Poor me, poor me, pour me a drink

September 26, 2006 at 12:17 am (Uncategorized)

The young mother probably had a tough life. Exposed to shoddy parenting in her own childhood, she grew up without any of the skills necessary to care for a baby. She probably had emotional needs that led her to become pregnant in the first place. Sex in the place of love, perhaps. And this emotional void no doubt led her to drugs and alcohol. The poor thing. We should sympathize and rally around her.

Of course, it could also be that this is one selfish bitch who should not have been allowed custody of a houseplant, let alone a child. The “horrible background” defense wears thin very quickly, doesn’t it? A lot of people had horrible backgrounds and never drowned their children in puke and Lestoil.

I have a friend who endured a nasty, nasty childhood. An invalid mother, a stepfather who raped her, poverty, bad breaks… She works two jobs and just got her degree in criminology but still spends every free moment with the kid. This girl is among the best mothers on the planet.

It’s all about perspective. This is a case that merits following through the court system to see how loud the “poor me” defense becomes and how a jury reacts.

NEW YORK (AP) – Savarin DeJesus spent her Friday night downing gin and smoking cigarettes before returning to the homeless shelter where she and her 4-month old baby girl were staying. The 18-year-old started vomiting into a bucket next to her bed filled with cleaning solution and water, then passed out with the baby at her side, officials said. When she came to, she found the baby’s head inside the bucket that contained about six inches of liquid, skin already cold. The baby was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.
DeJesus was charged with criminally negligent homicide and endangering the welfare of a child. “I loved my baby. I want you to know that,” a weeping and trembling DeJesus told the judge during a brief hearing Friday.
The criminal complaint filed against DeJesus revealed more details about the case, and what DeJesus was doing in the hours leading up to Niah’s death. DeJesus told an NYPD detective that she had a date on Sept. 15 and left the infant late that night in the care of a person living at the East Harlem homeless shelter. During the course of the evening, DeJesus drank a 20-ounce soda bottle that was filled half with soda and half with gin, according to the complaint.
She returned to the shelter at nearly 4 a.m. stinking of booze and retrieved her baby. A few minutes later, after chatting with some residents of the shelter and smoking cigarettes, she took Niah back to her room and changed her clothing and diaper. That is when she told police she felt sick and vomited into the bucket next to the bed. She then passed out, clutching Niah’s legs. When she awoke between 2 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., DeJesus found the baby’s head inside the bucket. The cause of death was either asphyxiation or drowning, according to the medical examiner’s office. The complaint said the baby smelled strongly of alcohol.
On Friday, DeJesus’ lawyer told the judge that Niah’s death was unintentional. She loved her baby and would never hurt her,” Kenneth Gilbert said. Gilbert said DeJesus had no criminal record and was taking antidepressants in the wake of Niah’s death. He said his client, from Staten Island, was staying at the shelter to be closer to the baby’s father, who lived in the area.
The DHS has posted warnings at the shelter of the dangers of sleeping in bed with children. Cribs are distributed to mothers with children under the age of 2, the DHS said. It’s not clear if DeJesus had a crib in her room.



  1. Mainetarr said,

    I wish I was on this jury. This POS would spend the rest of her life locked in a tiny cell with a picture of her baby in a bucket permanently placed on the wall to look at for the rest of her miserable life. If people want to screw up their lives, fine, go ahead. But when you endanger children, you should be put away for life. It does not matter how you were raised, it’s a matter of common sense and accountability. That’s the number one problem today, lack of accountability. “It’s not my fault, I had a rough childhood.” I say BULLSHIT. Get over it and straighten out. People choose to be “victims” and it’s time for them to step up and take responsibility for their actions. When is the last time someone said, “ooops, that’s my fault.” You never hear that anymore, it’s everyone elses fault, never their own. Time to wake up and start being accountable for your actions. This chick is a perfect example of that. Life in prison. No parole. Period.

  2. K2 said,

    This is one of those stories that affirms my atheism. How could an omnipotent, loving god let a baby drown in a bucket of vomit? No god would, and that’s why there isn’t one (or more).

  3. brenda said,


  4. K2 said,

    More bad: This is the crest on Upland road right by the dairy farm that’s been a tragedy waiting to happen. It’s a dangerous road, and the intersection with Mill St., immediately west, which has the Community School on it, is awful too. That’s where they’re doing construction (and thus the surveying) to build a subdivision, since a farmer there sold a field to developers, which will only make things even more treacherous, unless they raze the crest and put in a turn lane. And Upland was just paved a month or so ago, so speed may be a factor. It was a safer road when it was bumpy — it slowed people down.

    Poor man. Just terrible. At least it was instant.


