A pedophile by any other name

August 30, 2006 at 12:20 am (Uncategorized)

reusable_enema-bag.gifFrom now on, can we refer to the washed out suspect from the Ramsey case as Mark-Friggin-Karr? Or maybe, “that douche bag?” There is just something about that spooky-eyed, loud-mouthed geek that I find loathsome. And I know we’ve batted the Ramsey case around in here a time or two, but now a new conundrum is at hand. What do you do with an obvious pedophile who has confessed to an old child murder but who is not linked to it in any physical way? Do you just drag him out of the jail cell against his protests and throw him back on the street, like an undersized fish tossed back into a pedophile pond? No obstructing justice, creating false alarm, or illegal possession of douche bag characteristics?

Pedophiles are everywhere and they are all despicable. But they come in different forms. You have the slobbering wolf-like rippers who prey on kids because they want to and they maintain secrecy by threatening the victims of their nasty impulses. Then you have the Mark Karrs and Michael Jacksons of the world, men (in a loose sense of the word) who insist they only have a special affinity for tots and they would never harm them in any way.

The Peter Pans of the pedophile world are particularly troubling. They might be camp counselors, little league coaches or teachers. And that’s a real bitch, because there are counselors, coaches and teachers who have a genuine affinity for children that does not involve touching private parts or being touched. These good men and women will always be under at least partial clouds of suspicion because, really. Who among us really trusts anyone around kids these days?

Mark-Friggin-Karr did the world a disservice in many ways. He clouded an already hopelessly murky investigation. He provided false hope for the people who are desperate to see Jon Benet’s killer strung up sooner rather than later. And he further illustrated that child molesters are monsters with human masks, and that monsters prowl every segment of society. When the Halloween movie hosts say “lock your doors, hide your children,” it doesn’t just apply to 90 minutes of Creature Feature any more. That’s real world advice because people like Mark-Friggin- Karr and other mincing, child-hungry lechers undermine the trust, not only of children, but the people who protect them.

Confessing falsely to the rape and murder of a six-year-old doesn’t qualify as free speech, but it doesn’t qualify as a crime, either. Mark-Friggin-Karr will probably take his child desiring ass off to another foreign country and get his teaching career back off the ground. Because he loves the little ones so. Because he understands and identifies with them.

Because he’s a complete and utter douche bag.



  1. Mainetarr said,

    He is a douchebag. First off, the bastard should have to work in a coal mine to repay what it cost the taxpayers to ship his fairy ass back to the US from Thialand. And don’t forget the champaigne and king prawn he consumed while on flight. Since they will now have to take him back to Sonoma County, he should have to work off what it costs to bring him there, too. Considering he is facing child pornography charges which date back to 2001, which by the way are misdemeanors, he will probably face limited jail time. I think any time he serves should be as someones bitch on Riker’s Island, not in a country club jail in California. Better yet, when he finishes his sentence, ship him back to Thailand.

  2. Bobbie said,

    Hopefully they’ll sentence him to a nice long time for skipping out on the child pornography case. Too bad this wasn’t his third strike in California-then we’d never have to worry about him being loose again.

  3. brenda said,

    why would you ship him back to thailand? Thai children deserve human rights also.

    We should all watch our kids as if there’s sex offenders & pedophiles in the neighborhood, because, registered or not, there is- and you never know who it is that’s not caught yet.

  4. Mainetarr said,

    I would ship him back because he was in big trouble in Thailand because he owed a lot of people a lot of money according to reports on CNN and that is why he was so anxious to get the hell out. Do you actually think I am stupid enough to advocate sending him back so he could molest more children, Brenda? Give me a break.

  5. K2 said,

    Where are the vigilante killers when we need them most? Man do I miss Charles Bronson. He’d blow Karr’s fucking head clean off his shoulders.

    And can’t you be arrested for making false statements to police? Or at least be beat to a pulp in custody?

    I read yesterday that a professor from Penn U. was busted for pedophilia — his third offense in 11 years. They nabbed him at Customs, because they noticed how many trips to Thailand he’d taken.

