Dick who?

July 30, 2006 at 10:06 pm (Uncategorized)

After a non-stop week of boobs, boobs, and more boobs, it’s high time we switched gears. And switched sexes. Let’s talk dick.

dicksargent2.jpg Oh wait, that’s not the dick you were all thinking, is it? Actually, Bobbie, God bless her little heart, sent me great pictures on the subject of dick. Now that girl knows her dick, or at least where to find great pictures. She had short dick, long dick, hard dick, soft dick. You name it, it was there. Apparently, dick is king in Asian countries. (Notice I didn’t say Orientals, Weasel, I know they are rugs) dick-blog.jpgdick-blog-2.jpg

I want to talk about all of the myths that surround the dick. Could it be true that men with big hands, big feet or big ears be better endowed that those with small feet, hands and ears? And what about the myth size doesn’t matter? Check out http://www.sexinfo101.com/kb_penissize_2.shtml and come back and tell me what you learned.


  1. Mainetarr said,

    Speaking of dick, where is Jarheaddoc? Working???

  2. Linda said,

    Yes, he’s working.

  3. Linda said,

    Now I’m not too keen to go first on this topic, but there’s something else I want to say if you don’t mind, MT.

    Monday is my husband’s birthday. I don’t know if he reads this blog or not (I sincerely hope not) but, just in case — if you are reading this, Tom, happy birthday and all that. Have a great day! I know you have a birthday every year, but this has been a particularly nice year, hasn’t it?

    (I really hope that was a wasted message.)

  4. Mainetarr said,

    Hey you guys wanted this topic, so blog away. And Happy Birthday Mr. Tom. Hope you have a great one!!! Maybe this will be a turning point in the year and everything from Monday on will only be good news for you guys. Here’s a toast….cheers!!! To a wonderful birthday and many many more!!!

  5. AO said,

    Happy Birthday, Tom!! Here’s to a lovely day and, year! Also, you have a really great wife! So, enjoy life with her!

  6. The Friendly Buddhist said,

    Dick Haiku

    Uncut, cut, short, long
    Penis, willie, johnson, schlong
    MT loves them all

  7. AO said,

    Good Haiku, FB.

  8. Bobbie said,

    I found the moste “tasteful” site that I could for those photos. One picture that MT didn’t use (or maybe I didn’t send it) was of an Asian girl eating the candy version of this topic on a stick.

    One year for Christmas, one of my brothers gave our mother the candy version on a stick. She had a very good sense of humor and laughed about it. For anyone who is interested, they also have the pasta version as well.

    I must have missed my calling as a researcher because, given enough time, I can find you just about anything you ask for.

  9. Linda said,

    Pasta? Well …. yuck!

  10. K2 said,

    I don’t know, but I hear black cock is less veiny than white cock.

    Tubesteaks, all around.

  11. Bobbie said,

    Yes, pasta. When my daughter turned 18, she wanted to see the 2 adult bookstores at the end of Lisbon St. Of course, I took her in. The store on the left as you’re headed down towards Main St. was the better of the 2 stores-it stopped short of having the blow up dolls and animals and didn’t have any booths for viewing in it either. The first store is where we found the pasta. We also found the extremely long, extremely wide penis for sale for $35, I believe. Someone had special ordered it, paid for it, but never picked it up. It took a large square battery, would light up, vibrate and sing to you (I think it was programmed for 6 different songs). My daughter saw that, slammed her legs shut and wondered how in the world anyone in their right mind would want to use that. When I remind her of that little trip, I still get the same response.

  12. K2 said,

  13. Bobbie said,

    I wouldn’t know about less veiny, but in the black photo that I sent MT, the veins stuck out a lot more on a black guy than they did a white guy.

  14. Bobbie said,

    Before I am considered rude, Happy Birthday to Mr. Tom as well. May you have many more.

  15. K2 said,


  16. jarheaddoc said,

    Happy Birthday, tom! Hope your wife said it to you in person and not just hear.

    A man with an extremely short pecker goes into a whorehouse and is immeidately asked, “Just who do you expect to please with that?”


    It it wasn’t meant to touch, it would not have been placed where it was.

    Peter Pud. Pierre the Purple bucket headed Warrior. My Dic, My Johnson, My friend, my shit, my junk. Oh, how many euphamisms are there for the male organ for copulation? (Anatomy and physiology books make it sound so….technical and not so fun)

  17. Linda said,

    Jeez, jd, of course I told him in person ! It would be terrible to just blog him a birthday greeting, especially since I’m really hoping he spends his day anywhere but here.

  18. AO said,

    MT, You should have posted a pic of Richard Nixon. That way we would have had a picture of a “Tricky Dicky”!

  19. K2 said,

    Man, with Bush as president, I sincerely miss Nixon.

  20. Mainetarr said,

    Dick Sargent has always been one of my favorite Dicks. I was going to put Dick Cheney, but was afraid to scare everyone off. LOL

    So, K2, is it true about the big feet? What size shoe are you in these days?

  21. Linda said,

    “Sargent was a trim, handsome man with a longish chin.” That’s what IMDB says about him. I wondered, MT, if you were making a secret suggestion about size.

