Da Doo Run Run

July 21, 2006 at 12:14 am (Uncategorized)

marley.jpgSo, I interviewed comedian Bob Marley today and tried to trip him up with embarassing questions. Are you funny during sex? Have you ever laughed so hard you wet yourself? And so on. No go. The man is quick on his comedic feet and I couldn’t baffle him. He didn’t even hesitate when I asked him to name the most embarrasing album in his collection.

“Quiet Riot. No, Neil Diamond. Maybe Madonna. No, the Back Street Boys. I own one of their albums. I bought it for a show. Then I listened to a few songs and thought: these guys are good. One time it was in my car stereo when a friend of mine got in. He said, ‘man, you’re messed up.'”

The Back Street Boys make for a pretty damn embarrasing album. You could top that if you have New Kids album, but who has one of those?

partridgefamilycover.jpgThe albums I owned are stacked in a basement somewhere in Waterville. Off the top of my head, I gotta think Journey’s Frontier might be the most shameful part of my collection. Maybe Styx Cornerstone. But you know? Neither of those can compare with what I have on my computer playlist. We’re talking The Carpenters, Olivia Newton John, The Partridge Family, The Bee Gees… Should I die unexpectedly, I have a friend sworn to rush to my computer and erase that list, along with a few other files I’ll not mention.

Marley has his Back Street Blowhards, I have the Partridge Fairies, I challenge you to top that.



  1. Bobbie said,

    This is strictly for AO:

    I have Meatloaf on my computer playlist. Granted, I don’t have Paradise By The Dashboard Light, but I do have a few other songs from the Bat Out of Hell albums and I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Bat Out of Hell III in October. Hopefully it will be as good as the other two were.

    I also have some Styx, Cyndi Lauper, Kermit the Frog, The Muppets, Winnie the Pooh and can’t forget Peter, Paul and Mary. Do any of those top the Partridge Fairies?

  2. Bobbie said,

    Or how about I’m a Goofy Goober Rock from the SpongeBob Squarepants show?

  3. Cynthia said,

    Hmm. I used to actually sing a lot of the songs that you probably have on your computer, Mark. Particularly the Carpenters. When I was in a lounge act for a while. Shall I sing you a bar from “Close to You”?

  4. Cynthia said,

    Cyndi Lauper is still good, by the way. I have one of her newer works, Sisters of Avalon, on my hard drive.

    The worst thing I think I ever bought was an album by Vanity. I was really into anything “Prince” for a while.

  5. Bobbie said,

    Also can’t forget Abba, now can we?

  6. Bobbie said,

    Cyndi Lauper does a much better version of I Drove All Night than Celine Dion ever thought about doing. Besides, you can understand Cyndi a whole lot better than Celine.

  7. Bobbie said,

    Almost forgot-I also have Veggie Tales music on the computer. It’s the Dance of the Cucumber and the Cheeseburger Dance.

  8. Bobbie said,

    It’s amazing the things that I’ll admit to on this blog. Is it because I know that everyone else is laughing at me and not with me or am I just a glutton for punishment this early in the morning?

  9. Cynthia said,

    I think it’s kind of therapeutic.

  10. LaFlamme said,

    I Drove All Night is one of the smokiest, sexiest song ever. I have a bunch of Cyndi Lauper. No shame at all.

  11. Friendly Buddhist said,

    3 AM Haiku

    Kitten in my lap
    Reading blogs at 3 AM
    Wish I could sleep more

  12. LaFlamme said,

    Dammit, how do you do that.

  13. Mainetarr said,

    Now listen up you guys, there is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING wrong with ABBA, the Bee Gees or any other group from the 70’s. NOTHING. Your all a bunch of Dancing Queens and you know it, even you guys. Don’t you dare shit on the Bee Gees either.

    I can top it, though. I have an album from the Brady Bunch. Now that is sad….very sad.

  14. Bobbie said,

    Glad to see that you are up and moving this morning, Mainetarr.

    The Brady Bunch isn’t sad, it’s plain old lame.

  15. Mainetarr said,

    Feeling pretty chipper, thanks Bobbie. Wish I could say the same for Milo. He’s at the vet geting fixed. Not that he was broken or anything, you know what I mean. LOL

  16. AO said,

    Thanks, Bobbie. I still hate Meatloaf.

