Billion dollar baby

June 19, 2006 at 12:35 am (Uncategorized)

gates.jpgWe've all done it. There's a lottery jackpot worth tens of millions and we discuss, almost in hushed tones, exactly what we would do with such gobs of cash. We'd give some to charity. We take care of all our friends and relatives. We'd continue working because, I mean after all, our jobs are the essence of our lives. Blah blah blah. We're all full of crap.

So, Bill Gates has announced that he'll step away from the Microsoft money machine and turn over more control to trusted aides. I worry that Bill and his wife may have to go out and find real jobs to supplement their lavish lifestyles. But it is needless worry. The Gates are known to give away a billion dollars a year to charities. A billion. It is a word so difficult to grasp, it almost sounds made up, like something from Dr. Seuss. But Wikipedia tells me it's true and even illustrates the enormity of the number. God bless Wikipedia. A billion thanks to them. And here's a helpful image of what a billion pennies would look like thanks to the MegaPenny Project.




  1. Martha said,

    Too much for my tired brain this morning.

  2. LaFlamme said,

    Oh, I see how it is. Post a blog on boogers and you’re fine. Try to expand the human intellect to comprehend the concept of a billion and nobody wants to talk to you. I see what I have to do. I have to do something with a billion boogers. Oh, I can just tell this is going to be sticky.

  3. Martha said,

    LOL.. UMMMMM.. in case you didn’t notice. I made no comment on the previous blog….

  4. K2 said,

    I think the reason most Americans aren’t seriously concerned with our yearly deficits and the national debt is because they don’t grasp the sheer size of the numbers. I mean, the national debt is over eight TRILLION dollars. And at the same time, Americans want MORE tax cuts, whilst fighting a couple wars, to boot.

    But as Carl Sagan once said, ‘Billyions and billyions of years ago . . .’

  5. Mainetarr said,

    And how many billions of dollars are given to other countries in “aid” every year? That ought to end, like yesterday. And I do agree with you K2, on one point, Americans are desensitized to a lot of things, like the huge deficit, child abuse, domestic violence, things that should shock us no longer cause us to bat an eye.

    What the hell happened to Phil Mickelson this weekend? Can you say choke? That’s sad….I like that guy.

  6. Martha said,

    MT, since I live “away” I need to be enlightened. Who is Phil Mickelson?

  7. K2 said,

    He’s just so damn stubborn, Mickelson. When you only hit two fairways on the front, and NONE on the back, and you’re leading by one on the 18th tee, you pull out a 3- or 5-wood and play it safe. But no, he hits driver into Lizard Country. And then, instead of punching out and playing for a par, he tries a miracle shot, only to hit a tree. And the rest is history.

    He would’ve won the last three Majors in a row had he not been so inexorable. The only other player to win three in a row in the last 50 years — Tiger ‘I din’t make the cut after not playing golf for two months (no shit)’ Woods.

    I like Phil too, but when will Lefty learn some restraint?

    Plus, I had picked him to win in Sully’s (Winthrop bar) 10$ pool. (You pick 10 guys in the field, and add up their winnings. Fortunatley, I had Ogilvy, Furyk, Singh and Weir on my list, so I’m anxiously awaiting the final tally to see if I won any money. Knowing my luck, I doubt it.

  8. AO said,

    Phil Mickelson is a pro golfer. He lost the U.S. Open yesterday.

    I heard him on the radio a few minutes ago. He came right out and said he was an idiot. Poor guy.

  9. Mainetarr said,

    Martha, I guess K2 wrapped it up. He is a golfer that competed this weekend and had the win wrapped up, only to blow it in the end. How was your weekend? How did the yard sale go? Did you make a ton of money? I am going “sale-ing” with a friend on Friday morning, I haven’t been in years. I go mostly because I am nosey and love to see what people have. Sometimes it’s just funny…The last time l went, l bought a bag full of tennis balls that we used with Bailey. He shredded them.

