Lair of the white worm

May 26, 2006 at 3:48 am (Uncategorized)


Among the grossest things I ever beheld was a dead cat crawling with maggots on a wet basement floor. I mean, this carcass was bubbling with the things. It looked like a boiling mound of rice as it devoured the last of decaying flesh down there in the rank smelling cellar. And it was really the smell that delivered the mortal message. This was the way of death. Though unpleasant to look at, one species making sup out of the remains of another is just the natural order of things.

I'm turning you on, aren't I?

Few creatures embody the unromantic side of death like the lowly maggot. Vultures, while glorified in literature and cartoons, do not evoke the same sense of dread and revulsion as the writhing white vamps. While the ungainly birds may speak of finality, the mighty maggot is the exclamation at the end of the sentence. Once the white worm has you, even your blackened remains are gone.

maggots2.jpgNot that I wish to expound on the science or philosophy of fly larvae. God, no. I'm here fishing for nasty maggot stories or simple stomach turning tales of decay and disgust. Mice that crawl away and die behind walls, ant crawling carcasses on roadsides, stinking green death in the camp cupboards. To get you in the mood, here are a couple news clips from around the world:

On March 1, a customer complained that a Happy Meal purchased for a child from the Waianae McDonalds had an unexpected condiment. The complaintant said there were maggots in the child's Sprite drink…

Los Angeles County officials said Thursday they are investigating a television report that more than 40 percent of the bodies at the coroner's office have maggots and that corpses were improperly handled…

A jury has awarded a West Palm Beach woman $1.27 million after part of her leg had to be amputated because it was infected with maggots following surgery…

The Lunas’ small home near downtown Mesa is being cleaned top to bottom. Dirt, blood and beer covered the place and forced Luna to throw away family possessions. Maggots two inches deep were discovered in the kitchen garbage can..


  1. jarheaddoc said,

    Maggots and leeches actually have valid medicinal uses, Mark. There are necrotic wounds that these little critters do an excellent job of cleaning out.

    I saw a high speed film of maggots devouring an animal corpse once. Sickly fascinating.

  2. AO said,

    Waaay to early in the morning for this.

  3. Mainetarr said,

    Blech! I think I am gonna toss my fig newtons.

  4. K2 said,

    Hey, maggots are people too, you know.

  5. Linda said,

    Good morning to you all too. There goes my nice peaceful start to my day off. I told my sister I’d take her out to breakfast. I’m thinking maybe dry toast. Or maybe not.

    I’m glad jd brought in the practical medical angle though. I have to overcome my disgust to think about it but — nowadays, antibiotics can’t fix everything! And besides, imagine if there were no maggots and dead things just piled up! Decades worth of road kill. We’d need some strong stomached clean up crews. what would they do, incinerate all the dead birds and squirrels? Buried dead things wouldn’t decompose, or else they’d decompose and just sit there in a … no. THat’s enough, I’ve said enough.

  6. K2 said,

    No, no, Linda, you’re right. The decomposers are essential.

  7. AO said,

    Not that this has anything to do with maggots but, my son went to school today. He said he’d catch the rest of the marathon when he got home. He got a big kick out of playing me like that. You all have a good day. I’m off to the pool place in Portland.

  8. Bobbie said,

    If JD hadn’t brought up the medicinal use of maggots (and leeches too), I probably would have. Apparently, that lady that had to have her leg amputated didn’t have the right wound for the maggots to work on.

    There’s nothing worse than reaching into a 50 pound bag of potatoes and encountering squishy stuff. After the first time that happened to me, I always used a knife to get the potatoes out of the bag. My father always had a fit when I would do that because “you’re going to stab a potato and not take it and then we’ll end up with maggot in the bag because you missed a damn potato”. I can deal with a lot of slimy things, but maggots I can’t.

  9. Bobbie said,

    Other than to save space in the local graveyard, this is one of the reasons I want to be cremated when I die.

  10. AO said,

    Everybody must be suffering from a case of the creepy crawlers.

    Turnpike alert!! Mass-holes everywhere!!