    The only albums that I ever owned that would be embarrasing were, The Partridge Family and The Fifth Demnsion (Up, up and away in my beautiful balloooooon!). And, I no longer have them. Everything I own now is…cool. No ABBA, no Bee Gee’s, no Carpenter’s or, Neil Diamond. Although, I do like ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil. It’s a Red Sox’s thang..

  17. Bobbie said,

    I put both my cats thru that on the same day. I had to laugh at Mr. Fatty because he really wanted out of our bedroom to be near his humans, so he clawed his way over the board that I had put in front of the door to block them in while they recuperated. His back legs were still on the numb side, so when he made it over the top, his legs wouldn’t support him when he got to the floor and he ended up on his butt. He casually stretched out on the floor and made it look like he had wanted to do that all along. He gave me the dirtiest look because I had the nerve to laugh at him.

    Glad to hear that you’re feeling pretty chipper. How long are you going to be a hop along?

  18. Linda said,

    Bobbie your cat sounds like Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure — “I meant to do that! ”

    Hopping are you , MT?

    Nobody should be ashamed of liking any particular music, I don’t think. There’s a time and a place for any kind of music, and you should just listen and be damned to anyone who hassles you.

    Otherwise reasonably sane people have even been known to listen to Barry Manilow, I hear, and still carry on productive lives. Not that I’ve known them personally, but that’s what I hear.

  19. AO said,

    Ha!! Barry Manilow! I’ve always called him Barely Manenough.

  20. LaFlamme said,

    I think the Brady album tops the Back Street Boys. Congratulations, MT. And just off the operating table, too.
    “When’s it time to change, when it’s time to chaayaaange…” (that’s all I know)

  21. Bobbie said,

    Even thru the internet, I can still hear that squeaky voice of Bobby’s coming thru on that song, Mark. Didn’t think it was possible, but you just proved it was today. Thank you (NOT!) for that memory today.

  22. LaFlamme said,

    Wait, wasn’t it Peter with the embarrasing puberty problem?

  23. Martha said,

    What I have in my CD holder… Gaither homecoming and one other southern gospel, come country, a few oldes and some classical.. I even have the soundtrack from Night Fever.

  24. Gil said,

    I don’t have it anymore, haven’t seen it in 30 years, but I used to have a HR Puffenstuff album when I was a kid.

  25. Groovy said,

    I have a miniature 33 rpm of Wild Bill McKay (He used to sing with Roy Rogers) singing cowboy ballads. I think that beats the Partridge family hands down.

  26. Cynthia said,

    Greg was caught smoking.
    Bobby loved that Jesse James.
    Peter was the frog.

  27. Linda said,

    Here’s an oldie we’ve got (in vinyl) — Harry Nilsson, The Point!

  28. Linda said,

  29. Linda said,

  30. jarheaddoc said,

    I have a Barry Sadler album. Roadside junk shop, five bucks! ‘The Ballad of the Green Berets’ and ‘The A-Team’ Hokey, hokey, hokey

    I once heard that the parents of the members of the band America went to vietnam listening to ‘The sound of music’ and came back to Jimi Hendrix on the charts.

    That, my friends, is fucking progress!

  31. Linda said,

    Yeah jd, I remember that year and a half myself, vaguely at least.

  32. LaFlamme said,

    But first, are you experienced?

  33. Linda said,

    (a) At what?
    (b) Probably

  34. jarheaddoc said,

    Cool links, Linda.

  35. Linda said,

    Glad you liked them

    But jd, I really hope you had a chance to look at my post near the end of yesterday’s subject. You know how i’m always boringly prosing on about New Zealand? Well, WHO KNEW that that Gentle Wind cult was from NZ?

  36. LaFlamme said,

    Anybody who has a WHAM album can win this sorry ass contest immediately. Come on now. Confess. We haff ways of making you talk.

  37. LaFlamme said,

    “Are You Experienced” is one of my favorite Hendrix tunes. It has a great guitar whatchamacallit. Riff? It goes: “Whick whick whick whicka whicka whicka whick…”

  38. jarheaddoc said,

    I also have a very old cher tape, from the Sonny Bono era. I also have one she did in the late ’80’s. Hey, there was only so much music available in the little store on the ship….!

