Tastes like chicken

August 5, 2006 at 8:47 am (Uncategorized)

suicidal-chicken.jpgWhy is it that whenever someone wants you to try some weird sounding food, they reassure you by saying, “Don’t worry, it tastes like chicken”? Who started that? I can remember as a young child, people would eat everything from worms to boogers, but you could bet your bottom dollar it tasted like chicken.

I found this interesting piece under Urban Legends. Check it out:

KFC has been a part of our American tradition for many years. Many people, day in and day out, eat at KFC religiously. Do they really know what they are eating? During a recent study of KFC done at the University of New Hampshire, they found some very upsetting facts. First of all, has anybody noticed that just recently, the company has changed their name? Kentucky Fried Chicken has become KFC. Does anybody know why? We thought the real reason was because of the FRIED food issue. It’s not. The reason why they call it KFC is because they cannot use the word chicken anymore. Why? Because KFC does not use real chickens. They are actually genetically manipulated organisms. These so called “chickens” are kept alive by tubes inserted into their bodies to pump blood and nutrients throughout their structure. They have no beaks, no feathers and no feet. Their bone structure is dramatically shrunk to get more meat out of them. This is great for KFC because they don’t have to pay so much for their production costs. There is no more plucking feathers or removal of the beaks and feet. The government had told them to change all of their menus so they do not say chicken anywhere. If you look closely you will notice this. Listen to their commercials, I guarantee you will not see or hear the word chicken. I find this matter to be very disturbing. I hope people will start to realize this and let other people know. Please tell everyone you know about this and together we can make KFC start using real chicken again.chicken.jpg



  1. Linda said,

    God! This is disgusting! Does Urban Legends support it as true? I’m certainly hoping not. As UL’s go, it’s a doozy.

  2. Mainetarr said,

    It’s false, but when I read it to my office staff, they freaked because they all though it was true, they have been hearing it for a while. LOL I still don’t think anyone will be eating at KFC in the near future.

  3. Mainetarr said,

    Hey Linda, does the blueberry festival start today?  What’s going on there in Wilton?  Is it like a fair or carnival?

  4. Linda said,

    Started yesterday MT. there are lots of vendors, food (I think there is a pancake breakfast at the Boiler Room but the lines are long) flea market stuff, face painting, a standard town fair.

    There’s an exhibition center up the road from town, toward Weld, and lots of stalls up there i think, with a shuttle bus going back and forth. Also there is a parade this morning, 10 or 11 am not sure. Trouble is — all the traffic to the exhibition center, and to the start of the parade, and then the parade itself, all go right by my house. I like a parade as well as the next person but it’s a different story when it goes past your house. Not possible to take the car out of the driveway from about 8 or 9 onward, and my claustrophobia becomes extreme.

    That’s why I’m at my mother’s in Rumford aka dial up land. I’m a grinch!

    Still, the festival is pretty cool, and there will be fireworks over the lake tonight which is always great. A local woman organizes all this festivity, and my friend who died was her very best friend from kindergarten on, so everyone in town is glad the weather is great and the festival looks good this year — the organizers really deserved a break.

  5. K2 said,

    MT, too funny, a very good friend of mine and his girlfriend won’t eat KFC because of this impossible myth. (Didn’t anyone see the PETA footage of the the guy ruthlessly stomping on real chickens bound for KFC?) I explained the silliness of the whole thing, and they still won’t believe me. But get this: They eat Burger King. I mean, talk about cock meat.

    However, KFC is notorious for buying chickens from shady houses; and George Costanza (can’t recall his real name) stopped doing KFC’s ads because he came to realize he didn’t want to represent a company so dogged by cruelty-to-chickens complaints.

    Doesn’t change the fact that I fucking love an extra cripsy breast and wing with sides of slaw and mash w/gravy.

    For me, the biggest problem with KFC, and all the other fast food outlets, is that they fry in hydrogenated oils, those heartless bastards, both literally and figuratively.

  6. AO said,

    Mmm…I love KFC’s mashed potatos and gravy. They were a huge staple in my diet when I was pregnant with my son. Couldn’t get enough!