  6. brenda said,

    charles bronson movies make me sick, sick sick, can’t even be in the same house when they are on. I guess I’m sensitive to that kind of violence.

  7. brenda said,

    I looked at Gil’s blog. There is no amount of poetry that can make up for being such a jerk , period.

  8. brenda said,

    It’s like if you take magnets & turn them the wrong way, how they push apart, you can’t make them touch (except with greater force than what the magnets themselves have) – that’s me & gil.

  9. K2 said,

    Oh, his movies are terrible, but the his message is clear: Mess with my kid, and I fucking kill your ass.

    Bronson wasn’t half bad in ‘The Great Escape.’ Great flick. Relatively true story too.

  10. Daniel said,

    Three words for the guy: Electric. Testicle. Clamps.

  11. FRED said,

    Add firing squad to that list!

  12. LaFlamme said,

    Ah. We must be talking about Bronson’s “Death Wish” series. You watch them now and they reek of the 80’s. But the central plot is a good one and, let’s face it. Nobody’s better at steely-eyed killin’ than Chuck. “You believe in Jesus? You’re gonna meet him. “BLAM!

  13. Mainetarr said,

    Holy crap, you’re up early!! What’s going on?

  14. LaFlamme said,

    Ah, I have a lunch meeting with an editor (the book kind, not one of those awful news editors) and a former FBI agent. The agent wanted me to write the story of his life. I declined, but stayed in touch with the dude. Nice guy. I set him up with my editor and we’re going out to Longhorn to discuss the project.

  15. LaFlamme said,

    Hey, would I have gotten away with the heavy use of “douchebag” on the SJ blog? I forget what the rules were over there.

  16. Linda said,

    Not to mention Daniel’s “electric testicle clamps” — no way that would have worked on the SJ

  17. LaFlamme said,

    Ah, liberation.

  18. "The Weasel" said,

    A pedophile by any other name is called a HERB

  19. LaFlamme said,

    It’s like seven degrees of Thailand around here. All roads lead to Bangkok.

  20. curious said,

    why all the fuss about Karr, when John G. Garshva was just sentenced to nine months for getting drunk and trying to lure a nine year old girl into his truck. And he’s a registered sex offender in Mass. AND this happened in Lisbon Falls. No outrage, or comment? You guys must know him and he’s probably just misunderstood.

  21. K2 said,

    Hey, bi-curious, I commented on that scum a few weeks ago, and a few others joined in.

    Your next pointless accusation?

  22. Mainetarr said,

    I just read about that. Another prime example of why Jessica’s Law should have been passed. Douchebags.

  23. Mainetarr said,

    Brenda, go back and read post number 4. I was not saying that he should be sent to another country to continue molesting children, I want you to see that and be VERY clear that is not what I was saying.

  24. curious said,

    Interesting, instead of bashing the pervert’s sentence, you bash the person that pointed out the ridiculous sentence. Guess I hit a nerve with K2.

  25. AO said,

    I think they should have left Friggen-Karr in Thailand and just had his DNA samples sent to Colorado.

  26. LaFlamme said,

    Yeah. Just because the guy’s a failed molester, doesn’t mean he should be treated less harshly. Sooner or later, he’ll get it right.

    PS: I still think “bi-curious” was funny.

  27. brenda said,

    mainetarr, I did understand, that just had to get you to finish/ clarify your thought.

    by the way, “jerk” is name-calling & judgemental; sorry, I usually avoid expressing myself that way. Gil’s like a brother to me: the one I can’t be in a car or alone in the same room with! But I do care about his well-being & want him to be happy & loved, just disagree with about everything!

    I haven’t gotten around to writing about it, but I have been thinking there’s something screwey about the sentences for child molesters around here- I keep reading that they walk out of prison after a few years, (although they have a hard time living anywhere) but that guy Haggi from Knox st – raped a 17 year old, & will be in prison +40 years. That’s fine, but why are these other guys walking around after a short sentence? Why don’t child molesters get 40+ in prison too?

  28. brenda said,

    And then there’s the women who killed 5 children, post-partum depression, sure— but they KILLED 5 CHILDREN! JEEZ! If they get treatment- could they walk out of a mental institution?
    NO WAY!!! that’s just wrong.

    anyone who kills or hurts a kid is mentally ill.
    It doesn’t mean they can be set free. except- Maybe in Heaven.

