The Invisible Flying Man

May 31, 2006 at 12:34 am (Uncategorized)

Superman Flying.jpg

My friends, you have faced this question before: would it be cooler to have the power of invisibility or the ability to fly?

You pondered those mind reeling thoughts as a child or as a drunken philosopher at the end of a party. You know those lofty party talks. The guy with the highest blood-alcohol content will inevitably broach the subjects of God and the afterlife, the notion of life on other planets, the meaning of life on this one. And those troubling concerns will eventually give way to more pressing, earthly matters such as the awesome choice between invisibility and flight.

And it's a subject worth pondering, because someday we may all have to make such powerful choices. A team of English and American researchers believe they are already on their way to the invisibility technology.

The keys are special manmade materials, unlike any in nature or the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. These materials are intended to steer light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation around an object, rendering it as invisible as something tucked into a hole in space.

Invisible.jpgWe don't concern ourselves with the military advantages of invisibility. No, we are more preoccupied with concepts like sneaking into the lady's locker room, spying on our rivals or playing unprecedented jokes on our friends.

Flying is more about quick getaways, fast trips to anywhere, impressing the hell out of just about everyone in the world. I have dreams where I can fly all the time. And I've got to tell you it's pretty damn cool.

Unlike the drunk guy at the party, I don't have all the answers. All I have is an elaborate fantasy system wherein I can imagine the many joys of either invisibility or flight. In fact, I'm doing it right now. Whose that reading over your shoulder, anyway? Go ahead! Turn around and look! You can't see me! Because I'm invisible! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Okay, I go with invisibility.


  1. Martha said,

    LOL Mark, you know what they say… be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. The problem with being invisible is you migh hear what people really think of you. You know, the ones who pretend to be your friend, but you suspect really aren’t… Like those neighbors I’ve been having trouble with.

    On a different note… Whooooo Hooooo I can type again. I did take a pretty good chunk out of my finger, but I’ve figured out I can cover it well enough with a bandaid now, that I don’t feel like my finger is permanently extentded. And that isn’t my pinky either.
    Linda, hammers are for hitting things, not walking on. Hope it doesn’t give you a lot of trouble.

  2. jarheaddoc said,

    There was an X-Files epsiode about a genie that was let out of the bottle and two hicks got hold of her. One wanted to be invisible and went to play in the road and promptly got run over. The other one wanted his dead brother back amongst the living.

    Superman is flying around one day and sees Wonder Woman naked on the ground. As he has always wanted to have sex with her, he swoops down, does his thing with superspeed, and flies off. All Wonder Woman felt was a breeze, prompting her to ask, “What was that?” “I don’t know,” The invisible man says, “but my ass is killing me.” Believe SFW.

    I vote invisibility.

  3. Bobbie said,

    I know how difficult injuries can be to a certain finger, Martha. I shut the door on the middle finger of my right hand a while ago and ended up with 6 stitches in it and a broken finger tip. I had to type with my finger up in the air for about 6 weeks and people at work used to laugh at me. I did get pretty good at remembering to put another finger with it when I showed them the damage. The only thing that really bugged me about all of it was the fact that I kept banging that finger all the time. A slighter aggravation was switching the pockets that I keep things in-being lefty for that length of time was no fun at all.

    Linda, I’m not even going to ask how you managed to step on the hammer. I guess it can’t be any worse than stepping on a rake and putting it thru your ankle.

  4. Linda said,

    Well I bloody asked. You shouldn’t have to look out for hammers when you are walking around your kitchen — though i will from now on.

  5. K2 said,

    Flying, for sure. It’d almost be like invisibility, in that you could wreak havoc and simply fly away in a flash. Or just hover over people like a hawk waiting to strike. Sure, it’d be less clandestine, but you’d have the whole world to fuck with.

    And no more airports and commercial airline shit. Right there, flying wins.

