Waving the magic snorkle

May 5, 2006 at 1:37 am (Uncategorized)

david_blaine.jpgIt works like this: The slightly psychotic magician is encased in a spherical tank filled with 2,000 gallons of water. Like a technogeek sea monkey from hell, he will float around inside this tank for a week with oxygen tubes, a catheter and video head gear dangling from his body. One week to get the distinctly unenviable perspective of so many goldfish. And in obtaining that perspective, he risks damage to his skin, bone and muscles. At the culmination of the event, when he tries attempts to escape from his fishbowl, the magician will need to hold his breath for nine minutes, risking the even more frightening prospect of permanent drain bramage.

How the world loves David Blaine. How the world stands in awe of each new trick, from the street level illusions to the epic stunts like this. When Blaine gets buried alive, entombed in a chunk of ice, or dangled over a river for 44 days, we watch in horrified amazement. And the more self-aware of you will make one admission. A small part of you, a warped and twisted part you seldom let out of the attic, really wonders what it would be like to see one of these great stunts go horribly awry.

Hey, keep your fingers crossed. Blaine could easily succumb to lack of oxygen and go belly up like so many of the gouramis that die in your tank. And you wonder what that would look like, don't you, you sick, sick bastard. Me, too. Although I probably won't remember to tune into the two-hour special next week to see the conclusionDead fish.jpg of this fishy event. The special is called: "David Blaine: Drowned Alive," which leads to the question: is there another way to be drowned?

I'm not sure if I love this guy or hate him. I'm sure of one thing, though. I'll bet he doesn't have any problems with the ladies. A guy who can levitate seemingly at will doesn't need pickup lines or expensive cologne. And I'm quite sure Blaine would kick David Copperfield's ass. I mean, did you read about that wuss Copperfield getting robbed with his two lady friends a couple weeks ago? What kind of magician is that? You can move the Statue of Liberty but you can't magically make a thug's gun disappear? Blaine would've knocked that guy out merely by uttering some version of Abracadabra.

America.jpgThat's my take on it. Magic and the life of David Blaine. Tune in Monday. In the meantime, remember that song "Magic," America put out when they were trying to start a revival in the eighties?

You can do magic You can have anything that you desire
Magic, and you know
You’re the one who can put out the fire

Didn't that suck?



  1. AO said,

    I think David Blaine should go back to his Street Magic stint. Way cooler than being drowned alive.

  2. Mainetarr said,

    Houdini wannabe. AO is right, go back to street magic. Way cooler.

  3. Mainetarr said,

  4. jarheaddoc said,

    What the hell was the name of that old guy who fell off the high wire on live tv? All I can think of is the Dying Wallendas.
    As I just got home from work and my employer would seriously frown on my blogging at work, I have this comment to offer about AssHat, in whatever incarnation said person existed in last night: Way too much time on your hands, buddy. Makes we wish I got out more than I do.

  5. K2 said,

    Not as bad as Steve Miller’s ‘Abra-abracadabra, I want to reach out and grab ya.’ Oof.

  6. Bobbie said,

    To be honest with you, I haven’t seen any of David Blaine’s specials on tv. Guy just doesn’t interest me at all.

  7. Robert said,

    Blaines street magic was actually very good and the locale made it more impressive, no stage with lighting and curtains to assist…he should have stuck with that but I guess he wanted a bigger audience.

  8. K2 said,

    I concur. Street Magic is cool shit.

  9. Linda said,

    K2, thanks for reminding me — you’re right, that song is bad news, but didn’t I see that the Steve Miller Band is playing in Augusta this summer? Has anyone seen or heard them in living memory, are they worth seeing or only a travesty of their former selves?

    Presuming that you have any happy memories of them at all, which I do! But I don’t keep up very well with new music by old geezers. No offense intended if any of you happen to be old geezers yourselves.

  10. jarheaddoc said,

    More than a few of us are getting to be the old geezers ourselves, Linda, so I proudly resemble that remark! What’s the saying? If it’s too loud, you’re too old! This revival thing that a lot of bands go through just sullies any good they ever did in the past.

  11. Linda said,

    That’s exactly what I’m worried about, Jarhead. So venture a guess please: will they be worth seeing or not? Jarhead, should I take your comment as a “no” vote?

