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August 2, 2006 at 8:20 pm (Uncategorized)

match1.jpgnanny-fine.jpgI can talk word for word with Fran Drescher on any episode of the Nanny that was ever taped. I am a nanny fanatic. That nasally broad from Flushing has the comedic timing of Lucille Ball, there are few and far comediennes like her. Some of the shows from my childhood can never be replaced. All In The Family, The Partridge Family, Get Smart, The Brady Bunch, classics, all of them. Today, with few exceptions, most of the half hour comedy shows are lame. And since DISH TV came along, well regular network tv sucks even worse. Can you remember some of your favorite shows? I remember watching Dukes of Hazzard, all in love with Bo Duke. Or Love Boat and Fantasy Island, back to back. Watch them today and you will never know what you saw in them. But the classics (Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannne), well those will always be good. I say we take a classic show and add a twist.
chips.gif taxicast.gif Take TAXI, for example. Who, from the blog, would play who? What would be a good storyline? Come on you creative crazies.



  1. jarheaddoc said,

    I would have to be Jim, from Taxi. I spent the day on the phone, trying to take notes, and could only find my kids crayons as a writing implement. And after the shop day from Hell that I have had, I need whatever he took to keep him in the proper frame of mind.

  2. Mainetarr said,

    You will have to see K2 for that. I believe Jim spent a lot of time checking his blinker fluid.

  3. Sue said,

    OMG Mainetarr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the Nanny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mainetarr said,

    Me too, Sue. I can imitate her laugh pretty good too. Drives everyone nuts. I have to admit, as far as other good shows, I am a lover of Will and Grace, too. And of course, Frasier. When we had a foster child, I got him (16 year old boy) hooked on the Nanny, he was even singing the theme song before he left. It was hysterical. “the Flash girl from Flushing….the Nanny named Fran.” I think we have many male bloggers who could pull off Niles the Butler, dry, sarcastic and hysterical.

  5. Sue said,

    I wish I were built like the Nanny. That woman was stacked!!!!!!

  6. Mandy, the obit writer said,

    Even though my career choice is not an exact match, I would be a good real-life counterpart to Lilith from Cheers.

  7. Linda said,

    Hey that’s great Mandy — that’s just how you seem around here too! Nice to know you blog “to type”.

  8. Robert said,

    I never got into The Nanny, but theat fran was one hot babe back in Doctor Detroit (Dan Ackroyd) as a hooker….yeehah!

  9. AO said,

    Does anyone remember “Then Came Bronson” from the 70’s? Linda?? I loved that show! Even though I was just a little kid, I wanted to be on the back of his bike…he was soooo coool. As for Taxi: I’m Elaine. I remember me and Bulldog having a spat over this last summer. Bulldog, too late!! I’m calling Elaine. You can be Latka’s girlfriend.

  10. Linda said,

    AO, now why are you thinking of me with that Bronson show?? I didn’t have a TV when that show was on, but somehow managed to see enough episodes to remember the Harley very well. Oh, and Bronson too for that matter.

    Taxi’s a bit problematic for this crowd: not enough roles for women. We’d HAVE to fight over them! Kind of like the time Mark suggested some of us for The Family Guy parts. The man knows how to stir up trouble!

    I would like to think of myself as Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke. Actually on a good day I’m a bit more like Polly in Fawlty Towers, seen that? Here’s why: when madness swirls around me it makes me extra calm and effective. Also, the eye rolling.

    And sticking with the Brits: on a bad day, Edina from Absolutely Fabulous.

  11. jarheaddoc said,

    Fawlty towers, the only Brit humor I ever understood! I would like to be the kid at the beginning who was always rearranging the sign to make different names for the place! I would have to be Manuel, though the show where Basil gropes a guest does make me want that one part in that one scene.

  12. Linda said,

    You’re from Barcelona?

  13. jarheaddoc said,

    MT is fucking with me, changing my posts. I will admit to feeling schizophrenic on a regular basis, but anything nice she says about herslef that comes from me is pure horseshit.

  14. Linda said,

    OMG, I thought your mood was unpredictable today, when I was reading over the blog to catch up.

  15. jarheaddoc said,

    I have had a very bad day in the shop, Linda. this humidity is not helping any, as the wood wants to warp and nothing will fit right. But the engine started on the first pull today! I just have to adjust my plan and bust my ass tomorrow to get this fucking cradle done, that’s all. I am going to have one huge fucking bonfire from all the goddam scraps I’ve generated. The goddam tree huggers are going to be camped out in my front yard, eating dirt, waiting for Robert to show up and cook for them, and singing Kum By Yah, or whatever the hell it is.