  5. "The Weasel" said,

    Having a blast in Europe…… Oktoberest kicked ass. Now in Switzerland. Be back in the states real soon.

    PS Congrats to Treehugger.

    PSS Brenda he Germans have clock named after you…. Cuckoo Cuckoo

    PSSS K2, Pot is legal here.

    PSSSS FLAMER… The swiss think you suck

  6. LaFlamme said,

    What? Tell those swiss to cram it. I’m throwing away my army knife.
    Hey, Weasel. While you’re wandering around Europe, you should check out this cool hostel I heard about.

  7. Mainetarr said,

    Mark, you be nice to him. Maybe he’ll bring you back something nice. Have a good time Weasel!!! We’ll see you when you get back.

    And in case you log on, congrats Treehugger!! Muahhhh!

  8. K2 said,

    Weasel, send me a block of hash disguised as a gourmet candy bar. Thanks, man.

    Yes, I’m jealous. I was in England once in ’85. Hey, at least I got buzzed on shandy, since my mother didn’t know it’s half beer, half lemonade. Cripes, they sold it in vending machines.

  9. LaFlamme said,

    Speaking of hootch, I had a dream this morning that I was late for a concert and stopped at a dinky store somewhere nearby for beer. But all the beer cans had tiny holes in them so that the brew was flat and moldy and the clerk was being a real jackass about it. He wouldn’t produce any bottles and then I missed my ride to the show. What do you think it means? Am I going to die?
    Leery in Lewiston

  10. K2 said,

    I have a dream like that, but it involves missing a tee time for golf. Don’t ask.

    And no, you’re not going to die. Today, that is. But, yeah, you’re a total goner.

    And who complains about flat, moldy beer? Jeez, you probably wanted it cold to. Whatever.

  11. LaFlamme said,

    I dunno. But I woke up frustrated. And I totally missed the concert. Bastards.
    Hey, who sleeps with a bucket of cleaning fluids next to their bed, anyway?

  12. K2 said,

    So, even more off topic, we know Lionel Guay is one ugly mofo, but how ’bout his 19-year-old accuser? Is she hot or what? I think it’s very important to the case.

    Either way, Mrs. Guay can’t be too pleased with things so far.

  13. K2 said,

    Oh, I keep a pail of Murphy’s Oil soap by my pillow at all times. Brings out the beauty of my wood. . . .

  14. Linda said,

    What are we congratulating Treehugger for? Congratulations anyhow!!

    If Mark’s going to start blogging about his dreams, we could be in for some scary times.

  15. LaFlamme said,

    Ha! The beauty of your wood.

  16. LaFlamme said,

    Word on the street is that Mrs. Guay filed for divorce.

  17. AO said,

    How do you know what the girl looks like, K2?

  18. K2 said,

    I don’t, AO. But I think the SJ should print nude photos of her, purely for journalistic integrity.

    Yes, got to polish my hardwood to make the veins – – I mean, grain — shine.

  19. AO said,

    If Mark can’t even say ‘balls of steel’, it isn’t happening, K2. Wax on.

  20. K2 said,

    Jack off.

    Great, now I need a tub of white vinegar to clean up the mess I’ve made. Phew, I just happen to have a solution made up right at the foot of the bed.

  21. Montel said,

    Anyone who want to know the identity and looks of the slut accusing the mayor, watch Channel 13 news. They’re telling all, none of this protect the innocent crap. This broad hasn’t been innocent since grade school, she’s just after a bigger paycheck.

  22. Arby said,

    Just saw the video clip showing the “victim” on chanel 13’s web site and, although she is not ugly , homely or anything, I wouldn’t call her the kind of hot babe a guy (well Guay) just couldn’t keep his hands off of. Is this whole thing all political or what?

  23. Richie said,

    You’re logic sucks. God does not “let” or “cause” things to happen.
    God most assuredly didn’t “allow” the child to die in such a horrible manner.
    We have been imbued with “free will”; with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities that go with that. By blaming God; it’s an easy way to shift responsiblility away from the person who needs to be held accountable for her action(s) or lack of action(s).

    You can be athiest all you want; but at least be honest in your reasoning.

    People are responsible for what they do in life. We have total free will and are responsible for that which we do, allow to be done, or cause to be done; or NOT do.
    In this case the mothers inebriation is no excuse for the result death of a child. She rendered herself into that condition, and now must pay the cost for this.

    Some would blame alcohol; but we’ve already tried banning it and look what it got us.
    In the end, there was probably nothing short of removing that child from the custody of an unfit mother that would have saved its life. There are no guarrantees in life; all we can do is the best we can do.

    If she’s smart, her attorney will waive a jury trial and appear only before a judge. In a matter like this she’s more likely to get (relatively) lenient treatment.