  12. LaFlamme said,

    Ahhh, hell. Abracadabra is way worse than Magic. At least the latter, you can snap your fingers to a little bit. The first one, well. Sounds like Steve Miller was suffering from Tourette’s.

  13. LaFlamme said,

    The Wallendas were a strange, strange family. One of them was actually named “Gunter.” He never had front teeth because he was always knocking them out while practicing the next wire walk. Which is probably a bad sign.

  14. Linda said,

    I never really got past the Fly Like An Eagle album. Why muck about with perfection? After all it was the ’70’s, man!

    Wait, we did that last week …

  15. LaFlamme said,

    Did anyone see Blaine’s street magic special when he went down into the hood and just freaked people out? That’s what I like about the guy. He could go to upscale Manhattan, but he doesn’t. He hangs out with real people.
    In one scenario, he caught people coming out of the clubs and then spooked them by moving his hand through a plate glass window. Totally cool. The chicks were digging it.

  16. AO said,

    Is that the same one when he pulled a piece of string out of his stomach? The street magic is the best. I’ve never watched any of his media grabbing stuff.

  17. jarheaddoc said,

    It’s your money, Linda, but anyone who can rhyme ‘what the facts is’ with ‘other people’s taxes’ isn’t exactly a lyrical genius if you ask me. I haven’t been to a great many concerts, and I don’t think Dan Fogelberg counts, for a couple reasons, one of which I forget, and the other was that I didn’t get laid afterwards. Guess it’s a good thing I won the tickets, huh?

  18. Linda said,

    I expect to be luckier.

  19. jarheaddoc said,

    I knew there was some ribald sense of humor in you somewhere, Linda, I just had to find it!
    K2, you’re the resident lyricist. What are the words to ‘Junk food Junkie”

  20. AO said,

    Is this the tune you were asking about, Jarhead?

    Junk Food Junkie
    Larry Groce
    Written by Larry Groce

    Released by Warner Bros. Records in 1976; playing time, 3:03
    Was Groce’s only hit, making it as high as #9 on the _Billboard_ Hot 100

    You know I love that organic cooking
    I always ask for more
    And they call me Mr. Natural
    On down to the health food store
    I only eat good sea salt
    White sugar don’t touch my lips
    And my friends is always
    Begging me to take them
    On macrobiotic trips
    Yes, they are
    Oh, but at night I stake out my strongbox
    That I keep under lock and key
    And I take it off to my closet
    Where nobody else can see
    I open that door so slowly
    Take a peek up north and south
    Then I pull out a Hostess Twinkie
    And I pop it in my mouth
    Yeah, in the daytime I’m Mr. Natural
    Just as healthy as I can be
    But at night I’m a junk food junkie
    Good lord have pity on me
    Well, at lunchtime
    You can always find me
    At the Whole Earth Vitamin Bar
    Just sucking on my plain white yogurt
    From my hand thrown pottery jar
    And sippin’ a little hand pressed cider
    With a carrot stick for dessert
    And wiping my face
    In a natural way
    On the sleeve of my peasant shirt
    Oh yeah
    Ah, but when that clock strikes midnight
    And I’m all by myself
    I work that combination
    On my secret hideaway shelf
    And I pull out some Fritos corn chips
    Dr. Pepper and an Ole Moon Pie
    Then I sit back in glorious expectation
    Of a genuine junk food high
    Oh yeah, in the daytime I’m Mr. Natural
    Just as healthy as I can be
    But at night I’m a junk food junkie
    Good lord have pity on me
    My friends down at the commune
    They think I’m pretty neat
    Oh, I don’t know nothing about arts and crafts
    But I give ’em all something to eat
    I’m a friend to old Euell Gibbons
    And I only eat homegrown spice
    I got a John Keats autographed Grecian urn
    Filled up with my brown rice
    Yes, I do
    Oh, but folks lately I have been spotted
    With a Big Mac on my breath
    Stumbling into a Colonel Sanders
    With a face as white as death
    I’m afraid someday they’ll find me
    Just stretched out on my bed
    With a handful of Pringles Potato Chips
    And a Ding Dong by my head
    In the daytime I’m Mr. Natural
    Just as healthy as I can be
    But at night I’m a junk food junkie
    Good lord have pity on me