  6. Martha said,

    Linda, I bet you will.. and next time, I think rather than trying to talk to the dog WHILE I’m shutting the door, I’ll shut the door first.
    Bobby, it was also my right wrist I broke a year ago Christmas. Between casts and the external fixator, I had to be a “lefty” from the day after christmas until almost the end of March. I hear ya..NOT fun at all.

  7. AO said,

    I pick flying. Think of all the money you’d save on gas alone.

    Linda and Martha, Sorry to hear about your ouchies! Hope it’s not catchy.

  8. Martha said,

    LOL AO.. did you see my request to you on the last blog?

  9. Martha said,

    LOL.. nvm.. I got it.. ty

  10. AO said,

    You’re welcome. Glad I got it to the right person!

  11. Linda said,

    I can see a lot of advantages to flying, but I always like to take a lot of stuff with me everywhere so that could be a problem.

    Anyhow, there are days when I would give everything i have or will ever have, to be invisible. I can just imagine it. You could sit and read a book and nobody would interrupt you or ask you to do anything. In meetings you could draw mocking sketches of everyone … wait, no, you could just LEAVE!! You could poke your finger in the bottom of all the chocolates in a box to find the soft ones. Or throw sand at people on the beach, and they’d have to assume it was the wind. Your dog would probably still find you, but to everyone else — ahh, you’d be invisible.

    I’ve tried to “will” myself invisible, but I don’t have the knack. Can’t keep my mouth shut long enough to create the illusion.

  12. LaFlamme said,

    Wow. You get endowed with the power of invisibility and use it to sit quietly and read? That’s a mature, responsible thing to do. Gross.

  13. Linda said,

    I assumed that the nefarious stuff was really obvious and that you had it covered, Mark. Trying for diversity.

  14. LaFlamme said,

    Yeah. Clearly the power of invisibility would be super helpful on my beat. I keep thinking of those secret squirrel meeting the cops have in homicide investigations.

  15. Linda said,

    That would be great for you! and me, I could blog at work anytime I want!! oops, I guess I’m not invisible yet, so see you tonight!

  16. LaFlamme said,

    Where’d you go, girly! Ya plum vanished!

  17. jarheaddoc said,

    Linda, your grandkids know the secret to being invisible: if you cover your eyes with your hands, not only will the world not be visible, but no one can see you, either.

  18. Linda said,

    I tried covering my eyes. My network guy came in and bothered me anyhow, AND now he thinks I’m a bit loony. and I’ve hidden it so well ’till now. So — and I know I’ve said this before but this time I really mean it — that’s POSITIVELY the last time I take your advice jd.

  19. K2 said,

    Taking a dump or peeing whilst invisible has to look a bit odd.

  20. AO said,

    Ha! I wonder if your pee would be invisible, also! If not, then, that would look odd.

  21. Linda said,

    Who do you t hink is stronger, Superman or Mightly Mouse?

  22. AO said,

    Superman. Plus, he’s also cuter.

  23. jarheaddoc said,

    Well, pound for pound or dollar for dollar?

  24. jarheaddoc said,

    Linda, I figured out why it didn’t work for you: I forgot to tell you that you have to hold your face right, too. It doesn’t work if you don’t have the proper expression on your face.

  25. AO said,

    How were the yard sales, JD?

  26. Linda said,

    Rats. I’ll keep trying.

  27. Linda said,

    Damn, jd, I can’t seem to work up a “proper” expression.

  28. jarheaddoc said,

    There was only one place selling stuff, and I got some small trinkets for my wife. she collects Princess House crystal and I think I got her some…. The only real item of interest for me was an old outboard, but it was seized up, which is an instant pass for me. It was also an odd store brand and those are stone bitches to get parts for.

  29. jarheaddoc said,

    I did, however, go check out a couple of the places I haunted as a kid, and the one I thought was closed to public access was open. I am going to throw the running motor on the back of a borrowed boat this summer, disappear with the kids, and hit those old swimming holes. And I’m leaving the damn dog at home when I do it, too!