    Have a good night. I have to get up way too early to get started on things.

  16. AO said,

    Linda, Michael Parks…”Then Came Bronson”…be still my what…10 year old heart! Holy smokes! That man set a life pattern for me. To bad I didn’t follow it!!

    As for British humor, AF is the only show I’ve watched. I hate to sound…daft but, I “rally “do have a hard time understanding them.

  17. Linda said,

    Sorry about the woodworking, jd. Are you working to a specific deadline? maybe the weather will be more conducive tomorrow, guess it’ll be cooler but the damp might not be good.

    i spent the afternoon in a lake with my SIL Jean. We were trading funny stories past and present. One of the funniest, and this probably belongs on the Camping blog but anyhow: when our kids were really little, we rented a camp together for a week at Webb Lake (Weld). Our husbands took the kids on an expedition, climbing Mt Blue I think. It was wicked hot. Jean and I were floating on inflatable rafts right near the beach where the waves rocked us, and rocked us .. we thought a beer or two (or more) would be just the thing, and we got really drunk and silly. We had the little cooler in the water with us, and threw the empties up on the beach.

    Sounds great except that her parents and mine arrived for a visit, and then some old friends we hadn’t seen for years. Then the husbands and kids came back and all of them were tired, cranky, hungry and clingy. I never paid such a high price for an innocent little bout of drinking.

    AO, you could have been a biker gal if you’d only followed your early instincts, right? Is it too late do you think?

  18. AO said,

    Yah, it’s too late. Boo-Hoo.

    Well, guess I’m off to bed. Sleep well all. And, Linda, I have a funny story that matches yours. But, gotta head off. I’ll tell it later.

  19. Bobbie said,

    As I have always said, I am one of the few people who understand British humor. Anyone ever hear of “Are you being Served?” Mrs. Slocum and her pussy are priceless.

  20. Linda said,

    I love that show Bobbie.

    Ever see “The Thin Blue Line” with Rowan Atkinson?

  21. Bobbie said,

    I’ve flipped by it checking the channels out. Is it any good? BBCA is one of my favorite channels.

  22. Linda said,

    Yes check it out, it’s great. But if you like Are You Being Served, you must like “Keeping Up Appearances” too. Hyacinth’s family … well, I think jarheaddoc already described them in his last contribution. A family just like them anyhow.

  23. Bulldog said,

    Sorry MT and AO- I HATE THE NANNY! There is nothing more irritating than her voice. It gives me a pounding headache! If she’s on a late night show as a guest, I totally avoid that show. I just can’t stomache her.

    As for my all time favorite “oldies” show: hands down, it’s gotta be Hogan’s Heroes. I guess I could be one of Hogan’s ladies (who cares which one) or Col. Klink’s blonde secretary (I’ll color my hair if I have too- ahhh, the things an actress must do to become the role).

  24. K2 said,

    Sorry, MT, I never cared for Taxi. Or the Nanny. But I’ve seen Will and Grace a few times, and it’s funny shit.

    I grew up on MASH and Benny Hill. Then came Cheers and the Simpsons. Now the only quasi-must-see TV for me is the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Other than that, I’ve essentially given up on TV and movies.

    Oh, but I do watch every Minnesota Vikings game. Sunday Ticket on DirectTV, be-otch!

  25. Bobbie said,

    I definitely like “Keeping Up Appearances”. I too grew up on MASH and even though I’ve seen each episode like a thousand times, it’s still a good show. I liked the final episode the best.

    Anyone out there remember Dark Shadows(?) and Speed Racer? For those two shows, I’d run home after school. I was ticked when they moved Dark Shadows to earlier in the afternoon because parents were complaining that it was giving their kids nightmares. Instead of complaining, the parents should have just changed the channels.

    As long as the Patriots do good this year, I’ll see more of their games out here than I will of the Broncos. Some Sundays, I’ll watch a football game (or 2) just to aggravate my husband since he doesn’t like football at all.

  26. Bobbie said,

    I have to agree with Bulldog-Fran Drescher’s voice is worse than fingernails on a blackboard. Who would have thought that Niles and what’s her name would have ended up together?

  27. Mainetarr said,

    CC and Niles. They ended up married and pregnant. Her voice is hard to get used to, but her comedic timing and faces kill me.

    Hogans Heros ROCKED!!! I loved that show, too!! I totally forgot about it. I will still watch it whenever it is on. Remember how young Richard Dawson was and then he was on Match Game? Then Family Feud? He used to kiss all the women guests on the show. But by then he was all bloated and looked like an old drunk?