    From _The Wacky Top 40_ by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo (Holbrook, Mass. :
    Bob Adams Publishers, 1993)
    This silly song about addiction to such goodies as corn chips, moon
    pies, and Twinkies was written and performed by a self-confessed junk
    food junkie.
    “That’s the way I always ate when I was a kid,” admitted Larry Groce.
    “No matter how hard my mother tried, I ended up eating a peanut butter
    sandwich and Fritos and drinking Dr. Pepper. That was pretty much the
    Groce, who sang folk songs at coffeehouses, was eating junk food on the
    road when he conjured up the song in the mid 1970s. “I wrote it in my
    Volkswagen bus as I drove from West Virginia to Boston to do a job,” he
    recalled. “I knew I wanted to write a song about junk food. So I got the
    idea to use the character of a junk food junkie who was kind of a Jekyll
    and Hyde. The words came fairly quickly. I actually stopped on the side of
    the road, took out the guitar, and made a tune for it so that by the time
    I got to Boston, it was pretty well written.”
    Groce sang the song in his act on the coffeehouse circuit and received
    a strong positive reaction. “I thought of ‘Junk Food Junkie’ more as a
    satire than a novelty song. I performed it to poke fun at both the junk
    food culture and the health food culture. Everybody identified with it.”
    His best reception came from the audience at a New York coffeehouse
    called The Focus, where he played regularly. “It turned into a health
    food restaurant. I saw the irony of going from the junk food culture of
    my childhood to the hip New York health consciousness where brown rice
    was the staple.”
    His manager, Randy Nauert, tried to secure a record deal. But when
    there were no takers, Nauert decided to put it out himself on his own
    label, Peaceable Records. He sent several hundred copies to radio
    stations around the country. “The song sold itself,” said Groce. “Disc
    jockeys had so much fun with it that it took on a life of its own.”
    Dr. Demento featured it on his syndicated radio show, and in a weekly
    phone-in contest on Denver’s KTLK, “Junk Food Junkie” soundly trounced
    all comers. The song finally caught the attention of Warner Brothers,
    who cut a deal with Groce and re-released it on their label. Only then
    did it become a national hit.
    o The song was recorded live at McCabe’s–a Los Angeles guitar shop that
    still stages acoustic concerts right in the store.
    o Groce didn’t even realize that his song was being recorded for a single.
    “I wasn’t aware they were recording it because at the time I hadn’t
    planned on releasing it as a single,” he said.
    o The audience’s applause was sweetened for the record, “but not too
    much,” Groce said.
    o Groce’s was the first song in history with lyrics that mentioned both
    19th century poet John Keats and Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel
    o Michael Jackson once sand “Junk Food Junkie” on the Jackson Five’s
    network TV show.
    Warner Borhters Records feared there would be costly backlash from the
    junk food companies who were mentioned by name in the song.
    “There was a fear,” said Groce. “I was in the publicity department at
    Warner Brothers and they were worried because they heard that local
    outlets of McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken had put some heat on the
    local stations to drop the song from their playlists.,
    “Although there were a few local franchises who were upset with the
    song and thought it was an insult, the home offices understood that every
    time their name was mentioned good things happen.”
    After the song became a hit, Groce was a guest on a radio show along
    with the creator of Twinkies, who believed any kind of publicity was good
    publicity. “He said that every time Archie Bunker mentioned Twinkies on
    ‘All In The Family’–whether he was making fun of them or not–sales went
    up,” said Groce.
    “We made a call to the P.R. office of Dr. Pepper and the guy there said
    they were in the company of some other good brand names [mentioned in the
    song] and they were happy about it.”
    Actually Groce was a little disappointed that more companies weren’t
    angry. “I was hoping someone would give us grief because that would have
    created a David and Goliath scenario that could have helped the sales of
    the record. But I think most of the companies were smart enough to
    realize that poking fun at their product was in good fun.
    “The Anti-Junk Food Council thought it was great because the song
    pointed out the dangers of junk food. I know a lot of people think junk
    food isn’t nutritious–but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t agree that it
    tastes good.”
    None of Groce’s follow-up songs made it on the charts.
    Among them were: “The Bumper Sticker Song,” “We Been Malled,” and “Turn
    on the TV.”
    Larry Groce, who lives in a 120-yeard-old farmhouse in West Virginia,
    has recorded seven albums of his own folk songs and ballads as well as
    hymns. He’s also made nine albums of children’s songs for Walt Disney
    Records, five of which have gone gold and three platinum.
    In 1986 he began hosting “Mountain Stage,” a national radio show which
    features top recording artists from all styles of music. In 1991 Groce
    starred in a low-budget made-for-video feature called _Paradise Park_.
    “It’s a humorous story of a trailer park in West Virginia,” said Groce.
    “I play a teacher who lives there and everyone is an oddball but me.”