  30. Linda said,

    Last summer when we were at the lake, my husband and son went out in the canoe, and we didn’t notice my dog swimming after them for ages and ages. He was WAY out when we and they finally noticed. they had to paddle back to shore to lead him in. What a big jerk, he was exhausted for the rest of the day. We usually take him with us in the canoe (that’s an adventure, he weighs over 100 lbs and has a very high center of gravity) — he must have thought they just forgot him.

  31. jarheaddoc said,

    This dog isn’t very big, she’s got a lot of energy, and mixing her with two kids in the boat is just a recipe for disaster. I would do it if I could get her to sit in a seat.

  32. K2 said,

    Linda, I had a similar thing happen on Sunday up at Palmer Pond. My buddy and I went out in his canoe to fish for a few hours in full sun, so I left my mostly black border collie at camp with some friends. Anyhow, we were a half mile out when we noticed a strange huffing noise. Sure enough, it was my dog, Nellie, swimming up to the boat. Pulled her in and kept fishing. Of course, Nellie was the only thing I pulled into the boat that weekend. Caught a monster buzz, though. But no fish for me. Damn brookies snubbed me altogether. Must’ve been my worms’ fault. Bad breeding and dirt, probably. I take no responsiblity whatsoever for my lack of angling success.

    My guess on Gil’s absense is that he’s probably got some folks he’s regularly conversing/ranting/fomenting with on his own political blog. He’s into arguing politics even more than me, and that’s scary. Still, even though he’s a right-wing screw-headed cantakerous curmudgeon, I miss that Mexican bastard. *lip quivering*

  33. jarheaddoc said,

    I built a crooked shed with bad nails once. I got much better lot on the second attempt at getting the shed straight, so I am sympatico with you about the worms, K2

  34. Linda said,

    I love border collies, K2, they can be so intense though. Once a few years ago, I saw my nephew’s border collie swim out in a lake chasing ducks. The ducks (they were city ducks, cagey you know?) were tag teaming him to lure him on. Finally my nephew, a competitive swimmer, had to swim out and get him.

    My dog was a bit annoying last summer, every time our granddaughter got four feet away from us on her foam float thing, Beau would charge out and haul her in with his teeth. She’d be yelling, no Beau, I WANT to be here! Sit beau! Lie down! Stay! He thought we were total nitwits I guess.

    I ought to get together with MT, I’m a bit dog crazy. You are all saying, yes Linda go tell it to someone else, MT, anyone but us!!

    Yeah, Gil. I miss him too. Not quite so much that my lip is quivering, but still…

  35. AO said,

    K2, I think the fish dissed you because of your bad taste in beer. 🙂

  36. AO said,

    Y’all stop your snivelling. Gil will be back. Maybe he’s away. He might be on a great expidition searching for the Zig-Zag man.

  37. Linda said,

    Wherever Gil is, maybe Mark’s there too.

  38. AO said,

    I think Mark’s lurking behind all of our shoulders…invisible. Watching everything we type. Invisible Mark.

  39. Linda said,

    But can he fly too?

  40. Linda said,

    jd, this is for you. I’m just reading a magazine from one of the (many) conservation orgs I have a fiscal relationship with. THis issue is devoted to telling us “why nature is good for our minds and our bodies.” One article says — kids know all about the Amazon rain forests but they know “sweet F-A” (my paraphrase) lying in the grass listening to the wind. One fourth grader said he preferred to play indoors, the interviewer asked him why, and he said, because that’s where the electric outlets are. How sad is that? That’s why I like to hear about kids mucking around in boats.

  41. jarheaddoc said,

    AO, I am not an ardent environmentalist by any stretch. I believe in the conservative use of resources and I know I should recycle more. I am a hypocrite about that: do as I say, not as I do. I’m typical, I guess. However, I will tell you this about my kids, and it’s my fault: when they were younger and I could pen them up in the playpen, I would have them outside all day while I worked around the shop or in the house. I went wrong with the electronic babysitter.