  29. K2 said,

    Bi-curious, obviously the sentence is too light. Or in other words: No shit, Sherlock.


  30. K2 said,

    From your initial post, bi-curious/Dan: ‘You guys must know him and he’s probably just misunderstood.’

    Like I’m not gonna go after you for that bull shit?

    By the way, your breath smells like cock.

  31. LaFlamme said,

    Yeah. It’s a conpsiracy in here to protect child molesters that we know personally. He’s on to us, people. We need to take down this office pronto. To the safehouse!

  32. ~~~~~~? said,

    I’m not curious, but wondering, what makes you think curious is bi and/or dan? I thought curious had a good point to make.
    maybe you know he smells like cock because it’s yours?

    uh, delete, I would not say that….. never never…..

  33. brenda said,

    where am I? I thought this was the “kill all child-molesters on sight” blog?

  34. lost shoe said,

    no, that was street talk

  35. K2 said,

    You don’t make a point by insulting people for no reason. Duh.

    More anonymous pussies in here? Reads like Brenda, but I could be wrong.

  36. LaFlamme said,

    Yeah. “I have a strong point to make and I want the world to know how I feel!”

    — No name

  37. Mainetarr said,

    I always stand up for what I believe in and will fight to the death- Anonymous

  38. K2 said,

    “‘What ails you, Polyphemus,’ said they, ‘that you make such a
    noise, breaking the stillness of the night, and preventing us from
    being able to sleep? Surely no man is carrying off your sheep?
    Surely no man is trying to kill you either by fraud or by force?
    “But Polyphemus shouted to them from inside the cave, ‘Noman is
    killing me by fraud! Noman is killing me by force!’
    “‘Then,’ said they, ‘if no man is attacking you, you must be ill;
    when Jove makes people ill, there is no help for it, and you had
    better pray to your father Neptune.’
    The Odyssey, anybody?

  39. K2 said,

    Oops. premature postulation. Crap, my keyboard is soaked. Again.

    This anonymous shit reminded my of the cyclops-getting-stabbed-in the-fucking-eye-by-the-McGyver-like-Ulysses scene in Homer’s Odyssey. The captured Ulysses had previously, and cleverly, told the cyclops that his name was ‘Noman.’

  40. K2 said,

    Yes, I was reaching. . . . Really reaching.

  41. LaFlamme said,

    I was sort of in to the sirens.

  42. Linda said,

    For the record — wasn’t me.

  43. Linda said,

    The benefits of a classical education, K2. Or that’s what they say, anyhow. It’s been a long time since I heard anyone cite the Odyssey to make a point. Usually people are quicker to dig up some Shakespeare, that prolific bastard. He’s like monkeys on keyboards — you’re bound to find something relevant.

  44. LaFlamme said,

    How’s that go? If seven hundred monkeys typed for seven hundred years, one of them would produce the work of Shakespeare.

  45. lost shoe said,

    I’m not curious, but also not anonymous. I figure you know when I use names as part of the joke. ~~~ real problem is I ‘m not very funny when I try to be- wouldn’t you change your name if your jokes were so lame?

  46. brenda said,

    what do you mean, k2? I’m not quite following you- who were you referring to when you said you don’t make a point by insulting people for no reason?

    I admitted I was wrong to call gil a jerk, I should have found a better way to say it. Is that what you meant?

  47. K2 said,

    brenda, first, you’re ‘lost shoe.’ So maybe bi-polar psychotropics are what you need. Okay, that’s out of the way. Second, so were you ~~~~~~? or what? Cripes, woman, I don’t have time for this shit.

    Oh, the sirens. Tie yourself to the mast, man!

    Some Cream, anyone?

    Tiny purple fishes run laughing through your fingers
    And you want to take her with you, to the hard land of the winter. . . .

  48. brenda said,

    well, no I am not bipolar, just have a weird sense of humor

  49. K2 said,

    So, were you ~~~~~~? or not?

    Hello? McFly?

