gotta admit that he’s a total hypocrite when it comes to drugs. (Mmmmm . . . drugs.)

    AO, I’ve seen Clapton numerous times, and I’m sorry to say he is rather uninspiring in concert. I think he’s been playing the same set list for decades. Last time I saw him in ’97 or ’98 in Phoenix, he did anything but excite me. Same old ‘Wonderful Tonight,’ ‘Sunshine of My Love,’ ‘Tears in Heaven,’ ‘Layla,’ etc. Why he didn’t bust out some obscure Cream or Derek and the Dominoes or Blind Faith or his old stuff, I’ll never know. (Cripes, I read that guitar-god David Gilmore, of Pink Floyd fame, just toured and broke out ‘Fat Old Sun’ and a 20-minute ‘Echoes.’ Now there’s some obscure goodness.)

    Clapton did just recently play with Cream on PBS, since Jack Bruce is dying, and they wanted one last gig together. I missed the show, but my old man said it was good. But my dad likes Neil Diamond, so 86 that.

    Still, I’m a huge Clapton fan — I’ve got at least 10 of his CDs. Go out and buy ‘461 Ocean Blvd.’ and ‘Slowhand’ this instant. Oh, and ‘From the Cradle’ for sure, although I don’t think much of his recent ‘Me and Mr. Johnson’ — just too damn tidy. (If you want mint Robert Johnson covers, I recommend ‘Dealin’ with the Devil,’ a compliation of blues artists doing Mr. Johnson right.)

  45. Linda said,

    K2, I saw the MPBN Cream concert & loved it. Good stuff. I can take or leave Neil Diamond, if that matters.

  46. K2 said,

    Ginger Baker was on drums, right, Linda?

    I wish they’d replay that show. I mean, Cream really was the first Supergroup. ‘Swalbar’ adn ‘Tales of Great Ulysses’ are the tits.

    And as the Stones sang, “Well we all need someone we can cream on. And if you want to, well you can cream on me.”

    Get well, Keith, you falling-out-of-a-coconut-tree stoner.

  47. AO said,

    Kieth Richard’s. Just looking at him makes me want to puke. What the hell was he thinking? He’s friggen 62 years old! Guess he must have had some sort of “glow on” going.

    I have “Slowhand” and, “From The Cradle”. I also have that obscure one he did a few years back, “Reptile”. It got crappy reviews but, I like it. I think I’m the only one who does. Well, except for Eric, that is. Ha. He probably hates it too. I’d have to go digging through my cd’s to see what else I have. I’m a bit foggy this morning. I have a “Larry the Cable Guy” hangover.

  48. Linda said,

    K2 — I’ve got an idea — you know how Mainetarr bought so much stuff at the auction? She ought to have some pull with MPBN. I bet they’d replay that concert if she asked them to.

    Mainetarr, what do you think? Got any contacts?

  49. Gil said,

    K2, I admit that Rush is a hypocrite. I never condoned what he did, i just didn’t like the way they went after him. True, if he didn’t have the money to hire Roy Black, things definitely would be different. then again, if he wasn’t Rush Limbaugh, would anybody, including the Prosecutor, have cared?
    Blogs finally up with a review of United 93. Excellent movie.

  50. Martha said,

    My sister has contacts with the auction office because she’s been a regular donor for years.

  51. K2 said,

    McGILicutty, I’m with you, man. And glad to see you also think Savage is a nut. Hey, the left has their Phil Donahue’s too.

    I’ll be passing on United 93. Just not the type of film for me, no offense.

    AO, d’you know Billy Payne and Richie Hayward of Little Feat play on half the songs on ‘From the Cradle’?

    By the way, I have a good friend who’s listened to Neil Young’s new protest album, ‘Living With War’ (which isn’t being officially released until Monday), and he said it’s a junk record, akin to Neil’s pathetic, go-nowhere album with Pearl Jam, ‘Mirror Ball,’ from ’96 maybe. Simply mindless 4/4 grunge with no hooks or grabs.

    Neil hasn’t had a good album since ‘Siver & Gold’ in 2000. Chef highly recommends. (Minus track 6 — Worst . . . Neil . . . piano . . . song . . . ever.)

  52. Gil said,

    K2, nothing good since Live Rust.
    Go see the movie. Read the review on my blog. It’s really a well made movie.
    And Clapton always sucked. The only reason he was any good with Cream was that he was with a band and not alone. On his own he can’t do squat.
    That guy that used to be Peter Frampton was way better.

  53. K2 said,

    Oh, see now you’re talking crazy, Gil. If I hear that god awful ‘Dooooo yoouuuuu feel like I do’ one more time, I’m gonna snap.