    BTW, a foreshadowing: I got lost on Saturday and when I found myself, I was on “Dickvale Road.”

    You know, much as I might enjoy contributing to this subject, it’s really not going to happen while I am at work. See you later!

  22. K2 said,

    Well, I’m a size 17. (Actually a 9.5 — uh oh)

  23. Linda said,

    Last night I watched Jamie and Bobby Deen on Food Network: their new show called Road Tasted. (MT, we’ve discussed them before on the blog …). I’ll tell you about it in case you missed it …

    Those Southern boys have BIG appetites. They spend most of the show shoveling food in and going MMMM-MMMM!!! MMMM-HHMM!! It’s clear their Momma found them a joy to cook for.

    In last nights final segment they were helping a woman make some “coconut stick” thingies. They were rectangular like Hershey bars only longer, and one of the boys was helping to dip them into melted chocolate. (Blanket apology for calling them boys — if you’ve watched them, you know why I do) Both boys were drooling into the chocolate vat, I think. The woman said, “go ‘haid an’ taste that one now, if you’re wantin’ to try a hot one.” The bar vanished into Jamie’s mouth, and I swear to God, he MOANED. A long multisyllabic moan. Bobby was all eyes, obviously jealous, hopping like spit on a griddle for his turn to dip a bar into chocolate and “try a hot one.”

    Anyhow, i guess everyone who watched the show had a cigarette and went to sleep afer that. I certainly did.


  24. Mainetarr said,

    I love those boys. And I know exactly why you call them boys. I watched chefography yesterday on Giada DeLaurentis. Everyday Italian girl. She’s got quite a family. I love that stuff. If they ever do a chefography on Tyler Florence, you will find me glued to the tv for sure!!

    9.5 you say, K2? According to the website that translates to a 3 inch dick (length, not width), when hard. Not to worry, we like you anyways, stubby.

    Come on ladies, after all that boob talk, you guys all talked out? I wish Bulldog was back.

  25. Sue said,

    i stumbled into this blog by accident today & i have to say its a riot. how did you ever get a guy to write about dick?

  26. Melissa said,

    You all are a nasty bunch, but I gotta say, I’m hooked!!

  27. AO said,

    HA!! “Stubby”!! I still like ya too, K2.

  28. Bobbie said,

    Mainetarr (MT) is a female. She’s covering for the guy who normally writes here.

  29. K2 said,

    A three incher? Come on, MT, I may be hopelessly white, but I can double that, with some spare change to boot.

  30. Linda said,

    A couple of sole sisters dropping by, eh? All we needed was the right material!

  31. "The Weasel" said,

    MT and all you ladies out there….. Oh ya, you too K2



  32. Linda said,

    “Hopelessly white” K2. Are we still dancing around that myth? Blogs are pretty public, nobody wants to touch it with a … er … bargepole??

  33. AO said,

    Eh, K2, remember what Maria Muldaur sang, “It’s not the meat it’s the motion”.

  34. Mainetarr said,

    It’s not how deep you fish, it’s how you wiggle your worm. What are some other ones?

  35. Linda said,

    Ask the men. They probably made them all up anyhow.

  36. Mainetarr said,

    Ah, I’m just picking on you K2. Sometimes I can’t help myself. And speaking of picking on, where is jarheaddoc, the old cameltoe? He off getting a bikini wax?

  37. AO said,

    JD has cameltoe? Huh!

  38. Mainetarr said,

    DId you do anything special to celebrate the b-day Linda? Great website Weasel. LOL

  39. K2 said,

    I bet Weasel doesn’t even manicure his lawn. Gotta keep it trimmed down there to please the ladies, I tell you. I mean, a forest of cutley fries? What chick wants that?!?

  40. K2 said,

    curley fries, I mean.

  41. AO said,

    I thought ‘cutley fries’ was something new that they’re serving at Fastbreaks.

  42. Linda said,

    Is Fastbreaks where the terrible wings are served?

    MT, as for the birthday, nothing we couldn’t do at home. We have some family in town, not staying here, but we are running over to spend time with them a lot this week so staying home seemed the best way to celebrate

  43. Mainetarr said,

    yeah, hot wings and cutley fries. Gak!

  44. Sue said,

    that explains alot, tarr is a chick. no wonder all the dick talk in here. still funny stuff.

  45. Mainetarr said,

    Ewww, family in town. That’s not usually a great thing. At least they are not staying at your house. I don’t mind houseguests, but never for more than a week at a time.

  46. K2 said,

    Well, that’s the bad news. I recently found out that my good buddy Gary, Fast Breaks’ manager, got fired while I was away. Details are few, but are purportedly damning nonetheless. I’ll simply have to leave it at that. It really is a bummer for me; and to top it off, the NFL is right around the corner, and he’s a football nut too, with all sorts gambling and mayhem.

    As George Harrison sang, ‘All things must pass.’ I just don’t see myself at Fastbreaks as much if he’s not there, no offense to the owner, who is really a damn good guy too. Just one of those things where the shit hit the fan.