    I am watching Sportscenter and Mickelson is on there saying he is still in shock and that he’s an idiot. Finally, a good call from him. LOL

    Barbaro is also healing nicely. He’ll never race again, but he will make millions out to stud. There’s a different job for you K2. Put yourself out to stud. LOL

  10. AO said,

    MT, If K2 put himself out to stud, we’d have all kinds of little “Balki’s” running around.

  11. Mainetarr said,

    But with the right hairdo, they could easily pass for Jeff Foxworthy’s kids.

  12. Mainetarr said,

    AO, you going to be able to make lunch on Tuesday?

  13. AO said,

    As far as I know. Today is the last day of school!! YIPPEE!

  14. K2 said,

    If your jack-o-lantern has more teeth than your momma, you might be a redneck.

    Balky and Jeff Foxworthy. My self esteem is in the gutter.

  15. Mainetarr said,

    Do they have a full day? I thought the kids were out already. My Godchildren are out, Friday was their last day, it was a half day. I saw the school bus go by this morning, but I thought maybe there was a trip or sporting event or something. I thought school was already out.

  16. Mainetarr said,

    If you go to a family reunion looking for a date…..

    If your idea of loading the dishwasher is getting your wife drunk….

    If your truck has curtains, but your house doesn’t…..

    That’s ok K2, it’s a good mix. Could be worse. You could be a cross between Mickey Rooney and Janet Reno. See? I bet you feel better already….

  17. AO said,

    Half a day. What a waste.

  18. Mainetarr said,

    You not working today?

  19. AO said,

    Not that I know of!

  20. Martha said,

    Ok.. just goes to show how much I know about golf.. you could put the sum total of my knowledge in a thimble and have room to spare.
    The sale went ok.. I made some money, but not alot.. I’ll have more sales later in the summer, but starting this week until the almost the end of July, I’ll be working overtime every week.. Whooooo Hoooooo..
    Oh, and after my neighbor said what she did, turns out she used the fact that I was having a yardsale as an excuse for all the cars parked out back when her guest of honor arrived for the party.. guess it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. I sure can tell I got a workout setting up and packing up after though..

  21. Linda said,

    Yay! Lunch tomorrow

    I’m going to google that MegaPenny project. I loved the billion penny picture. Can you imagine how heavy a billion pennies would be? Did anyone else have china piggy bank full of pennies — I did and my cousin slammed it in a door to break it. What a mess! Pennies and shards of china as far as the eye could see.

    AO that reminds me — once i said something about pennies buried under a porch and you asked what that was about , and I don’t think i ever answered. OK, it may have been six weeks ago, not exactly instant gratification — it was from the movie Stand By Me.

  22. K2 said,

    How about crossing Gilbert Godfrey with Tammy Faye Baker? Okay, how about not.

  23. Bobbie said,

    Definitely not that combination, K2. Good ol’ Tammy Faye Baker already sounds like Gilbert Godfrey. Can you imagine what the poor kids would look like?

    Families are like peanut brittle…… takes a lot of sugar to keep all the nuts together!

  24. Bobbie said,

    BTW-how much is Bill Gates really worth?

  25. Linda said,

    I think I might go see Lake House this afternoon — anyone seen it? My husband might come with me. If he knew what it was about he’d run a mile, but I distracted him when he asked. Hope that doesn’t sound too mean. He does like movies with Sandra Bullock in them …

  26. AO said,

    I want to see the Lake House. And, I wouldn’t bring my husband.

  27. Linda said,

    Now I’m feeling bad AO.

    Here the thing. I’ve got 10 days off work, and I’ll be away from home 6 days and 5 nights out of that time. I said, what would you like to do today? and he said, would you like to climb Tumbledown? My heart sank. I thought of the sunburn, and having to lie down for 4 hours after until my legs stop trembling, and I said, it’d be cooler at the movies. So he said, how about that Al Gore movie? And now I’m trying to scam him into seeing a movie he would never choose.

    I’m a terrible person, I see that clearly now.

  28. Mainetarr said,

    We watched the CHronicals of Narnia on dish last night. What a good movie. Been a while since i’ve seen a good one like that. They did a nice job. I am taking a friend’s little bot to see Cars on Wednesday. Should be a riot!