  21. Linda said,

    Sure thing, Jarhead. See, when I’m feeling ribald I tend to get off the blog, know what I mean?

  22. AO said,

    OOps! Added more than I wanted to. Sorry!

  23. AO said,

    What are you up to tonight, Linda? Gonna have any fun? Gonna…get lucky?

  24. Linda said,

    If I was lucky, AO, I wouldn’t be at work. A few more hours of stuff to do getting ready for our new system roll out tomorrow.

    My boss left last week for a new job, so I don’t know who would object if I take a discreet blogging break, eh? Keep the party going till I can join you properly, later. I’m not worried about the other matter, there’s plenty of time for that after working and unwinding a bit.

  25. AO said,

    Yuck. Working late into a Friday afternoon. Well, at least you’ll be out in a few hours. Cheers!

  26. Gil said,

    Blaine is overrated, he’s a decent magician/ sleight-of-hand guy, but his big show numbers are predictable and boring. I can’t imagine why, with all the technology we know of now, there are still people who watch illusonists like Blaine and Copperfield on TV. “It must be real Ma, I saw it on TV!”
    America (the band) always sucked, I mean seriously, songs like “A Horse With No Name”, and “Muskrat Love” are just mindless drivel for 13 year old girls with a crush on their teacher.
    And The Steve Miller Band was for wusses.
    Just your friendly cantankerous curmudgeon checking in.
    And yes, I would like to see Blaine bite it in the fish bowl. That at least would add an air of credibility to all these stupid stunts they do.

  27. LaFlamme said,

    I will, however, stand by the song “Magic Man” by Heart. Although a bit sappy in its content, it’s at least a jamming tune with some killer guitar.

  28. LaFlamme said,

    There is also a song called “Shooting Shark” by Blue Oyster Cult that tells the story of a magic man and his wistful premonitions.

  29. LaFlamme said,

    Now that I think of it, Heart’s tune isn’t sappy at all. It’s a bit sinister, in fact.

  30. Gil said,

    Heart’s “magic man” definitely rocked. A strange set of lyrics, but a great tune. I had a major thing for Ann & Nancy Wilson when I was a teen. Talk about waving the magic snorkle!

  31. LaFlamme said,

    Hear that, Gil. I mean, they were like two of Charlie’s Angels, only talented and carrying guitars.

  32. AO said,

    Almost anything “Heart” did rocked. Well, except for that lame “Dog and Butterfly” song. What the hell were they thinking? “Magic Man”…still love it.

    Gil, I agree with you. What the fluck was the meaning to “A Horse With No Name”? And, moreover, does anyone care?

  33. Gil said,

    I want to know why no one was publicly flogged over “Muskrat Love”

  34. AO said,

    Who cares? Just pray that no other “artist” does a remake of it. Just make it go away!

  35. Mainetarr said,

    What about Santana’s Black Magic Woman? Good tune….Also, You Can Do Magic by America. David Blaine’s street magic was the best, I am disappointed that he has gone all Hollywood and does these freaky things.

  36. Gil said,

    Every little thing she does is magic
    Everything she do just turns me on
    Even though my life before was tragic
    Now I know my love for her goes on
    The Police
    Hang on, My Darling,
    Hang on if you want to go
    You know it’s a really groovy place
    And it’s just a little bit of Spanish Castle Magic.
    Jimi Hendrix
    I get a strange magic,
    oh, what a strange magic,
    oh, it’s a strange magic.
    Got a strange magic,
    got a strange magic
    Got a black magic woman
    I got a black magic woman
    Yes, I got a black magic woman
    Got me so blind I can’t see
    But she’s a black magic woman
    And she’s tryin’ to make a devil out of me
    Well, you don’t know what we can find
    Why don’t you come with me little girl
    On a magic carpet ride

  37. LaFlamme said,

    Blech, man. Anything Sting is rancid. But I see you have more in there. Santana, yes. ELO, yes. Steppenwolf, sure.