  47. Mainetarr said,

    Chick? Ha! Better a chick than a dick, I guess.

    Breaking news, there is a new Pee Wee movie coming out. Based on Pee Wees Playhouse. Just saw it on E!

  48. K2 said,

    No, I have no idea what my intro, ‘Well, that’s the bad news’ means either. Pass the cutley fries, MT.

  49. Mainetarr said,

    Wow, they fired Mr. Social Butterfly? If you look up bar manager in the encyclopedia, isn’t there a picture of Gary in there? Wow, THAT is breaking news.

  50. Linda said,

    Damn, I never even got there. Gary will have to remain a mystery to me. As will the wings and cutley fries

  51. AO said,

    Awww…..K2, so sorry. It brings back my fond memories of La Cage when Jake sold the place. It’s never been the same. SNIFF…I feel for you.

  52. AO said,

    So…where are you going to hang out now? Where are MT and I going to find and harass you, Stubby?

  53. Mainetarr said,

    **snicker** stubby***snicker*** too flippin funny. I am kinda surprised about Gary though, he’s kind of a staple of Fastbreaks.

  54. Sue said,

    i just got cought up on a few past blogs~ you people talk about everything in here!

  55. Mainetarr said,

    Yeah, Sue, it’s pretty much a free for all. Talk, be raunchy, sarcastic…it all flies in here.

  56. AO said,

    Hey!! Hang around, Sue. You can become one of the ‘regulars’ here in the Lost Sole. We welcome ALL comments. Just don’t call us a bunch of ‘bigots’. Dan/Colm/Tia/Jean/Pat/HWWNBN is the only one who can do that! Bastard!

  57. AO said,

    Ooops, I should have said “Fat Bastard”!

  58. Linda said,

    Hi Sue, welcome to the Lost Sole. We have some good times

  59. Linda said,

    AO, a couple of those names are new to me — #2 and 3. Where did they come from?

  60. AO said,

    Oh…all aliases (sp?) of Dan’s.

  61. Gil said,

    I don’t mean to brag, but I do wear 13 wides and xl gloves. Just putting my two cents in.

  62. Linda said,

    You will probably get first pick of months in the calendar, Gil

  63. AO said,

    Gilll…We ARE talking about a “Men of the Screeming Room” calendar. I’m sure your 13 wides would be MORE than welcome! Interested?

  64. Linda said,

    I have the idea that jarheaddoc won’t play unless he can have October (harvest moon, corn field … oh, I’ve probably said too much). Hopefully Gil can find another month to his liking.

  65. AO said,

    Oh..I meant, GIL “Men of the SCREAMING Room”. Excuse the typos.

    I think Gil would be great for December.

  66. Linda said,

    Why’s that, AO?

  67. AO said,

    Well, only because I’ve seen his picture in his blog. He has a very kind, smiling face.

  68. Linda said,

    Suitable for December, yes, I see

  69. AO said,

    Ha. Glad I’m not the only one. So, Gil, what do you think?

    Linda, How was Tom’s birthday? Do anything special?

  70. Linda said,

    Asked and answered AO. An evening at home, in the middle of a week spent with relatives. He’s asleep now.

  71. Gil said,

    Ho, Ho, Ho

    That’s not an answer, I’m just calling you a bunch of ho’s.

  72. AO said,

    Sounds nice. We had a “Trouble” tournament here. I won. I still can’t believe that I won. I NEVER win. Usually, either my son or daughter cleans the floor with me.

  73. AO said,

    Oh, Gil, don’t be coy.

  74. The Friendly Buddhist said,

    Doesn’t that mop wringer hurt your head?

  75. Linda said,

    Nice Gil. After our flattering offer, too.

  76. lost elf said,

    wouldn’t December be the naked Santa picture from last year?

  77. Gil said,

    Well, the topic is about dicks isn’t it?

  78. brenda said,

    AO, You remember Maria Muldaur? Haven’t heard that name in decades! That was my favorite song in the seventies! I loved her voice & the sultry songs.
    Then about ten years ago I went into a Bible bookstore with a relative and there she was- a Christian music cd by Maria Muldaur!
    Life is all about changes……

  79. Bobbie said,

    Glad to see that you’re back, Brenda.

  80. K2 said,

    MT and AO, I hung out with Gary at his place last night, but he didn’t ever say what happened. I heard throught the grapevine that he was absolutely shit faced at the bar, and said some awful stuff, a la Mel Gibson (minus the anti-semitism), to a few patrons. I was hoping Gary might be a tad contrite, since we all make mistakes, especially when we’re a little drunky wunky. However, I didn’t get the impression that he felt he had done anything wrong. Knowing the bar’s owner, Jim, I know damn well he wouldn’t have fired Gary unless it was for something egregious.

    Honestly, I’m rather disappointed. If you can’t acknowldge your mistakes and learn from them, you can’t simply grow as a person. And the last thing I need is stubbornly stagnant friends.

  81. Bulldog said,

    Gil, how many tissues do you stuff into the toes of those 13’s?

  82. Victor Stoltz said,

    Google is the best search engine

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