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September 7, 2006 at 12:45 am (Uncategorized)

buf4-10p1.jpgWhen I was a teen, I wrote a lot of short stories with a necrophilia theme. You may call me a sexual deviant (again) if you will. But this was not your standard vampire, satanist, ritual fare. I mostly wrote about men driven mad by the loss of a beloved and the extreme steps they took to reunite with with them. Gruesome stuff, but a little romantic, too. No, really.

I enjoy Alice Cooper’s “I Love the Dead” and can sing it for you on command. “I love the dead, before they’re cold. Their bluing flesh for ME to hold…” I also hang out a lot in cemeteries, but I never insist that Flamette take an ice water bath and then remain very still during romantic moments. In spite of what you may have heard.

With all that in mind, I am genuinely aghast at the following story. I regard these fiends as kin to child molesters. Though the flesh of their victim has been vacated by human consciousness, it is still a matter of taking from a helpless victim that which has not been given. It is a matter of defilement and lusty greed. Throw them into the pit of degenerates, I say, and let the nature of the prison wards take its course.

Pioneer Press

On their way to dig up a grave in rural southwestern Wisconsin, the Grunke brothers and a friend stopped at a Wal-Mart to pick up some condoms, authorities said. Three days later, on Tuesday, twins Nicholas and Alexander Grunke, 20, and Dustin Radke, 20, were charged in Grant County with attempted theft — and attempting to have sex with a corpse.

“In different schools that teach you about bizarre behavior, necrophilia is one of those things that you hear about, but never think you’ll have to deal with,” said Grant County Sheriff Keith Grovier.

A Cassville police officer arrived at the St. Charles Cemetery on Saturday night after a neighbor alerted police to suspicious activity, according to a criminal complaint filed Tuesday. The officer found an abandoned vehicle parked near the cemetery. Minutes later, the complaint stated, the officer saw Alexander Grunke walking toward the vehicle, dressed in black and sweating profusely.

After being questioned, Grunke told the officer his brother and Radke were trying to dig up a grave, according to the complaint. The two drove into the cemetery to find the partially dug grave of a 20-year-old woman who was killed in a motorcycle accident Aug. 27 in Cassville. The diggers had only managed to reach the top of the grave’s concrete vault. Nicholas Grunke and Radke were arrested Sunday morning in Beetown, about eight miles from the cemetery.

The complaint said Radke told police that Nicholas Grunke had asked him to help dig up the Cassville woman’s body and take it to Grunke’s house, so that Grunke could have sex with it. On the way to the cemetery, Radke said, they stopped by a Dodgeville Wal-Mart to buy condoms “because Nick wanted to use them when he had sex with a corpse,” the complaint added. Grovier said the three did not know the woman but had seen her picture in a newspaper obituary.

The Grunkes are from Ridgeway, while Radke is from Dodgeville, both in Wisconsin’s Iowa County, about 50 miles northeast of Cassville. Grovier said the woman was “very well-liked, very popular” in Cassville, a Mississippi River town of about 1,100. “The community is very upset,” the sheriff said. “They can’t believe it.”

“The family, they’re people of faith, but this is still a difficult time for them,” the Rev. John Norder, pastor of St. Charles Church in Cassville, told the Associated Press on Monday. “We’re all pretty shook up that something like this could even happen. It blows your mind how anyone could stoop so low.”

Radke and the Grunkes were being held Tuesday night in the Grant County jail. The Grunke brothers were assigned a $1,000 bond, while Radke had a $1,500 bond for previous misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, Grovier said. Each could face nearly 5½ years in prison and a $17,500 fine.


  1. Nadine said,

    Can you just imagine how this came about in conversation between the two guys??!!!

    “I’m bored”

    “Me too”

    “I’m horny”

    “Me too”

    “Hey! I got an idea that will solve both problems!”

    “I’m in!”

    And the rest is…well, sick & twisted — and they didn’t even get off, HA!

    What a world we live (and die) in…sad

  2. LaFlamme said,

    I’m thinking it was more like this:
    “You hear Rhonda Doohickey died?”
    “Yeah. Crash.”
    “Yeah. Too bad. She was hot.”
    “Totally hot.”
    “Never gave us the time of day, though. Snobby bitch.”
    “Totally. Bitch. Goddamn hot, though.”
    “Yeah. You want to go dig her up and nail her?”
    “Do I! You got a shovel?”

  3. Nadine said,

    WOW! Sick! Too bad you’re probably right though. Blech!

  4. Nadine said,

    Well, my son is awake now…and I never slept — s’gonna be a loonnnggg day!

  5. jarheaddoc said,

    Coulda been worse, they coulda been digging up Mom or Grammy.