  50. Scott Watson said,

    To start blindly with a statement is a sign of arrogance and narrow-mindedness, and will lead to conflict. To start blindly with a question is a sign of uncertainy and honesty, and will lead to wisdom.

    Lotta arrogance in this blog today.

  51. LaFlamme said,

    One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small. But the white stuff mother gives you don’t do anything at all.

  52. Mainetarr said,

    McFly? hee hee Related to Spanish Fly?

    Is there some big to-do at Fastbreaks tonight? K2, do you know anything about this?

  53. ShitLuck Holmes (I got the small one) said,

    Hey, Mr. Watson, you wanna be a little more specific with your comment, or you just gonna play that inscrutable Oriental shit all day?

  54. brenda said,

    sometimes when I try to be funny, I really am not. so sorry.
    k2 you could be right sometimes but I thought you could take a joke.

    generally I like to stay within my public personna, everybody knows who I am, I’m even on the nrews, peopel know who my kid is, etc, I am not anonymous at all, I am looking for a job & would prefer not to have something taken out of context that I say in jest.

  55. lost shoe said,

    I think brenda can spell but sometimes her fingers get going all wrong!
    anyway, I like to joke around, and as I am lost shoe from the lost soles tavern, I usually relate my jokes to the blog and what’s going on in it.

  56. jarheaddoc said,

    linda, I hated Shakespeare, but you’re right, you can find something releveant in that fuck’s works. Like this: alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well! Which I would translate to mean: Better him than me!

  57. ~~~~~~ said,

    yes k2, I am me ~~~~~


  58. brenda said,

    I liked Puck: “…where the bee sucks, there sucks I”
    I named a cat Titania & another Queen Mab, from Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  59. Dennise the menace said,

    Mr. Wilson, what’s new? Are you?

  60. Dennise t. menace said,

    oh, it was watson, not wilson

  61. Mainetarr said,

    You mean Dennis? LOL Or are you his sister Denise?

  62. sulu said,

    where’s Fastbreaks? what’s that Mainetarr?

  63. lost sole, really, lost said,

    well, my jokes really don’t work so well do they? Denise (intended as pun with Dennis, but denise so as to not sound like a gay joke) T Menace, was flirting with Wilson, mistakenly since it was really Watson, so the Menace didn’t even have any reason to show up here.
    ok, so I’m not funny.

    I’m humor impaired, that’s what it is.

  64. Mainetarr said,

    In Lewiston, it’s a Sportsbar, Sulu. Someone said on TOS (a radio station) there was something going on over there tonight, but I didn’t hear what it was.

  65. AO said,

    K2’s gonna be the star in tonights dance contest.

  66. Linda said,

    What do Dennis the Menace and Jabba the Hut have in common? (See Brenda, it’s possible to post lame, unfunny jokes under your own name)

  67. brenda said,

    No, Linda- What do Dennis the Manace & Jabba the Hut have in common?

  68. Anonymous said,

    they’re both idiots

  69. jarheaddoc said,

    I was going to offer that they were part of a franchise that wouldn’t go away…. I’m popping out again

  70. LaFlamme said,

    Romeo, Romeo, the fuck you at, Romeo.

  71. AO said,

    Romeo and Juliet…one of THE best Dire Strait’s songs.

  72. Linda said,

    Their middle name of course, Brenda ….

  73. Linda said,

    I love Dire Straits. Years ago I saw a televised concert or more a jam session really, with Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins. Hows that for an odd couple? It was classic though.

  74. AO said,

    Must have been a great show. Two great artists.

  75. Linda said,

    jd, what’s popping out? Sounds painful, do you need surgical intervention of some sort? I’m just asking …

  76. LaFlamme said,

    Hey, is the first time I’ve ever posted a photo of an actual douche bag?

  77. AO said,

    That photo brought back memories of the movie Sybill. Gack…I could never get through that whole flick.

  78. LaFlamme said,

    Wait, wasn’t it an enema in Sybil? Is it the same kind of apparatus? I know NOTHING!

  79. Linda said,

    Mark, just put your cursor over the pic and hold it still for a moment and then read the little box.

    AO, I managed to read the book but the movie — no, me neither.