  11. LaFlamme said,

    I knew a guy up in Bangor who was a hardcore drunk and who used to sleep in dumpsters. He got a nasty leg wound once and some samaritan finally hauled his drunken ass to a hospital. Docs said the guy would have definitely lost the leg were it not for the guardian maggots in the dumpster who kept the wound free of infection. I hear the guy stopped drinking and now lives with his maggots in a ranch out the lake.

  12. AO said,

    I once worked with a nurse who worked in ICU. They had a patient who was in a coma. This patient had a fly crawl up her nose and…eww…laid eggs. Nuf said.

  13. Bobbie said,

    Just sent you a couple photos, AO. Sorry , no maggot pictures today, just graduation party photos.

  14. LaFlamme said,

    If a corpse is found moldering in a bathtub, crime scene guys will often scoop out the maggots and grind them up in a blender to run toxicology tests. You can see the wits at the station trying to get some rooking to believe it’s a milkshake that he should try.

  15. Linda said,

    Well this isn’t exactly maggots and sorry if it’s a downer but … here’s my afternoon. I was on my hands and knees on my mother’s grave marker, with scissors and a little brush. I should say my mother’s FUTURE grave marker ’cause she’s not dead, she’s standing next to me pointing out blades of grass and ant dirt I’ve missed. The breeze is blowing all my hair across my face, so the back of my neck is available for black fly feasting. Same thing with all the other grave markers — father, baby brother, both grandmothers and grandfathers, dead baby uncle, three cousins who died in a fire. All the edges trimmed. All the stories listened to once again. Another season of apprenticeship as head grave tender. I can’t tell my mother how lame i think this is, because she wants so much to know that I’ll keep doing it when she’s gone.

    Do you think I will?

  16. AO said,

    I think you will.

  17. LaFlamme said,

    Ah, there is no place quite so stirring as a cemetery, huh? Very melancholy.

  18. Linda said,


  19. jarheaddoc said,

    Cemeteries have so many stories to tell in the daylight. That night thing: I will take a pass. I look at the money that people spend on memorials to their dead loved ones and sometimes I have to shake my head. I see elaborate pictures and deeply moving statements and sometimes all I can think it that the person who put that marker there was the one who got all the money, and the rest of the family is thinking: this person was such a fucking cocksucker in life.

    Maggot story on National Geographic channel, about the medical uses of the little critters.

  20. jarheaddoc said,

    I think I would like to be buried with an acorn, so I could grow a tree, and everyone would see that I really did have a stick up my ass.

  21. AO said,

    Ha. Well, JHD, if you go before the rest of us, have somebody know where you’re buried and we’ll have a bloggers ceromony of planting an acorn at your grave.

  22. Asshat said,

    I’d like to plant an acorn in his ass right now.

  23. LaFlamme said,


  24. jarheaddoc said,

    Considering the amount of fertilizer I put into this blog on a regular basis, that tree will be harvestable in about eight months

  25. LaFlamme said,

    Remember that lame ass commercial: “Plant a tree… for your tomorrooooooow…”

  26. jarheaddoc said,

    No, but fill us in, giant Repository of Useless Minutiae that you are.

  27. AO said,

    MT, how’s the lawn?

  28. jarheaddoc said,

    Wow, slow blog night. Y’all have a good night. jarheaddoc, out!

  29. Linda said,

    Gee — nobody home! too bad

  30. LaFlamme said,

    Yep. It’s been a mausoleum around here all day.

  31. Bobbie said,

    I’m here. I’m just trying to figure out how to transfer some photos to a cd so that I can copy them. Thankfully, my son is willing to talk me thru it tonight!

  32. Linda said,

    Hi Bobbie, thanks for the joke!

  33. Bobbie said,

    You’re welcome. Thought that you might like it.

  34. Mainetarr said,

    AO, the lawn and all of my beautiful flowers are doing great, all nicely trimmed and looking pretty. But hey, you already know that, don’t you? Did hubby tell you that you have to mow your own lawn now since MT does? LOL

  35. AO said,

    What the hell were you doing up at 4;30 in the morning?

  36. Runmaster said,

    If I was God, I would have made maggots vanilla scented glow in the dark dayglo mounds of joy.
    Lots of pretty colours too … not just purplre and green either … but electric pinks and rasberry golds and the masterpiece will be the great emporer maggot – every pile will have one of these and they pulsate every colour like a rainbow disco tube.

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