  38. AO said,

    Anything Sting…rancid? What about “Roxanne”? Classic. And, who could ever forget Eddie Murphy belting it out in “Beverly Hills Cop”? Again, classic.

  39. jarheaddoc said,

    That’s the song, AO. Thanks. Hey, what about Twitney Huston butchering Dolly parton’s ‘I will Always love you?’ I mean, I like Dolly and all(her music’s pretty good, too) but talk about making a career out of one song and never building a bridge to get past your pain. At least Dolly has a very self-deprecating sense of humor: listening to her cut on herself is more entertaining than….well, you get the picture

  40. Gil said,

    I will pretend that I didn’t read the Sting remark. Especially from the man who brought up America.

  41. Linda said,

    Jeez, I’m still at work but I had to check in over the Sting fiasco. Mark, STING?? Come on! This time you’ve gone too far. I really don’t think Sting deserves to have his music called “rancid”. He’s an artist!

  42. AO said,

    Gil, didn’t America first sing “Muskrat Love”? Not, Captain and Tenille? (sp?)

  43. LaFlamme said,

    See, Roxanne was done by the Police. Sting solo is where I placed the rancid label.

  44. AO said,

    Yeah, BUT, he sang it. And, he could have done it by himself. Anybody could have been backing him. He WAS The Police.

  45. J said,

    What a bunch of drivel. Who the hell cares about David Blaine? Oh, I know, you losers.

  46. Linda said,

    Hello J, tell us what you really thing, eh?

  47. J said,

    Huh, really original. What do I really “thing”? What the heck dose that mean?

  48. Linda said,

    Must’ve been a Freudian slip of the fingers.

  49. Linda said,

    Now I’m home — nobody left to talk with but J? Hmmmm

  50. LaFlamme said,

    What “dose” that mean? Long as we’re being grammatically anal.

  51. Linda said,

    There’s nothing wrong with my grammar or my spelling — only my typing is suspect.

  52. LaFlamme said,

    It’s a blog. Who kares if we occasionaly make tipos?

  53. Linda said,

    All quiet in the city, Mark? Can’t be anything dramatic going on if you are in the office instead of prowling the streets

  54. LaFlamme said,

    It’s unbelievable. A day like this, you expect people to be at least raising minor hell. It’s friggin’ Whooville out there.

  55. Linda said,

    It’s just not fair to crime reporters everywhere. People have no consideration. I’d go out and stir some trouble up around here, but as you so cruelly pointed out earlier in the week — I am on the, what was it now, OUTER LIMITS of the coverage area? Christ, I thought we were friends. You know I already mind being at the back edge of beyond and yet you laid that on me.

  56. LaFlamme said,

    I laid what on you? The fact that you live in Wilton, and I couldn’t find it even if the world was ending everywhere but there? That’s not a slight against you. It’s a sad, sad commentary on my navigational skills.

  57. AO said,

    Hey, want me to !!..UM…ah, forget it. I’m not very bad. Only a…little.

  58. Linda said,

    Can’t you navigate? Really? I can’t either. That’s why I prefer to drive, so someone else can hold hold the directions or the map, or read the signs. I’m free to listen to the radio, feel the breeze, and deny all responsibility if we are late. And some of the best times happen when you don’t know where you are or where you’re going. So I cheerfully accept it in myself.

  59. Linda said,

    What the hell, AO? What are you up to over there?

  60. AO said,

    Not a thing, Linda. Quiet night. I’ve been dealing with a sick child for two days. So, just…sitting..taking a breather. and, I know what you mean about directions and, driving. I don’t mind driving as long as I have someone to show me the way . I have no sense of direction. And, I LOVE cranking the radio and, opening the windows to..feel the breeze.

  61. Linda said,

    Like i said yesterday, white line fever. Just follow the road.
    Sorry your child is sick. Probably will get better now the weekend’s here, you think?

  62. AO said,

    Nope. The kid loves school. I tried taking her out early and, she had a fit. So, I had to let her stay for another hour.