  29. AO said,

    I’ve heard good reviews on Cars. I LOVED Narnia. Had to be one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.

  30. Martha said,

    My daughter took my grandsons to see cars. I haven’t heard a huge amount about it, but I guess they liked it.

  31. LInda said,

    I’m going to have to round up a kid to take to Cars. It sounds great.

    As for Narnia — I couldn’t wait for it to come out, then I never went to see it!! I must do something about that too.

  32. Martha said,

    Man, I just read what I typed before.. can you tell its bedtime?

  33. LaFlamme said,

    I think I read that Gates is worth around 11 billion dollars. Strangely, he gets paid in pennies so that may be actually be Bill in the above photo.

  34. K2 said,

    As Stephen Wright once said, ‘Why is it a penny for your thoughts, but you’ve got to put your two cents in? Somebody out there’s making a penny.’

  35. LInda said,

    K2, I never saw you but I understand there’s some issue about your hair? I mean that in the nicest possible way of course.

    So here’s a piece of advice for you. If for any strange reason you see The Lake House, like maybe somebody drugs you and brings you there in a large duffel bag and revives you once you are strapped to a seat — well, it could happen couldn’t it? — don’t fail to notice Keanu Reeves’ hair. I really didn’t know what to think about it. whoever got paid to do his hair either was a creative genius or got their money too easy.

  36. K2 said,

    The only Keanu Reeves movie I could sit through was ‘Devil’s Advocate,’ even though he nearly ruined the film. Still, Pacino and the fantasticly twisted plot were enough to keep me watching.

    The deal with my mop is the fact that I have no natural part, so I have to use glue and staple guns to create one, which is in the middle, not the side — the latter makes me look like an even bigger dork. However, I have cut most of my hair in the back ’cause it gets too crazy, so I think I may now be at the psuedo-quasi mullet designation. Some might say my hairstyle was quite popular, in the mid 1920s.

    Anyhow, my hair is a lot shorter than when MT and AO slipped roofies into my drinks at Fast Breaks. I like it long, but I get nutty waves and wings going every which way that give me lift I walk too fast.

    In closing, for me, every day is a bad hair day. But at least it ain’t shaved like LaFlamme’s prison-camp look. (Hey, Mark, I gotta deflect this somehow.)

  37. Linda said,

    I think you may be selling yourself short K2. See, from the way you describe it, I think Keanu Reeves may have the same issue as you. And he gets what, a billion dollars per movie? (I’m just feeling some guilt — Mark obviously worked really hard on this interesting post, lots of links and so on, and I’m blowing it off talking movies)

    Can’t say it’s a look that I completely understand, but two people — named Dominic Mango and Kristin Fatigato I believe — got paid actual money to make his hair look like that. Or else maybe they just sent him out for a night in the dives and paid a crack whore to do his hair, and spent their evening drinking wine and snorting cocaine, I just don’t know.

    My blogmates might disagree about that hairdo of his, but as I say, I don’t totally understand it.

  38. Linda said,

    Not that it ruined the movie for me or anything, oh no …

  39. K2 said,

    Was it as bad as Tom Hanks’ in the Da Vinci Code? I didn’t see the film (or read the book), but I saw photos on and his hair looked like absolute hell.

  40. Bobbie said,

    The kids are on the first leg of their trip. After Tokyo, it’s Dallas and the St. Louis on the 20th. This is Todd’s first time actually flying with his wife, so he gets to see how she does when she flies!

    Tom Hanks has been doing some weird stuff with his hair lately-wonder if it has anything to do with all that weight he lost?

  41. LaFlamme said,

    I want it noted that I once had cool hair. It was for a period of about a week back in 91. After that, it either grew thick like a cabbage, or it spiked, like asparagus. I always wanted Jim Morrison hair. Instead, I got Mark Twain or, currently, that prisoner guy from “Midnight Express.” I just want to cry.

  42. Linda said,

    The Veggie Tales of hair, eh? Well it’s what’s inside that counts, Mark. And K2.