  80. AO said,

    I THINK it’s the same thing. Hell, way before my time. Again…Gack.

  81. jarheaddoc said,

    Linda, i was referring to the recent habit I have of popping in and out of the blog.

    And mark, that is an enema bag. Or a small portable shower. Or a way to clean out ________. You guys fill in the blank.

  82. jarheaddoc said,

    Hey, isn’t there some sort of college tradition about blowing up an enema bag? I saw it on tv once, either college students or athletes who had the lung capacity of a whale. Hell of a noise when they pop, quite a shock when it queefs backwards.

  83. AO said,

    Wow, thanks, Linda. Gawd…from what little I saw of that movie, it was the worst, most unimaginable thing I’ve ever seen. I know, there’s worse but, when that movie came out, I had no clue.

  84. Linda said,

    jd I knew that. Just a lame joke, I should have posted it under an alias

  85. AO said,

    Hmm…I thought you had a hernia.

  86. jarheaddoc said,

    Lame jokes seem to be a central theme of this blog, so don’t feel bad. You’re an educated woman with a wild streak, tell me about blowing up those enema bags, Linda.

  87. K2 said,

    MT, yeah, tonight is the monthly Biker Appreciation Night at the ‘Break. Not my cup of rabid, inbred testosterone, I’m afraid. If only I could be a drunken rage-aholic, Fight-Club wannabe mysognistic meat head, then I would really fit in. Oh, and I’d need a bike too. Maybe a Suzuki would go over well? Yamaha? Kawasaki? Honda? What?!? . . .

    Watson, you were second fiddle then, and you’re second fiddle now. Elementary, my queer Watson.

    And isn’t Coca-Cola the world’s most popular douche? Serioulsy. I read it in People.

  88. AO said,

    K2, you’d need a really loud HOG. But, since I know how much you hate them, you’re better off skipping the festivities.

  89. jarheaddoc said,

    I am truly fucked if it is, K2. I swill way too much of it on a daily basis. Wait a second, I question your source, K2! You jes’ fuckin’ wiff Jarhead! People magazine as a reliable source. Methinks your THC stores are self-depleting tonight

  90. jarheaddoc said,

    Maybe K2 knows about blowing up enema bags and condoms.

  91. Linda said,

    Haven’t got the lung power. But I did see it done (though not well) at a frat party once, it was half filled with beer first and somebody had to stick a corkscrew into it once it was blown up because it wouldn’t pop. What a friggin’ mess that was.

  92. jarheaddoc said,

    Hmm, just realized that my bad day at work with full of shit people and others who are trying to screw everyone else is manifesting itself in wanting to know about people pumping hot air into enema bags and condoms.

  93. jarheaddoc said,

    Okay, that’s LOL for me, Linda.

  94. Mainetarr said,

    Yup, that’s what it was K2. Thanks, it was driving me crazy and Lord knows I don’t have far to go. I knew I heard something wild was going on there tonight.

  95. LaFlamme said,

    Biker appreciation night? You making that up?

  96. K2 said,

    Ahhh, right on topic. Let’s hope the dead guy deserved it: http://www.cnn.com/2006/LAW/08/30/neighbor.stabbing.ap/index.html

  97. Mainetarr said,

    no, he’s not making it up. Kip told me about it earlier, but I was half paying attention. He was ranting about TOS being there, the parking lot would be overflowing and there would be many many tops coming off during the course of the evening.

  98. K2 said,

    You can’t make that up. You know, a party for the most ruthless lawbreakers on wheels? As you would say, Good times, man. Good times.

    I was there a for one a few months ago. It’s funny, all these ‘outlaws,’ and yet they had a raffle where they were giving away Harley apparrel, and all those bikers turned into high school girls hoping for the next logo T-shirt or duffel bag or monogrammed pocket pussy or whatever. I mean, you’re a tough guy, and you’re clamoring for a registered Harley trademarked keepsake? G-A-Y.

  99. Mainetarr said,

    Hooray for Mr. Edington!

  100. AO said,

    That’s one sad story. But, let’s DO hope that he deserved it.