    My son soaks up the nature stuff like a sponge. I encourage that, though. He is a lot wiser about the world at his age than I was, but he would still prefer to be a couch potato in front of the tv if he’s allowed to be, but get him and his sister to the beach and you can’t pull either of them out of the water regardless of how hypothermic they are! It’s a hard balancing act, and you’re right, it’s sad. As far as the boat and the motor go, I like to think of myself as a builder of many things, and I like for people to look at my boat and shake their heads in wonder that something like that could be handmade

  42. Linda said,

    Actually jd that was me. WTF, am I invisible? is it working?

  43. jarheaddoc said,

    Well, evidnetly you’ve managed to master the art of fucking up my eyesight, Linda. AO, sorry, but I meant what I said. I was just diatribing along; nothing new for me

  44. Linda said,

    I’m going to risk the usual scorn and just say it: how you feel about your boat, that’s how I feel about my knitting.

    If that doesn’t bring LaFlamme out for a cheap shot …

  45. jarheaddoc said,

    Ahh, he’s got nothin’!
    I would never give the boat away as a gift, though, unless it was a special circumstance. I will pass it down to my kids if I’m able to.

  46. AO said,

    No problem, JD. I was wondering if Linda HAD become invisable. IF you have Linda, let me know how it’s done! There are some days that I wish myself that way! I’d like to be able to sit and read a good book without being intruded on! Or, just…blog! Crossword puzzles, books, blogging, reading eamil, magazines and, when customer’s that just simply rub me the wrong way! Yeah, I’d love to be invisible then!

    And, JD, it was really good to meet you today. I’m glad you stopped by. Sorry about my steep prices! 🙂

  47. AO said,

    Last I heard, The Sun Urinal lost power. So, Mark’s unable to blog. I’ll bet he’s biting his fingernails right now, just wondering what dirt we’re dishing on him. He needs some sort of super powers right now.

  48. jarheaddoc said,

    Oh, hell no, your prices were fine. I couldn’t think of a better response, like my kid has enough energy as it is without adding anything else to hs system. and the way his stomach was on the way back, the less in, the less out. I have to go wash the truck

  49. Linda said,

    Yikes, Mark can’t blog? Well at least he can still roam the streets I guess.

  50. AO said,

    Oops, did he lose his…whatever was left in his little tummy…all over the inside of your truck? Poor guy. Nothing worse than cleaning up puke.

  51. jarheaddoc said,

    Nope, strictly an outside job. Just a quick wash with the hose and we’re done. He’s fine now, just one of those things that hits you for a little while then goes away about as suddenly. We have a class field trip tomorrow that both of us are looking forward to.

  52. jarheaddoc said,

    There are two smells I absolutely cannot stand: vomit and a real stinky turd. I went to one guy who had been incontinent all night and couldn’t even be in the same room with him. My partner at the time, a woman, ended up taking care of him. I asked her afterwards how she was able to stand the stench, and she answered, “I have kids.”

    I understood her a lot better after my kids came along

  53. Linda said,

    Mind over matter, jd.

  54. jarheaddoc said,

    Oh, those smells get into my mind and it matters, Linda. I have been on calls where we have had to use our air packs to survive the stench of a house.

  55. AO said,

    My kids can smell up my bathroom better than anybody I know. Thank God for Lysol!

  56. jarheaddoc said,

    I wonder if the power loss at the Sun Urinal was the result of a geurilla attack by militant bloggers. We, of course, are way too far above that sort of thing. (Pinky in air, nose in air, snotty look on face)

  57. AO said,

    Militant Bloggers? Who? The FB? It’s a possibility.

  58. jarheaddoc said,

    Here’s something my son said to my babysitter about one of the ginormous turds that kids so often take. I had taught him that ‘log’ was a perfectly acceptable way to describe his duty, and he knew that you measure the amount of wood in a tree log by the board foot, so I told him that there was a lot of board feet in that log. You guessed it, he was so proud of a giant turd that he just had to say that to the woman. She wouldn’t look at me for a week after that.