  63. Linda said,

    I just had a great treat — an email from my granddaughter’s pre-school teacher in Australia. She told me that both the girls (they are 3 and 5) wore dresses that I made them for the first day of term. That was great to hear. My son and DIL say that the girls like the clothes I make them, but they’d say that anyhow. Damn, I miss those little munchkins.

  64. AO said,

    It’s funny that you say that. I have two great nephews in Virgina. I was just looking at their picture tonight and thinking the same thing. Little cuties. I sure do miss them.

  65. LaFlamme said,

    So, Linda. If we went on a road trip together, we’d never get where we’re going.

  66. Linda said,

    Mark, I’m great on plane trips though. I can find my way through the worst terminals, always find the shortest line in Customs & Immigration, get the best seat on the plane. That’s my strong suit when it comes to travel. I help all the little old people who look lost, find their queues for them, I love it.

  67. Linda said,

    Provided someone helps me get to the airport, of course.

  68. K2 said,

    Yes, Sting bites the bone, for sure. Awful. Almost as bad as Phil Collins. L-A-M-E.

  69. Linda said,

    What, more Sting-bashing?

  70. AO said,

    K2!! You’re still up?? And, are you talking about “Phil “everything sounds the same” Collins”? If so, never mind, no words could begin to describe how I feel about…PHIlll.

  71. Linda said,

    AO, why wouldn’t everyone still be up? It’s not even quarter to eleven. Why do people go to bed so early? Is it a Maine thing? A New England thing? I drove home about 9:00 tonight and the friggin’ town was deserted. I was hoping everyone was drinking and singing in a pub somewhere, not in bed already.

  72. AO said,

    Linda, IF we ever meet, we’ll get along just fine. The only reason I go to bed early is because, i have kids. In the “olden” days, I could stay up with the best of them. Now, um, I just try to stay up past eleven. And, if I do, most people think I’m crazy.

  73. Gil said,

    Genesis after peter Gabriel was shite.
    The Police brought a new sound that’s still being copied by indies, and Ska bands.
    Sting solo rules, at least you can get meaning from his songs, unlike Bob “Nasal-Ass-Wanna-Be-Beatnik-Can’t-Write-So-I’ll-Just-be-Unintelligible” Dylan. The only people who actually believe Dylan is a serious artist of any kind are pretentious asshats who have their taste in their ass.
    Oh, and Peter Gabriel and Elvis Costello rule.

  74. Gil said,

    So there

  75. AO said,

    Gil, Elvis Costello…one of my all time favorites! When I was pregnate with my son, I HAD to hear Elvis Costello. Most women crave weird foods, I craved Elvis.

    Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” is one of the best.

    Bob Dylan: I grew up on him and, Jimi and. Janis, The Door’s, Cream. You name it, I’ve heard it. I’d be embarassed to tell anybody in here what my favorite Dylan song is.

  76. Linda said,

    I pity the poor immigrant
    Who wishes he would’ve stayed home,
    Who uses all his power to do evil
    But in the end is always left so alone.
    That man whom with his fingers cheats
    And who lies with ev’ry breath,
    Who passionately hates his life
    And likewise, fears his death.

    I pity the poor immigrant
    Whose strength is spent in vain,
    Whose heaven is like Ironsides,
    Whose tears are like rain,
    Who eats but is not satisfied,
    Who hears but does not see,
    Who falls in love with wealth itself
    And turns his back on me.

    I pity the poor immigrant
    Who tramples through the mud,
    Who fills his mouth with laughing
    And who builds his town with blood,
    Whose visions in the final end
    Must shatter like the glass.
    I pity the poor immigrant
    When his gladness comes to pass.

    So Gil, are you saying that ain’t art ? ūüôā

  77. Linda said,

    AO, I think I could have a guess at your favourite Dylan song. I’ll email you. If I’m right … well, it’ll be freaky, eh?

  78. AO said,

    Yeah, go ahead, email it to me. I’ll let you know. Hey, maybe it’s YOUR favorite Dylan song, also.

  79. Gil said,

    Yes Linda, I’m sayiing that ain’t art.
    Well, they’ll stone ya when you’re trying to be so good,
    They’ll stone ya just a-like they said they would.
    They’ll stone ya when you’re tryin’ to go home.
    Then they’ll stone ya when you’re there all alone.
    But I would not feel so all alone,
    Everybody must get stoned.
    Same writer, just as bad.