    I haven’t seen Tom Hanks’ Da Vinci hair, but I’d have to say that for sheer esthetic effect, Keanu Reeves’ would have to be a whole lot worse than it was to actually ruin the package. Not sure the same could be said for Hanks. Not that he’s not a really nice guy …

    Hey Bobbie, don’t you love it when people you love are flying — especially toward you? Do you watch the clock and calculate where they are? That’s what I do.

  43. LaFlamme said,

    Solstice. Two days. Few people are ready for the solstice.

  44. Linda said,

    What does “ready” mean?

  45. AO said,

    What’s to be ready for? Not enough beer and ice?

    Linda, did you like the movie?

  46. Linda said,

    Overall, yes, AO. There were parts that seemed slow, and then it would suddenly get really engaging, and then lose the intensity. I guess I’d say the pace was funny. Much as I like K Reeves, he didn’t convince me. He did however drink some wine, which helped with the atmosphere.

    My husband insisted on going, and he didn’t mind it. When I watch a movie, I don’t even think of trying to figure out what will happen. I just take it as it comes. So I wasn’t too impressed that my husband insisted on telling me what he thought would happen. But then, I’m used to that.

    So yes, go. And don’t bring the husband.

  47. Linda said,

    I’m starting to hear some big thunder, still far away. Can’t wait, I hope it comes right through Wilton. I love lightning.

  48. Linda said,

    Now the satellite signal’s going, we are in for it I think!

  49. Bobbie said,

    I always check the time and imagine where they are. I finally got a letter from my friend (also named Linda) and talked with her for almost an hour. If I hadn’t, I would have been checking the clock every few minutes. (They should be either in Tokyo or close to it by now) The guys better get out of the way when the phone rings because I’ll be anxious to hear that they’ve arrived safely.

    I like the lightning in a thunderstorm too, Linda. As long as I’m sitting in an enclosed space, I could watch lightning all night.

  50. AO said,

    Hope everyone arrives safely, Bobbie.

    The storm is starting up here. It’s very dark and, it’s starting to rain.

  51. Bobbie said,

    Hopefully you guys don’t get hit too hard. It looks like we’ve missed our storm for the night, which is good.

  52. AO said,

    So far it was just a little rain and a little bit of thunder. Hope it’s not the end of it. I was looking forward to a good summer storm. Linda must have lost her connection.

  53. Linda said,

    Whew! we got hammered. There was a ferocious fork of lightning and a deafening thunderclap, and a separate loud CRACK! and the power went out; that was just after 7. Trucks with flashing lights have been prowling the street for an hour, and finally the power just came back on. I haven’t even checked the Sox yet! I phoned my sister twice to ask the score, but I could tell she was impatient about flipping to NESN so I took some steadying breaths and let it go.

    Bobbie, once I had done everything I could think of to do with the power out, I spent some time thinking good thoughts about your travelers.

  54. Linda said,

    Wow! Kyle Snyder! Sorry I missed it.

  55. Martha said,

    Speaking of thunderstorms.. when one comes through here where I work, all the forecasters get excited. LOL.. you can feel the energy.. and not from the storm either. Of course, the bigger the storm the more excitement it generates. Still, come to think of it, it really doesn’t matter what the weather “event” is, the reaction is usually pretty predictable. Big snowstorms in the winter get them pretty excited too.

  56. Bobbie said,

    Thank you for the good thoughts, Linda. They are very much appreciated. Had to check on flight status this morning. They’re about 5 hours out from Dallas.

    I remember all too well 24 hour flights from that side of the world. My daughter has never done well on flights before and it all goes back to that initial flight from Korea while I was pregnant-she kept me up the entire flight and was only happy when I took a bus instead of another flight for the last leg of my journey.

  57. Linda said,

    Hey Mark!!! Isn’t it great that your Kansas City Royals have such a plethora of good pitchers that they could spare Snyder to Boston!

    I realize he was no good when he pitched for them, but that’s just splitting hairs.

    You being such a fan and all, I’m excited for you that you can watch him pitch right here at home.

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