  59. Linda said,

    I worked at a summer camp for intellectually handicapped young adults when I was in college. That’s when i learned to tolerate the smells you mention, jd. That was a great summer overall, in spite of being on Depends duty. I was the one who minded it least.

    There was one teenager, non-verbal really, from a French family — once when I was cleaning him up he pointed at a fly and said “mouche!” I was so excited, it was as if I won the lottery. I called his mother up to tell her, but she didn’t speak English and I knew about 20 words of French and only about 6 of them were relevant.

  60. jarheaddoc said,

    Uh, did this guy happen to be the camp pervert, by any chance? Your last statement left a lot to read into, Linda. Maybe you were just thinking that and your newly developed power of fucking with people’s eyesights printed that out on just my computer?

  61. AO said,

    I once worked in a nursing home. That’s how I was able to tolerate any smell emanating from my children.

  62. Linda said,

    “Blog trouble” was my thought about the SJ power thing too. Hard to figure out how that could happen — maybe spontaneous combustion in the server room from the on-line BS piled so high?

  63. Linda said,

    Must have been just your computer jd. AO knew perfectly well what I meant. He may have been a grabber but he meant absolutely no harm, he was a child.

  64. jarheaddoc said,

    Nursing homes are an evil incarnation of humanity, AO. I never liked going into them, as it was just the smell of rotting, pushed aside old people. Granted, I met some of the nicest, wisest old people who had to be in a home because they couldn’t live on their own and their families had little to no other choice. I still dislike nursing homes even though I don’t have to go into as many these days. I can only hope that I die before I get to that point and my family does that whole acron in the ass thing.

  65. K2 said,

    Nursing homes are a symbol of our society’s failing. Lifeless life at all costs. Where’s the dignity?

    Sorry, but this one’s personal.

  66. AO said,

    JD, We’re going to do the whole “acorn in the ass thing”. Well, I’m not getting anywhere near your ass but, somebody in this blog will.

    As for meeting people in nursing homes. Yes, I have some very fond memories of my patients. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. And, it broke my heart when I lost some of them. I always felt like I lost a family member.

  67. Linda said,

    To state the obvious, and speaking from experience — and I’m agreeing with you here jd — it can put nearly intolerable stress on a family to deal with a sick or dying elderly person. Been there. First one parent in the hospital, then the other. Neither could look after the other or be left home alone. Once, a nurse said to my mom, you’re lucky your daughters help out. My mother said, if I’d known how much work we would be, I’d have had more kids.

  68. AO said,

    Hey, K2, let it rip. I know what you’re talking about. I, personally think that nursing homes suck. But, I always took very good care of my patient’s and, gave them lot’s of respect. Hell, we even had children there. That was the most heartbreaking of all. But, I took care of them like..they were my own. And, I didn’t even have children then.

  69. Linda said,

    See you later, paged to work

  70. jarheaddoc said,

    I am in complete agreement, K2. Ya know, there is a definite quality vs. quantity of life issue. I would not want to be in a persistent vegatative state. Dying is simply the final act of life and there should be dignity in it. Both of my parents died from cancer and they were both being treated with stuff that the government wouldn’t let you put on your lawn to kill weeds.

    AO, the residents do become your own family. I got to know a lot of the people I transported on a regular basis, like one guy who had flown bombers against the Japs in WW2, in Alaska. He was a miserable pain the ass until I found the one thing that he fondly recalled, and it was that, and it led to a pretty good relationship, actually. One of the ways I like to break the ice with old widows/widowers is to ask how long they were married, then comment that they were married longer than I’ve been alive.

  71. K2 said,

    All I know is, if I’m shitting myself, and don’t know who my family is, take me out back and blow my fucking head off. Please.

  72. AO said,

    Ahh…K2, I hear you. I’ve seen it. I know what you’re talking about.