  80. Linda said,

    No, I guessed wrong, but AO and I shared a pleasant trip down memory lane, girl talk, you know. Suddenly it’s time for bed. Night, all

  81. Gil said,

    This is writing, guess who, then compare.

    Finding the world in the smallness of a grain of sand
    And holding infinities in the palm of your hand
    And Heaven’s realms in the seedlings of this tiny flower
    And eternities in the space of a single hour

    Send your love into the future
    Send your love into the distant dawn

    Inside your mind is a relay station
    A mission probe into the unknowing
    We send a seed to a distant future
    Then we can watch the galaxies growing

    This ain’t no time for doubting your power
    This ain’t no time for hiding your care
    You’re climbing down from an ivory tower
    You’ve got a stake in the world we ought to share

    You see the stars are moving so slowly
    But still the earth is moving so fast
    Can’t you see the moon is so lonely
    She’s still trapped in the pain of the past

    This is the time of the worlds colliding
    This is the time of kingdoms falling
    This is the time of the worlds dividing
    Time to heed your call

    Send your love into the future
    Send your precious love into some distant time
    And fix that wounded planet with the love of your healing
    Send your love
    Send your love

    There’s no religion but sex and music
    There’s no religion but sound and dancing
    There’s no religion but line and color
    There’s no religion but sacred trance

    There’s no religion but the endless ocean
    There’s no religion but the moon and stars
    There’s no religion but time and motion
    There’s no religion, just tribal scars

    Throw a pebble in and watch the ocean
    See the ripples vanish in the distance
    It’s just the same with all the emotions
    It’s just the same in every instance

    There’s no religion but the joys of rhythm
    There’s no religion but the rites of Spring
    There’s no religion in the path of hate
    No prayer but the one I sing

    Send your love into the future
    Send your precious love into some distant time
    And fix that wounded planet with the love of your healing
    Send your love
    Send your love

    There’s no religion but sex and music
    There’s no religion that’s right or winning
    There’s no religion in the path of hatred
    Ain’t no prayer but the one I’m singing

    Send your love
    Send your love

  82. Linda said,

    You know, it’s funny, Gil — that’s how I feel about Heart. Know what I mean?

  83. Linda said,

    So you are not one of the Sting-bashing brigade then

  84. Gil said,

    That’s right, it was Sting.

  85. Robert said,

    Well, hasn’t this just been a “Magical Mystery Tour”…Magic Man was good but Crazy on You was by far the best thing Anne ever belted out, and that woman can still sing it well.

    Sting was the Police and the Police were Sting, neither has been the same since the breakup. Do you think bands that are ahppy break up now just to quadruple earnings when they have a reunion tour?

    Someday people will appreviate Elvis Costello & Peter gabriel and my personal favorite “Warren Zevon” ahhhhooooo Werewolves of London.

    Captain & Tennill’es rendition of Muskrat Love was a cover of America’s original which they wrote and never did really well with.

    Nothing like going to a concert to see KISS at aged 17, coming home and raiding the food cupboards for some Lucky Charms which were Magically delicious….

  86. Gil said,

    Of course I also like “Minnie the Moocher”, especially the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy version. So I guess there’s no accounting for taste.

  87. Gil said,

    What’s that? Yes I am content to sit up all night talking to myself on this blog. Just smoking my Puros Indios and playing poker. Both going very well.

  88. Gil said,

    Robert I saw KISS three times, once as a teen (with makeup – them, not me), again in the 80’s (Animalize tour – no makeup), and then last year with Aerosmith in Portland (again with makeup). They never fail to impress. Oh yeah, Aerosmith cranked as well. Both pretty good for a bunch of old guys. Think I would pass on any other old group though.

  89. LaFlamme said,

    Maybe one day they’ll dig up Jim and do a REAL Doors reunion tour. That newbie they have touring ain’t cutting it. Why, he doesn’t even fall off the stage or simulate masturbation. He’s no Morrison.

  90. Gil said,

    That’s true, a rotting, decomposed Jim Morrison couldn’t be any worse than the live, drug and booze addled, Jim Morrison.

  91. LaFlamme said,

    True. True. I’m betting he’s well preserved, what with the many chemicals that went into his body.
    I’ll hope you’ll pop in for tomorrow’s blog, Gil. It’s all about the music.

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