  101. Linda said,

    You hardly know what to hope for. If it was true, then the little girl was assaulted. If it wasn’t true, then he got killed for nothing.

  102. K2 said,

    I’m going on pure speculation, but I bet the dad did the right thing.

  103. AO said,

    I’d do the same. I’d be in jail in a heartbeat.

  104. LaFlamme said,

    Dayum! That’s a good story on many levels. Vigilante justice? Wrongful accusations? No good guys or bad guys clearly established yet until the facts come out. Someone called the wrinkled broad from Murder she Wrote.

  105. Gil said,

    You know, I just got in and read the blog and Brenda’s comments. I was going to be acerbic and sarcastic with a pithy “Oh no!! People are offended at my blog entry!! Please forgive me Brenda….” and so on.
    But the more I think about it the madder I get about it. Brenda, tell me one place that I lied in that entry and I will offer up a retraction. The entire point of that blog was to point out the ineptitude and laziness of the New Orleans residents who are still crying a year later. Mississippi was hit by THE FREAKIN’ EYE of the hurricane and they were rebuilding and getting back to business the next week. Casino’s flooded – pass a law and move them inland temporarily. Neighbors washed out – rescue them and feed them. Did they wait for the feds? No. They helped themselves. The 9th ward has always been a cesspool and the way they acted during the crisis and ever since has proven that they are as low on personal character as they are on funds. I never mentioned a certain race or ethnicity because the ward is populated by black, white and hispanic. All are equally to blame for their problems, along with Nagin and company.
    Nancy libs such as yourself have fostered this welfare society mindset, and I could really give two rat farts about your apology. I may not be couth and tactful, but then again there is a reason that I named the blog The Church of the PAINFUL Truth. Apparently the truth is something that you are not interested in, only in how people “FEEL”. Fuck that.
    But other than that, you know, have a nice day. Oh, and welcome bi-curious/Dan.

  106. Flip Flop said,

    That’s one sad story. But, let’s DO hope that he deserved it.

    I’d do the same. I’d be in jail in a heartbeat.

    which is it ao?

  107. LaFlamme said,

    I never did grasp what Brenda was referring to earlier. In my defense, I was just waking up and had not yet poured coffee directly into my eye sockets.

  108. jarheaddoc said,

    Oh, I can see it now: the wife was actually having an affair with the neighbor and he wanted her all for himself, which caused the wife to panic. Everyone has a dark side, regardless of his or her pedigree, so the wife cooks up the story about the neighbor molesitng the kid-which, by the way, was never explained how he gained access to the kid-and the father goes nuts because it’s his little girl and all that.

    And don’t go getting your testicles torsed or your undies in a bunch when you read that! Stranger shit has happened and we all know it! And the liberal goddam media has a bad habit of reproting things in sound bites.

    It’s just a theory.

  109. jarheaddoc said,

    Mark, you would have to read the blog gil posted. Now, he’s an opinionated sonofabitch as far as I’m concerned, but he hit a great many nails on the head with the post. The people who got off their asses and saw the government money as a hand up, not a hand out, are getting on with their lives, while the dead weight is just hanging around. But I digress, his wording is much better.

  110. Linda said,

    Flip flop, I think AO and any other parent is entitled to a healthy case of cognitive dissonance over a story like this. Not everything’s black or white, especially feelings.

  111. AO said,

    lawyer climbed through a neighbor’s bedroom window and stabbed him to death after being told by a family member that the man had molested his 2-year-old daughter, authorities say.

    If it’s true, that said, tell me you wouldn’t do the same, Flip Flop. I would.

  112. brenda said,

    jarheaddoc, your theory actually makes perfect sense. It really does. And I agree with you rcomment- how did the neighbor get access to the kid, if he did molest her? If they had complaints that he was watching & being inappropriate in the window, they wouldn’t leave the child unattended – or anywhere he could get to her?

    I can’t get into it with you Gil, I just can’t. It starts with your attitude.

    A year ago I was in a cnn.com-coma, glued to the computer screen for days watching with horror as people were suffering & dying. The 4th Day the federal gov’t said they just found out. Guess they don’t watch cnn.com online. I’ll never forget those pictures.