  73. jarheaddoc said,

    I find it quite hypocritical that we will end the suffering of an animal and prolong the suffering of an ill human. Laugh at me for the comparison, if you want, but that’s how I see it.

  74. AO said,

    Something to be said for Dr. Jack Kevorkian?

  75. jarheaddoc said,

    Yes and no. I disagree with the way he went about things. I just think it’s wrong to prolong the suffering of people and rob them of their dignity in the final days of their lives. One of the tenets of medicine is ‘to do no harm’, but where’s the mercy in keeping people alive through artificial means when said person can’t even feed him or her self or interact with you or anything else? It’s just one of the worst insults you can do to a person

  76. LaFlamme said,

    Hmmm. Actually some deep thoughts in here tonight. That’s a good thing, I’m just not used to it. Thought I was in the wrong place.

  77. jarheaddoc said,

    So your cloak of invisibility has worn off, huh, Mark?

  78. AO said,

    Yes and No. I agree with you. It’s a touchy subject. I lost a nephew to a fire six years ago. And, if he could have been kept alive through artificial means, would we have wanted that? I don’t know. Maybe for a while. Maybe so we could have at least said our goodbyes. But, for a prolonged period of time? Years? No. I don’t think so.

  79. jarheaddoc said,

    Here’s another work related sotry for you, AO. I got called for a woman who was right on death’s door. I mean two more seconds and she would have been dead. We did this beautiful resuscitation on her and she was quite conscious when we got her to the hospital, only for the family to let her die about two hours later when she relapsed.

    I was so mad at the family for about two seconds until I realized a couple fo things: I didn’t know the woman from a hole in the ground and my job is to help, which I did. The family knew her situation and what was best for her. I realized a couple fo things: I had done my job and done it well and I have every right to be proud of that, but moreso than that, I gave that family a couple more hours with Grammy that they would not have had otherwise.

  80. Linda said,

    Altogether, we place too much importance on how long we live, I think. Eat this, don’t eat that, do this and that, great if it’s what you want and it lets you have an active and enjoyable life. But just to live long, in itself???

  81. LaFlamme said,

    Dammit, I had this conversation with somebody about a week ago. A long exchange about how adjustments to the mitochondria could increase a life span immeasureably. Who was that? Or was it an imaginary friend again?

  82. jarheaddoc said,

    Man, do I hear that, Linda. You know, you can judge a society by how it treats its kids, its convicts, and its elderly. this society isn’t doing enough for its kids, it pushes aside it elderly, and it gives way too much to the people in prison.

  83. jarheaddoc said,

    At least part of that conversation ended up on this blog, Mark. Is your multiple personality disorder out of control again?

  84. LaFlamme said,

    Roses are red, violets are blue. I’m schizophrenic and so am I.

  85. Linda said,

    I was at the hospital for only about 25 minutes, but I saw examples on both sides of this discussion while I was there. Interesting.

  86. Linda said,

    We totally enjoy both of you Mark

  87. jarheaddoc said,

    I have heard so many stories of how a hospice has helped people die and done so much for the families and the patient

  88. Linda said,

    Everything OK at the SJ, Mark?

  89. LaFlamme said,

    What? *affixing noose to rafter*

  90. Linda said,

    Heard a rumour that the power was out — suspected incandescent blog traffic. It’s Eric that should be worried, you are in the clear with all that now, right?

  91. LaFlamme said,

    Yeah, we’ll probably get blamed for it. And I hope we do.
    Actually, a lot of the downtown was out. Wires down on Lisbon Street. Yada yada and also yada.

  92. jarheaddoc said,

    It’s another go-rilla blog attack, mark! Quick, run before those bleeding heart liberal bastards find you and try to turn you against us!

  93. Linda said,

    Pas de probleme, we can drop back into invisibility and escape all consequences right? That happened in Wilton a few days ago, guy hit a pole on Rte 2

  94. Linda said,

    No, the SJ blog looks OK at a casual glance. Well, OK in the sense that the same crap is flying, at approximately the usual rate.