    Did you ever hear Sam Kinnison’s take on gay necrophilia? Absolutely hilarious.

  6. Nadine said,

    Yeah, gross, and at least she was still “fresh” (bad!! sorry!)

    Gay necrophilia — not sure I wanna hear it, esp from Sam!! OH OH OOOHHHH!!! HAHA!

  7. Linda said,

    Well there’s a disgusting story to start the day with. Just what I like, because it puts things in perspective, you know? Whatever happens — it could be worse! Gives you a yardstick to measure everything around you by. “At least it’s not as bad as digging up a corpse for sex!”

  8. Mainetarr said,

    HA Nadine! I could hear Sam saying that as I read it. That’s too funny.

    These guys are gross. You know what, you’re going to think I am sick, hell, even I can’t believe I am going to type this, but if someone JUST dies and a sick bastard has sex with them, that is bad enough, but to DIG SOMEONE UP, that’s just twisted. Gag!! I mean, if someone is attacked and killed, then the pervert has sex with the body, well, you can almost wrap your mind around that, but to DIG THEM UP??? That’s just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Then they went to Walmart to get condoms? WTF? Were the cheeseheads afraid they would knock her up? Or were they scared to get a maggot on their pecker? I gotta go before I puke! Gak!

  9. Mandy, the obit writer said,

    I don’t know if anyone has seen this story yet, but here’s another death related story for the blog:

    Daughter mum on dad’s death

    Thu, September 7, 2006

    By AP

    CHICAGO — An Amtrak passenger travelling with her ailing father waited nearly 23 hours and about 1,600 kilometres to tell authorities he had died so she could avoid the cost of shipping the body home, police said.

    The train had reached Chicago when Daniel Stepanovich’s daughter told officials he had died in a sleeper car Sunday night, about the time the train was pulling into Glenwood Springs, Colo., said Chicago police spokesperson Jo Ann Taylor.

    The woman told police she couldn’t afford to ship his body home and said Stepanovich, 80, suffered from lung and brain cancer.

    Stepanovich was pronounced dead of natural causes Tuesday, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. He’d lived in Hammond, Ind. His daughter, who was not identified, lives in the Chicago suburb of Grayslake.

    Officials were not sure when the two boarded the cross-country train, the California Zephyr, which travels from Emeryville, Calif., to Chicago.

    Amtrak spokesperson Marc Magliari said he couldn’t recall a situation in which a passenger’s death went unreported for so long.

  10. Richie said,

    I remember going on a “Unknown Disturbance” call once.

    Went to (name withheld) Funeral Home; and as I went to the front door I heard loud screaming coming from inside. Pulled my pistol and make a careful entry. Almost shot a dead guy laying on a mortuary table; meanwhile the screaming continues unabated. Call despatch and request assistance, but I’m told to handle it myself.

    Do my best tactical movement going upstairs. Screaming continues.

    Sneaking and creeping; I grab a look into first room off stairs. Hmm. Guy laying on flooor, bleeding; quite profusely it turns out. Ahh, fuck. Guy shot himselff. In the left side of the head, exit out the right just above and behind the ear. Yup. .45 cal pistol; but surprisingly not much distention or distrotion of the skull / facial area. We later found where the bullet bounced off the walls two or three times before finally faliling to the floor. Dead dude laying on floor is draining out. You don’t bleed when you’re dead, but gravity will cause you to drain out if you are laying ‘downhill’.

    The screaming continues.

    OK. Guy is bleeding out; doing the funky twitch on the floor. No hope for him. (I mean, WTF am I gonna do; put corks in the holes ?) Go down the hall; find woman sitting there crying and screaming. Finally get her to stop the damn screaming.

    Turns out: dead dude is her son. Big time druggie; using and selling. His life was gone to hell; his girlfriend ratted him out to the DEA and they were putting the potatoe to him big time. What pissed her off, though ? She was a druggie too; liked the drugs, the money, the, you know, “kewlness” of doing drugs (it MUST be kewl; so many people do drugs, right ?) etc etc. Turns out, dead dude had given her an STD.

    Nothing simple like crabs, or the roaring gohnnies; or crotch rot. Oh no; dead dude had given his girlfriend a particularly nasty germ you only get from sex with dead bodies. OH yes, there is one; I just wish that after all these years I could remember exactly what it’s called. Seems she went to the Doctor; and of course the Doc & med staff were, how do I say this, ‘perturbed’ by what they thought were her sexual proclivities. Life became quite difficult for the young ‘lady’; and revenge was Issue #1 on her list of things to do that day.