  113. Gil said,

    Brenda, you are so full of shit that your eyes are brown. Do you really expect anyone to believe that the feds didn’t know what was going on in the aftermath of Katrina for four days?! Do you really believe that CNN was the only source? Even you can’t be that naive. My attitude may be hard to handle for kneejerk liberals who want to believe that everything bad that happens can be laid at the feet of Conservatives. I can understand how hard it is for myrmidons such as yourself to believe that the truth is far different than what Moveon.org would like you to believe. This country was not founded on the belief that government should take care of you cradle-to-grave. It was founded on the principles of self-reliance and hard work. Perhaps it’s time that you give up on CNN and start seeking the truth. Question everything. Believe nothing until it is proven by unbiased sources. I’m not saying tune in to FOX news, I’m saying get off of your ass and do some research before you open your holier-than-thou piehole. In the words of the Great One, “Trust, but verify”.

  114. brenda said,

    Do you really expect anyone to believe that the feds didn’t know what was going on in the aftermath of Katrina for four days?! Do you really believe that CNN was the only source?

    EXACTLY! So why didn’t they DO anything about it??? Why did they go on tv and say they just found out? were they ignorant, or deliberately ignoring it?
    We can send food airdrops to africa and asia and mideast & timbuktu etc but not to Louisiana?

    You can watch all that suffering and then rant about cradle to grave deadbeats?

    conservative versus liberals?
    What about human beings?

    You don’t have to tell me to question any dam thing, I don’t even give a glance to anyone arrogant enough to think he can present blog as a church, his opinions as Truth —like you’re some kind of prophet!????

    “holier than thou”? Are you talking to yourself?

    I was devastated to watch the suffering and not do much about it, I’m certainly not feeling righteous on the topic, But to blame the victims of a disaster like that is just mean & evil.

    What is the point of all our intelligence & technology if not to help human beings, but to destroy each other and the very Earth we depend on?

  115. jarheaddoc said,

    I am shaking my head at some of the excahnges that are going on between you and Gil, Brenda.

    FEMA guidelines clearly state that people should have three to five days worth of supplies on hand, such as food and water and medicine, because that’s how long it’s going to take the government to get to you.
    The reason? It takes that much time, at the bare bones minimum, to mobilize resources. Are you aware that a great many FEMA workers are on call, not full time, and need to be able to get their own shit squared away before they can leave?

    New Orleans is built below sea level, for Christ Sake! How in the hell am I supposed to generate sympathy for people with that type of mentality? And the condition of the levees was the responsibility of the local government, not the federal.

    It’s way too easy to let the media suck you into a story, Brenda. I will agree that a lot of human suffering happened down there, but a lot of people have also gotten off their asses and done something about their plight. There is a huge difference between a hand out and a hand up.

    Fraud, waste, and abuse has been the order of the day in our government for a very long time; Katrina was not the first, nor will it be the last, example of this! Oh, yeah, a lot of shit was done wrong, at all levels. It sounds to me like you wanted the federal government to step in and take over everything.

  116. brenda said,

    FEMA guidelines clearly state that people should have three to five days worth of supplies on hand, such as food and water and medicine, because that’s how long it’s going to take the government to get to you.

    a lot of good that does when your house is underwater & you’re standing on the roof.

  117. brenda said,

    well what good is a government then?

    actually all I had said was that I was in a cnn.com coma and that afterthe emotion of that the attitude of blaming the poor people who were struggling to stay alive is hard to swallow. If it happened to me, I’d grab my kid & walk, with 2 backpacks: one with what essentials I could carry & the other filled with our 2 small sleeping bags & a small tent that fits into a backpack.

    I saw elderly people & their caretakers, desperate, unable to go anywhere,unable to stay, dead bodies, families, babies in arms…….. are you suggesting cnn made the whole thing up to upset gullible “liberals” like me? Their reporters were also in danger, but the cnn producers managed to get water & some kind of emergency food to the reprters. Why couldn’t any body else get through? Maybe FEMA should be run by the media? {sarcasm intended}

  118. jarheaddoc said,

    Okay, now I’m getting pissed off with you, too. There was a general lack of preparedness on the people in the area that dates back to building the fucking city below sea level!