  39. Linda said,

    My son plays that (not all that well, but with enthusiasm). His 3 “signatures” are that, PF’s Wish You Were Here, and Wild Thing.

  40. jarheaddoc said,

    Ya know, in doing a quick rat fuck through the musical history of my life, as contained in an old cardboard box, I have come to the conclusion that I listened to weird shit (still do) and several eras of my life make even less sense now than they did when I was going through them.

  41. K2, if he were here said,

    “You are all gay”

  42. And thank Christ he's not said,

    From someone who admits to as much as you do, you don’t have a lot of room to speak

  43. jarheaddoc said,

    Jeeeeeezussss, I just found an old Milli Vanilli single, ‘Girl I’m gonna miss you’. I feel shame. And that Lisa Lisa with Cult Jam CD just fell off the rack. My life is in turmoil. I must assuage my anguish with copious amounts of ethanol

  44. LaFlamme said,

    Damn, man. Milli Vanilli might put you in the lead here.

  45. AO said,

    Okay, that settles it. JD wins with the Milli Vannilli tape. Holy crap! That’s worse than the Partridge Fairies.

  46. Mainetarr said,

    Yup, Wham, Careless Whispers, I have it on cassette. Ding ding…we have a winner.

  47. Mainetarr said,

    Hey crew, I went to see The Lady In The Water today. Good movie. M. Knight had a huge roll in it too. We ALL have to get together to see The Decent. I’m telling you, we HAVE to see that one as a group, like some of us did for Hostel. We need to go. The trailer I saw just cinched it for me. Snakes on a Plane will freak me out, I think.

  48. AO said,

    Awww…you went to see Lady in the Water without me? NOW I have to wait to see it on DVD.

  49. LaFlamme said,

    You and me both, AO. She totally stiffed me.

  50. Bobbie said,

    Sorry about getting the Brady kids confused. Thanks for straightening things out, Cynthia.

    Remember the subject about interesting obituaries? The SJ proved today that they will post something other than the standard obit. Check out David Holub in today’s paper.

  51. AO said,

    I hate being “stiffed”.

  52. LaFlamme said,

    Ha! That just sounds funny.

  53. Cynthia said,

    Hmmm. Did anyone notice that my correction was a haiku? I guess it was too subtle.

    Ok. I used to have a Wham single or whatever. I was like 12, okay? I wasn’t even drinking yet. How could I know?

    Critics are slamming Lady in the Water. It’s too bad too, because I was getting kind of curious about that.

    I guess that’s all I have to say.

  54. LaFlamme said,

    Critics, schmitics. I’ll write up a review once I see it. Wait, didn’t I see it today? No, that’s right. Mainetarr saw it. Without me.

  55. LaFlamme said,

    Wham blows. I will admit, however, to a few George Michaels tunes. Hey, he’s got some good stuff. Praying for Time is just gloomy and haunting.

  56. Cynthia said,

    You’re right about critics. I usually go to rottentomatoes and look at the tomatometer and if a movie doesn’t get at least 50 % fresh, (which is technically still “rotten”, by the way), then I have to be leary. But sometimes they’re collectively wrong and just pile on a movie because it seems the trendy thing to do. The reviews tend to get lazy and the review taglines seem to mimic eachother shamelessly.

    So you never know.

  57. LaFlamme said,

    Totally. Pretensious bastards.

  58. Nadine said,

    Yup, I have a Wham! tape. Careless Whispers is a great tune. My very first LP was Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler. I also used to love Air Supply, and I still LOVE Neil Diamond (Saving Silverman anyone?) — The Jazz Singer was a great movie, and who doesn’t get pumped up when they hear Coming to America??!!

    All this coming from a NIN fan…heh!

    BUT, I NEVER owned any Milli Vanilli — that is the winner by far!

  59. Linda said,

    You know Nadine, I like Neil Diamond too.

    I guess it’s unanimous — sorry MT, jarheaddoc takes the Bad Taste award for ….. Milli Vanilli !!

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