    Sooo, next time you read a story about some cute, sweet young thing dieing tragically young; just think about what the boys at the funeral parlor are doing . . .
    Keep in mind what they’re gonna do with YOU !!

  11. Mainetarr said,

    Look up cheap bastard in the dictionary and you will see her picture.

  12. Mainetarr said,

    Richie, that was in reference to the comment above yours. And that’s gross. People really are sick bastards.

  13. Linda said,

    “Live Fast Die Young and Leave a Beautiful Corpse”. Or … not.

  14. curious said,

    aren’t beautiful corpses the mostly likely to be …….?

  15. Bobbie said,

    For example, in 1890 in Paris, a woman was found dead in her home, her son sleeping next to her. She had been raped and then thoroughly disemboweled—by him, it turns out—and he had managed this by reaching into her vagina, puncturing the organs and pulling the intestines back out by the same route. He threw them over her shoulder. Then he lay down on that bed and went to sleep. The autopsy revealed that the mother had died before any of this occurred. He had ravaged her corpse. The young man was sent to an asylum.

    In an account called Crimes of the Genital Sense (1900), a man named Louis fell in love with a married woman and went to her home when her husband was absent. When she tried to defend herself, he split her head with an axe and then raped her corpse while it was still warm. Afterward he dismembered her and roasted her flesh in the oven, consuming her heart, one breast and her genitals.

    For some people, that’s what love is. For others, death just excites them. A 10-year-old boy asked his grandmother to leave him her body when she died, and one poor soul suffered from erections whenever he thought of a funeral, preventing him from attending them

  16. Bobbie said,

    The surprising thing discovered from this study, Masters says, is how often the corpses are not fresh but rather are dug up from the grave in a putrefied or mummified condition. Some even like only the bones. Those who actually feed on decaying dead bodies are known as necrophagists, as opposed to cannibals, who prefer fresh meat or who consume dead loved ones for spiritual purposes. One man merely wanted to eat the nail trimmings from a corpse, another merely to lick the sexual parts—and was still doing so with his exhumed inamorata even as the corpse was falling apart. One woman whose family had mostly died would go into the family crypt to devour the genitals of her male relatives.

  17. Bobbie said,

    “Within the obvious limitations,” says Masters, “every sexual act that might be performed with living bodies has been performed also with cadavers.” He claims that women would not derive as much satisfaction as men, since the sexual act is more difficult with a dead male, but he probably had not heard about the pumps that some female morgue workers have devised in recent years to correct this “problem.”

  18. LaFlamme said,

    Richie! Was that case local? Why doesn’t that kinda thing happen now that I’m hear to report it?

  19. LaFlamme said,

    Of course, it has been brought to my attention that the female orifi is routinely stuffed with an absorbant pad, much like a diaper, before burial. Wonder if Cleetus and Gunther out there in Wisconsin were aware of that.

  20. LaFlamme said,

    For our sing-a-long later, a nice, romantic diddy from Alice Cooper:

    I love the dead before they’re cold
    They’re bluing flesh for me to hold
    Cadaver eyes upon me see… nothing

    I love the dead before they rise
    No farewells, no goodbyes
    I never knew your now rotting face

    While friends and lovers mourn your silly grave
    I have other uses for you, darling…

    I love the dead
    I love the dead, yeah

  21. Linda said,

    Is any of this horrible stuff more likely to happen at the full moon? Because, you know, I think that might be tonight …

    Though its not the harvest moon, is it? I believe that’s the first full moon after the equinox.

  22. Mainetarr said,

    The harvest moon appears nearest to the autumn equinox, usually around September 23rd. Did you know it is also referred to Wine Moon, Singing Moon and Elk Call Moon.

  23. Linda said,

    Ahh … so I guess it’s October 6 this year

  24. lostboot said,

    getting redy for Halloween already, are we?

  25. LaFlamme said,

    Oh, don’t get me going on the full moon’s affect on psyche. I can unleash a good many facts debunking that concept.

  26. "The Weasel" said,

    My Favorite creepy guy……. Other than Herb he Perv.

  27. "The Weasel" said,

    Creepy…. yet crafty as well.

  28. Nadine said,

    HA! Weasel, I had to read that book about Ed Gein for my Deviant Behavior class in college. He is who the “Psycho” character is based on. He used to use skulls as cereal bowls and when they entered his house, they found chairs he had weaved from human skin and when they turned them over, there was still fat hanging from the skin!


  29. Linda said,

    Isn’t it funny, it seems like everyone had a course like that in college — mine was more discreetly named “Abnormal Psychology.” All the deviant crap, only for English and Sociology majors.

    Or, wait … are we a self-selected group here in the Lost Sole????? Our interest in the morbid goes way back? I think that’s probably it.