    And the reason the fucking reporters had supplies was because they brought the stuff in with them. My god, you really need to open your eyes and take a look at more than just what your heart strings tell you to see.

    And the government taking over is called martial law, Brenda. That’s when the troops have the not only the right, but the responsibility, to shoot lawbreakers! No trial by jury, no presumption of innocence, nothing, just a bullet in the back and the problem is solved, right?

    I don’t like my government very much right now, at any level, and that is my right. There were a lot of things the government did right in that response but the media doesn’t want you to know about that, does it?

    Now, correct me if I’m wrong, and I’m sure you will, but don’t you have Native American blood in your veins? I will tie that to your wanting the government to run everything: this is the same government that put your people on reservations, Brenda.

  119. jarheaddoc said,

    And I don’t want to hear a damn word of complaint if you don’t exercise your right AND GODDAM RESPONSIBILITY TO VOTE!

  120. K2 said,

    Susan Collins said it best. Katrina was a failure at ALL levels of governement — local, state and the Fed.

  121. Bobbie said,

    I watched an interesting show last night that covered the subject of the levees in New Orleans. It seems that the upgrading that was taking place on the levee system was started in the 1960’s, after Hurricane Betsy, I believe. The upgrade still wasn’t finished 40 years later. The show also mentioned that cut rate material had been used and that it contributed to the failure of the levees. Now it’s going to take $3.7 BILLION dollars to upgrade and repair the levee system, providing that they can get it done before the next Class 5 hurricane hits.

  122. K2 said,

    I agree with Gil on one thing (and not much else), the people of New Orleans can’t agree on any rebuilding plans. While the most of the blacks (there weren’t many, if any, whites or Latinos) in the 9th Ward actually owned the land they lived on, some areas of it should obviously not be rebuilt. However, some of the 9th Ward is above sea level, so they can rebuild those sections. You can see the Ward’s residents point to a degree: they don’t want leave their ‘home.’ And sure, the 9th was primarily a shit hole (minus Chubby Checker’ s white mansion that was also destroyed — he was saved from his rooftop by helicoter) it was THEIR shit hole. And home is where the heart is. Of course, there’s just no pragmatism amongst the majority of its residents, so all the rebuilding plans (and there are some good ones) are in perpetual hold. I’ve been reading an in-depth series on this in the New Yorker, and, while the NYer is liberal, it has taken plenty of aim at Nagin, residents, et al. Of course, the Bush administration has failed miserably, and it would be nice if Gil’s post acknowledged some accountability. A very Rumsfailed-esque mentality displayed by so many of those on the right.

  123. jarheaddoc said,

    Did you happen to see the Brain Williams interview with Bush? Williams asked bush what his legacy was going to be and in typical bush fashion, President Bush felt that his legacy was going to be stellar. I really can’t see that happening, to be honest with you.

  124. Robert said,

    This just in off the wire…

    “In light of recent events involving the Jon Benet Ramsey murder, The Boulder District Attorney office business cards will now have changes in abbreviated letters including:

    DA changed from District Attorney to Dumb Ass
    ADA changed from Assistant District Attorney to Another Dumb Ass

  125. brenda said,

    I once was a guest in a house in Northridge, Ca. It was a big beautiful house, they said that it had been rebuilt, thanks to FEMA$, after their first house was destroyed by the Northridge Earthquake. They admitted this one was much bigger & better. There were huge 4 foot circumference steel posts that were anchored deep within the ground, since it was still on an eatrthquake zone. The owners were a writer that was my boyfriends’ old college friend and her husband, who was also a writer, of the original Dream Team, working for Speilberg (on some alien Trekky language) and other projects. I remember, we watched the original South Park video, long before it was made into a tv show. Back then something like that was outrageous.
    Anyway, When the hurricane hit, based on my observations of people who build their houses in earthquakes’ faults, on top of hills, and on beaches, I figured that’s what FEMA does. When there was flooding in New Hampshire, Fema came fast & declared an emergency right away, providing money for the cleanup & rebuilding, right?
    ….can’t help but notice the differences….

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