  95. jarheaddoc said,

    Ooh, the invisible jumping pole thing, Linda. I swear that object I ran over was in the middle of the road and not in the ditch and I honestly can’t explain why it’s back where it belonged and the front of my car is wrapped around it.

  96. Linda said,

    I missed a lot of the game, due to being paged and then the Dixie Chicks being on Larry King (and my husband needing to watch them). I see the Sox are still hanging in there

  97. Linda said,

    Actually jd what I meant was, the pole was off the side of Rte 2, not on it. Not until the car knocked it down

  98. jarheaddoc said,

    I know that, Linda *huge sigh and shake of the head* Evidently my sarcasm was invisible.

  99. Linda said,

    As was mine

  100. jarheaddoc said,

    *Raucous laughter emanates from jarhead doc*

  101. Linda said,

    jd where are you going on your field trip?

  102. LaFlamme said,

    Anybody mind if I ditch work a little early tonight?

  103. Linda said,


  104. Linda said,

    OK I know I ask too many questions

  105. jarheaddoc said,

    It’s called willowbrook. It’s a museum with a bunch of really old stuff, like farm implements, an old school house, a working carousel, a restored stage coach, things like that. And canoes and old outboards. I am very much looking forward to this, as is my son. He won’t say it, but he wants to show me off to hs friends. I’m flattered, actually, no sarcasm intended whatsoever

  106. jarheaddoc said,

    You got a hot date with MT, mark? She is conspicuously absent tonight

  107. jarheaddoc said,

    It’s in Newfield, you can Google it on the net. There is a display you’d probably spend hours and hours on, Linda: it’s an old dress making shop. I didn’t find the pins and needles interesting, but the craftsmanship on the portable sewing box was absolutely incredible.

  108. Linda said,

    Ah, that sounds great jd. You’ll wow them I bet. you’ll know more about how stuff works than the teachers do, and kids love that

  109. jarheaddoc said,

    I know many of them from Scouts and baseball. good kids, really. History is one of my favorite subjects, actually, and all that old stuff is just so cool. And the kids know that I am really just a big kid myself.

  110. Linda said,

    We’ll probably see MT again when the puppy is grown up.

    Not that there’s anythign inherently wrong with your theory too jd, I’m sure Mark can be entertaining iin his way … but a puppy …

  111. jarheaddoc said,

    The puppy is probably a lot closer to being housebroke than Mark….

  112. Linda said,

    When my boys were in high school, there were always a dozen kids hanging out. And when our sons went away to college, their friends still came round. We’ve had four of their friends visit us from NZ, which is pretty cool.

    One girl wanted to cook us dinner,a nd she walked down to the local Food City and when she came back, she said, Its so strange, they have no mango chutney at all! I had to drive her to the gourmet store in Farmington

  113. Linda said,

    You know, I think I’m oughta here for the night. Have a great day tomorrow and see you round the blog!

  114. jarheaddoc said,

    My strangest food experience when i was overseas was in Italy. there was this skinned animal hanging from the rafters and it had huge teeth. There was a pizza booth directly across from it and it was easy to figure out that the two of them were connected. I didn’t want to think too much about it, to be honest with you.

  115. jarheaddoc said,

    See ya!

  116. Martha said,

    Speaking of strange foods.. My parents were camp directors for a kids summer bible camp a couple weeks every summer. They always had a missionary who would come for the week and once during the week my mom would have them prepare a meal from whereever the had been stationed. Some pretty “interesting” stuff. I remember a rice dish made with chicken and peanuts. Then there were the ones loaded with onions and peppers which I found inedible because I don’t like either.

  117. Bulldog said,

    Well, considering the unbelievably awful flight I just had coming back from Texas, I have to pick flying. Invisibility would be nice (like Linda said) but I’ll take flying- hands down

  118. Kristen Bardott said,

    Google is the best search engine

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