  28. Bobbie said,

    By the time Richard Dawson made it to the Family Fued, he reminded me of a lecherous relative just out to cop a quick feel from an unsuspecting person.

    Hogan’s Heros was always a good show. COL Klink never had a clue and SGT Schultz wasn’t about to give him one, either.

  29. jarheaddoc said,

    You guys want to see a good movie about Bob Crane, check out Auto Focus. Richard Dawson’s family had a fit about it, as it portrayed Dawson as anything but a nice guy. It also showed that a nice family oriented program was shot with people whose personal lives were anything but nice.

    Crane’s murder was never really solved, though his film and fuck buddy, John Carpenter, was considered a person of interest. I heard that a toothbrush, bristle end first, had been shoved up Crane’s penis. I’m not sure if that’s an urban myth, but I sit here and cringe at the thought of that, truth be known.

  30. jarheaddoc said,

    What about the Gong Show? That would never fly today with the PC crowd. Too bad, we need a show like that to lighten us up some. By the way, have I mentioned how cool Mainetarr is?  God, I love her.

  31. Bobbie said,

    I remeber Gene “The Dancing Machine” (I think that was his name-big, black guy who I always wondered how he could do some of the moves he did without rupturing something) from The Gong Show. If there was ever a show that wasn’t PC, that was it. The Unknown Comic (I think that was what the guy was called-he had a paper bag over his face doing his routine) would definitely be fined today if he said some of the stuff he said back then.

  32. Mainetarr said,

    They were all hammered on that show. Chuck Barris was a drunken drug addict. That’s why it was a free for all on there. Match Game was a wicked funny game show. That Gene Rayburn was a fuggin riot. Ugly, man was that guy fugly!! But he was a pig, in an unspoken sort of way. One guy that always reminded me of some kind of pervert was Bob Eubanks. You know, on the Newlywed Game.

  33. Linda said,

    I liked “Welcome Back Kotter”. Vinnie Barbarino was such a goofball. And I was a big John Sebastian fan and so I loved the theme song.

  34. K2 said,

    Okay, obscure BBC here, but does anybody remember ‘The Goodies’? Classic TeeVee in my book.

  35. Dave said,

    Gilligan’s Island is still a fave of mine. I’ve never figured out why nobody has done a parody movie of it, similar to the way Dragnet was done with Dan Akroyd.

    And yes, I lusted after Mary Ann, not Ginger.

  36. Dave said,

    Match Game? Ugh. Had to watch that on a daily basis. (we only had 3 stations to choose from)

    Remember the panel?
    Charles Nelson Reilly
    Brett Summers
    Richard Dawson?
    Jack Klugman sometimes
    Bert Convey

    I think there were others…

  37. Linda said,

    K2 — did you hear Jon Stewart sniping at Bush for gaining 5 pounds? Among his other hits: “You can’t use food as a crutch — unless it’s a 6 foot long piece of beef jerky” or something like that. I was laughing too hard to hear it all.

  38. Mainetarr said,

    Nipsy Russell, Betty White, Fanny Flagg, Bill Daley, they were all regulars on the show too. I loved Match Game, I still watch it occassionally on GSN.

  39. AO said,

    I still watch it too. And, you’re right. Gene was one fugly guy. I love Hollywood Squares.

  40. Martha said,

    Speaking of game shows.. how about What’s My Line?

  41. Bulldog said,

    Gene, Gene the dancing machine! God, I loooooved that show!! And, of course, the Muppet Show- loved the two old men hackling in the balcony. That was one show I never missed either!!

  42. jarheaddoc said,

    The Muppet Show! Jesus, I miss Beaker. Poor bastard, he was always getting shit on by that mad scientist and just trying like hell to get away with all of his limbs intact.

  43. Linda said,

    The Swedish Chef. Great stuff. In the 80s my brother in law died at home of a brain tumor, on the weekend. My SIL had been told she’d have to call emergency services if he died after hours, so she did, and then she turned on The Muppet Show. She was staring at it when the police came to the door, and they DID NOT get it. It was kind of awful. She was in a trance and they were playing 20 questions. Unfortunately it spoiled The Muppet Show for me for a long time.

  44. LaFlamme said,

    I’ll admit that on a fevered night a few weeks ago, I tried to write Nick at Nite. I’m pissed at their recent lineup. They show Benson or The Adams Family all through the night instead of mixing it up like they used to. This distorts my sense of well being, like gravity from massive objects will distort light. Either that or I’ve beeninto the tequila again. Does anyone have a breath mint?

  45. merilyn said,

    Please….how many episodes can there be of “The Fresh Prince of BelAir”? Every single night. please give us all a break!

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