  30. AO said,

    Wow…this has to be one of the grossest things I’ve ever read. But, I think that Richie’s tale comes in a close second. Naa…I think it comes in first.

  31. jarheaddoc said,
    Greenskeeper, from the album Pleetch

    I pulled it off banged quite a while ago. It’s a song that makes reference to a lot of necrophiliacs and other deviants. Its footage is from ‘silence of the Lambs

  32. LaFlamme said,

    That’s a friggin GREAT song. I have it on my playlist at home.

  33. LaFlamme said,

    Ed Gein, like many of the others, had some serious mother issues. There was one — I don’t think it was Eddie — who ripped his momma’s voicebox out and shoved it into a garbage disposal.

  34. jarheaddoc said,

    this link will take you to the video. There are also a bunch of other deviant videos, too. Not that I’ve watched (m)any of them yet.

    It was the top video on the play list

  35. LaFlamme said,

    For the record, I do a spectacular impression of Buffalo Bill the serial killer.

  36. jarheaddoc said,

    I’m almost afraid to ask, but what the fuck: is that where he tucks his manhood between his legs and puts on women’s clothing and dances and wants a good fucking?

  37. Linda said,

    jd, go downtown and ask that.

  38. jarheaddoc said,

    I don’t mean a hooker doing that, I mean Mark. Oh, just forget about it. But watch the video….

  39. jarheaddoc said,

    I’m signing off for the night. You perverts have a good time

  40. Linda said,


  41. LaFlamme said,

    No, no. Not that part. I know exactly what JD is referring to. I can’t do that thing with the genitals, man.

  42. Gil said,

    Completely off topic
    My Steelers score again!!! 14-7 over Miami

  43. LaFlamme said,

    You’ve gotta try to connect the two. For instance: “Man, the Steelers are hot! I’m as excited as a school boy preparing to hump a dead girl!”

  44. Gil said,

    Porter scores on an interception!!! 28-17!!!
    Man those Dolphins are fucking dead
    Get it

  45. curious said,

    for general interest, the corn moon is out there.

  46. Daughtio said,

    A man working at a church northwest of Stockholm has been remanded in custody for a very, very unsavoury deed.

    The man, who is in his 40s and who was working at the church as a security guard, was arrested by police on suspicion of opening a coffin and having sex with a female corpse.

    “I am shocked,” said a priest in the parish, according to Expressen.

    A week ago, police detained the man after they found an open coffin awaiting burial in the church’s crypt. Near the unlocked coffin police found empty beer cans.

    “The lock was off and the body was lying in a position it should not be in,” said an unnamed police officer to Expressen. “We suspect that the guard has assaulted the dead woman.”

    The man is being held for breaking burial laws and could face to up to two years in jail.

    Ha, do no evil, eh? Why is there so many cases about this?

  47. LaFlamme said,

    …the body was lying in a position it should not be in…
    Yeah, that paints a pretty picture.

  48. K2 said,

    Hey, think about it: Scanning the obituary pages for chicks. It’s a total paradigm shift.

    Nothing like stopping in a grave yard for a cold one. She’s hot, you dig?

    Gil, I was glad to see Culpepper stink it up. I’m glad he’s not a Viking anymore. Just too damn arrogant and selfish. The antithesis of Brad Johnson, who, incidentally, is a year older than me. Oof.

  49. Richie said,

    Mark; no the incident occurred a number of years ago. Before you were here.
    It is only from luck that I found out the “rest of the story”.

    Originally it was a deemed a mere (uncomplicated) suicide. The fellow had taken to more bizarre behavior; and on the night of the incident, IIRC, his mother stated he was running around the building in his underwear also yelling and screaming, praying out loud, and calling on God to forgive him and for Jesus to save him.

    Now, understanding the disease he’d gotten; I can see why he was in a frenzy. Doing dead bodies doesn’t do it for me; I prefer mine nubile, warm and friendly !

    Anyways, when hen I found him, he had removed even his underwear & was totally naked. I was fascinated by how over such blood drained out and pooled; and while the Detectives did their thing the blood started to separate into the dark maroon-red part and the light straw-coloured part. Platelets and serum albumen, I think, but I’ll let the people who know such things correct me if I’m wrong. Just the slightest change in grade of the floor allowed the blood to drain out the shot holes.

    Turns out the guy despatching knew what had happened, but it was great fun to send the Newbie to a “Unknown disturbance – possible shots fired call” by himself.

    I remember another suicide . . . . but that’s a tale for another time.

  50. LaFlamme said,

    Hey, keep those stories coming, man.

  51. said,

    Do you Play Skill Games?

    Try these:

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