  7. K2 said,

    And their slaw? Right out of the styrofoam tub, baby.

  8. AO said,

    Nah, I hate slaw.

  9. Bobbie said,

    I haven’t been a big KFC fan since most of our meal turned up red and bloody. I’ll still eat the side dishes tho.

    As a side note, I was going thru the photos for thr photo albums and came across a really cool photo-one of the rock face shots shows a mother holding a baby wrapped in a blanket and then below it, it looks like a small child busting thru the rocks. Hopefully it will transfer over to the cd’s I’m making for everyone. Willhave to check that one out.

  10. Bobbie said,

    Just for you, K2. Do you have your passport ready?

    Hundreds expected to come to Masturbate-a-thon Fri Aug 4, 11:34 AM ET

    Hundreds of Britons are being urged to attend what is being branded as Europe’s first “Masturbate-a-thon”, a leading reproductive healthcare charity said on Friday.

    Marie Stopes International, which is hosting the event with HIV/AIDS charity the Terrence Higgins Trust, said it expected up to 200 people to attend the sponsored masturbation session in Clerkenwell, central London, on Saturday.

    “It is a bit of a publicity stunt but we hope it will raise awareness,” a Marie Stopes spokeswoman told Reuters.

    “We want to get people talking about safer sex, masturbation and to lift taboos.”

    Participants, who have to be over 18, can bring any aids they need and can take part in four different rooms — a comfort area, a mixed area, along with men and women only areas.

    However, the rules on the event’s Web site states there can be no touching of other participants nor are people allowed to fake orgasms.

    “The amount you raise will be determined by how many minutes you masturbate and/or how many orgasms you achieve,” the Web site said.

    The Marie Stopes spokeswoman said local religious groups had been initially outraged, but after people had heard what the event was about, most had approved it.

    Police had also given it their approval.

    Similar events have been staged in San Francisco for the last six years raising $25,000 (13,000 pounds) for women’s health initiatives and HIV prevention. If successful, Marie Stopes said it could take place elsewhere in mainland Europe next year.

  11. Daniel said,

    The great thing is that “cultured meat” or whathaveyou will soon be a thing of reality. Cheaper and healthier for you than the food commonly found in fast food restaurants and super-markets, and of a higher quality than many foods found in health food stores, which are often a little bit old, or even wilted if it is vegetable.

    Can’t wait.

  12. Robert said,

    I don’t care where it came from, or how it grew, this stuff tastes damned good and Im gonna keep eating it till I loose all my teeth LOL…

    Must be tough with mark out to find good stories…

    Mainetarr, please relay to him that next time he wants to do a story about downtown lewiston, go sit outside Oak Park (senior housing at Oak & Park) in the evening and watch the comings and goings in the parking garage and bus terminal….a relative at Oak Park told me 2 hookers were busted in the parking garage this week while they were “working”, and from what I saw Friday night, theres even more shady action occurring…you can drive in and out for free after 6 PM so it seems to be the new off the street meeting place for deals of all kinds..so glad they built it LOL

  13. Linda said,

    Mainetarr, great job this week, keep the stomach-turning stories coming.

  14. AO said,

    Robert, It sounds like the Oak Park seniors garage is the place to hang out on a Friday night! 🙂

  15. Mainetarr said,

    Thanks, Linda. And I will relay that message to him Robert. I am sure he will be soon spotted on the park bench, radio in hand. LOL Maybe AO and I will stake out the place too.

  16. AO said,

    Sounds like a caper!

  17. Mainetarr said,

    Well, we are always looking for something to do. Mark and I went out one night trying to see what a Lewiston hooker looked like. Everytime I saw someone on the sidewalk, I would ask if they were a hooker. Mark must have thought I was a nuts!!

  18. AO said,

    Let’s make a night out of it, MT. Don’t forget the radio’s!

  19. LaFlamme said,

    Yeah. And when I finally found that hooker? Tasted like chicken.

  20. doily maker said,

    You mean crochet hooker? Or rug hooker?

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