    Get real, Capton has had some great tunes since Cream.

    Okay, if you scrap all the Geffen records in the ’80s, Neil’s ‘This Note’s for You’ (’88) actually has some good tunes (see: ‘Coupe deVille’), ‘Freedom’ (’89) is damn good, ‘Ragged Glory’ (’90) has a decent tune called ‘Country Home,’ ‘Harvest Moon’ was solid (the title track is my wife’s and my wedding song), and ‘Silver & Gold’ has a few gems on it, namely the title song, ‘Good to See You,’ and ‘Buffalo Springfield Again.’

    My soon-to-be-sued-by-the-music-industry friend found Neil’s ‘Time Fades Away’ and ‘Chrome Dreams’ on the web, and burned ’em for me, and Neil’s ‘American Stars-n- Bars’ and ‘On the Beach’ were finally released on CD recently, so I picked those up as well. All classic, classic Neil.

    Okay, I’m a Neil freak. I’ll stop. (Please, hold the applause.)

  54. Bobbie said,

    Has anyone ever had a day when nothing wants to go right and you know that you should stay home, but have to go out later?

    My day so far: the toilet is running slow and the guts will probably go out while my husband is on his trip to Missouri (that’s the way it usually works around here), the bathroom sink leak has gotten worse and there’s a clog or something down in the drain that’s make it drain slow (yes, we’ve cleaned out the trap and all that other good stuff) and my front door is now being held closed by a folding chair because the lock refuses to close properly and is binding somewhere. I hate to go to the local hardware store because they’re going to charge me an arm and a leg for the lock, but if I don’t, then it’s almost 60 miles round trip to Wally World for a replacement and I hate to make 2 trips down there (MIL has a doctor’s appointment later in the day). Granted, our dog, Trouble, would be left guarding the house, but she’d be barking in the house while they were cleaning off the front porch.

    Thank you for letting me vent for a bit this morning. And yes, it’s ok if you skip over this drivel today.

  55. Robert said,

    Okay, Getting back to the citizenship issues…

    1. Kayleigh Tara sucked for this community, our only revenge was when she married and went to Africa the homeland of her new husband who had a 3 year job back there…oops she only lasted about 3 months and then her picture started appearing in various singles dating sites again…go figure…She put this community on a course that is now fiscally dangerous.

    2. Teddy Roosevelt said it best back around 1910…we would luv to have everyone as a CITIZEN of this country and we open our doors to those who wish to come here legally..but we only wave one flag and its American, we only speak one language – English and we pledge our allegiance to only one country – The United States of America. Sorry if I paraphrased a little, I could not find the actual wording.

    3. Its time for illegal immigrants to go back to their countries and then come here legally if they then choose to. Unless you have something to hide its actually cheaper to come here legally then to pay someone to escort or sneak you across the border. Damn those Canadian hunters that know how to bring people into this country illegally.

  56. Bobbie said,

    It’s not just the Canadian hunters, unfortunately, but I know what you mean. A good friend of mine worked for the Border Patrol in Arizona and what ticked him off the most was that within a week of capturing someone, he was chasing down the same people again. In 2004, his unit was headed for the largest capture amount that they had ever had.

  57. Robert said,

    Gee maybe that wall wasn’t such a bad idea afterall…12 million illegals at last estimated count…whats the price of the wall compared to what they cost us? Hmmm.

  58. Mainetarr said,

    About the Eric Clapton concert, I believe they have it either on VHS or DVD at MPBN for $5-$8 dollars each. I got the Bee Gees final concert and an Andrea Bocelli VHS tape that were both excellent. They items are still available, just go to MPBN, to the pick up area and you will see a ton of stuff like that you can still buy. I think they are open until Saturday. They also had Maine Made products gift bags for $5. Where the hell are the Shopping Bags from the Sun Urinal, they should be reporting this crap?!? I thought they were looking for deals. Jaysus, I have found more on my own than with those two jabronies. I even gave them hints. Dumbasses

  59. LaFlamme said,

    You and Corey have GOT to be largely responsible for the success of the auction. Christ, the stuff she’s brought home from MPBN. Although, I’m suspicious of the Rico Suave look-alike she has living here now. Did they really sell those when the auction was done? I guess she wouldn’t lie about such a thing. Right?

  60. Gil said,

    K2, I never meant to say that Frampton was great, only better than Clapton solo.
    I stopped listening to Neil when I stopped smoking, I mean experimenting, I mean expanding , yeah that’s it, expanding my mind. After that he just became annoying. Kind of like listening to “The Wall” when you’re not wasted.

  61. K2 said,

    You quit smoking weed? Well, we simply have nothing to say to each other, then.

  62. Gil said,

    I think I did my share. As I said before, I smoked so much the ZigZag man had a tattoo of me on his arm.

  63. Mainetarr said,

    Mark, I do believe Corey and I made it possible for MPBN to continue broadcasting for the next few years. Damn auction. I love it though. So many things, so little time.

  64. AO said,

    Gil, Is that how you’re supposed to listen to The Wall? Wasted? Huh. No wonder I change the station every time it comes on. If any song has ever been more over played it’s “The Wall”. Well, that and “Hotel California”.

  65. K2 said,

    AO, deary, The Wall is a two-record album. I hope you are only referring to Another Brick in the Wall, part 2. If not, well, I wouldn’t want to be in you shoes. . . .

  66. LaFlamme said,

    Not to mention Dark Side of the Moon.

  67. AO said,

    ‘K, K2, you got me. Yes, that’s what I was referring to . “Another Brick in the Wall” And, hate to disappoint you but, I’m sick to death of that flucking song! Ahem. Thank you very much! ( I miss The Church Lady!) I feel much better now.

  68. Martha said,

    I thought this email I had forwarded to me that was written by someone close to “in the trenches” would put things in perspective.

    The following is a note from a teacher’s husband.

    As you all listen to the news about the student protests over illegal
    immigration there are some things that you should be aware of.

    My wife is in charge of the English-as-a-second-language department at
    large southern California high school which is designated a Title 1
    school, meaning that its students average lower socio-economic and income
    levels. Most of the schools you are hearing about South Gate High, Bell
    Gardens, Huntington Park, etc., where these students are protesting are
    also Title 1 schools.

    My wife tells me that 100% of the students in her school and other Title
    1 schools are on the free breakfast, free lunch program. When I say free
    breakfast I’ m not talking a glass of milk and roll… but a full
    breakfast and cereal bar with fruits and juices that would make a
    Marriott proud. The waste of this food is monumental, with trays and
    trays of it being dumped in the trash uneaten. She estimates that well
    over 50% of these students are obese or at least moderately overweight.
    About 75% or more DO have cell phones.

    The school also provides day care centers for the unwed teenage girls
    (some as young as 13) so they can attend class without the inconvenience
    of having to arrange for babysitters or having family watch their kids.

    She was ordered to spend $700,000 on her department or risk losing
    funding for the upcoming year even though there was little need for
    anything; her budget was already substantial. She ended up buying new
    computers for their computer learning center. Half of which, one month
    later, have been carved with graffiti by the appreciative students who
    obviously feel humbled and grateful to have a free education in America.

    She has had to intervene several times for young and substitute teachers
    whose classes consist of many illegal immigrant students here in the
    country less then 3 months who raised so much hell with the female
    teachers, calling them “Putas”–whores–and throwing things ,that the
    teachers were in tears.

    Free medical, free education, free food, day care etc.. etc.. etc.. Is it
    any wonder they feel entitled to not only be in this country but to
    demand rights, privileges and entitlements?

    To my bleeding-heart  liberal friends who want to point out how much
    these illegal immigrants contribute to our society because they LIKE
    their gardener and housekeeper and they like to pay less for tomatoes:
    spend some time in the real world of illegal immigration and see the TRUE
    costs. Higher insurance, Medical facilities closing, higher medical ,
    more crime , lower standards of education in our schools , overcrowding,
    new diseases etc.. etc.. etc.. For me— I ‘ll pay more for tomatoes.

    We need to wake up. The guest worker program will be a disaster because
    we won’t have the guts to enforce it. Does anyone in their right mind
    really think they will leave and return voluntarily?

    There are many hardworking Hispanic/American citizens that contribute to
    our country and many that I consider my true friends. We should encourage
    and accept those Hispanics who have done it the right and legal way. It
    does, however, have everything to do with culture. A third-world culture
    that does not value education, that accepts children getting pregnant and
    dropping out of school by 15 and that refuses to assimilate… and an
    American culture that has become so weak and politically correct that we
    don’t have the will to do anything about it.

  69. daveman said,

    forget building a fence on the border………mine it instead. then we won’t have to worry about catching them and shipping them back

  70. Shahsem said,

    Hey All ! ! !
    Successful people say “Time is money”,
    go Clock ,
    and make sure that …

  71. Ramzesus said,

    All Greetings !…
    Do you want the wood and not know what to take with them? …
    Do not think for long! …
    You look at … Knifes!

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