  24. Bulldog said,

    YOU GO Ritchie! all I can say is AMEN to that.

  25. K2 said,

    Richie, MT talked about accountability: Where’s your god’s accountability? Didn’t your god make us? In his own image? What, is he a sick fuck?

    And if the baby had been saved, it would have been a miracle. But since it died, it’s what god wanted? Or didn’t god want it to drown? Or did god not give a shit?

    And free will? What about predestination and ‘everything happens for a reason’? Which is it, Richie. Or do have an answer, Bulldog?

    I don’t blame god — there isn’t one. I blame a drunk mother who made an awful, awful decision. And now she has to live with what she’s done, and get punished to the full extent of the law.

  26. K2 said,

    Oh, and was drowning a a bucket of puke the baby’s free will? Or did god punish the baby for his mother’s drunkenness? Now there’s a loving higher power for you.

    “Is god willing to prevent evil but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him god?” -Epicurus

  27. Bulldog said,

    K2, I have always found that when people are drinking, the 2 topics that you SHOULD NEVER discuss are religion and politics.

    With that in mind, all I will say is this: God gave us free will. He gave us the rules to go by but if we chosse not to follow them, that is OUR CHOICE. period. We have no one else to blame but ourselves. Not God. Not our parents. The path we choose to go down is not etched in stone. Whether we have a bicycle, bare feet or a porche to drive down that path doesn’t matter. It’s how we get from point A to point B that molds us into the person we become.

    Whether you have faith or not is also your choice. So please, do me a favor. Don’t blame God for things that happen (or don’t happen) and I won’t blame non-believers for damming us into this terrible plight our world is in right now.

  28. AO said,

    I can’t even bring myself to read this whole article. It sickens me. That poor baby.

  29. K2 said,

    Bulldog, reread my posts. I DON’T blame god. I’m simply saying that the god(s) people believe in is utterly impotent and often nefarious, and that’s why I am an atheist, for I don’t believe in a god, who I presume you will admit can perform miracles, who lets innocents die for no good reason at all.

    Of course, the no-proof-of-god is a mainstay of mine, as well.

    There’s simply no logic to faith. Even the bible admits so, as did Martin Luther — ‘All reason must destroyed.’

    And can’t this woman admit to her sins, repent, except Christ as her savour, and land in heaven? Better check The New Testament on that one.

  30. K2 said,

    Oh, and I ain’t drinkin’. Yet. . . .

  31. Bulldog said,

    K2, have you ever known man to really understand logic? What’s logical about war? What’s logical about putting beer in a can? Why do people keep golf balls? Where’s the logic in that?

    I’ve started drinking and I’m done typing about this.

  32. Gil said,

    Just got bacj and took the evil test:
    ***You Are 86% Evil***

    You’re the most evil person you know.
    The devil is even a little scared of you!

    How Evil Are You?
    Man it feels good to be a gangsta

  33. AO said,

    Cripe. I’m only 36%. I’ve got some living to do.

  34. Linda said,

    Gawd — 86%??

    I forget, were any of the questions about what you wear while you blog?

    And as for you , AO, I think you must have fudged some answers to get a score that high.

  35. K2 said,

    Humans certainly can be logical. (Just ask Spock.) Regardless, religion, in the sense of the bible or Koran or whatever being the written word of god, is not logical. And neither are all the caveats you grant your god. I mean, the guy can create the fucking UNIVERSE, but he can’t raise a pinky to knock the puke pail over to save an innocent kid with a dumb-ass mom? Could he or couldn’t he help if he wanted to? Or did he simply say, well, the kid deserved it ’cause his mom was a shit head?

    All glory to god, anything bad, well, go had nothing to do with it. At least tell me it was Satan or somepin.

    I just think you get awfully defensive about your faith, and I don’t understand it. Besides, aren’t you going to get the last laugh when I burn in hell for all eternity?


  36. LaFlamme said,

    I got nothing. That was just my Woody Harrelson as Woody Boyd as Moses.

  37. jarheaddoc said,

    Shit, only 60%. Guess it’s time to convert from independent to republican

  38. Linda said,

    That’s hardly worse than MT and me. Can that be right?

  39. jarheaddoc said,

    Gil is inflating his figures to make himself look good. he would never hope that Montel/Jean/Dan/The Fat bAstard would suffer any harm. No way, no how.

  40. Linda said,

    So — we are in a world where people prevaricate to pretend they are more evil than they really are. OK, I can see that

  41. jarheaddoc said,

    I didn’t see a test to see how good you were

  42. Linda said,

    Is good the opposite of evil? if so, MT and I took the test last night when I posted it. 44%

  43. Linda said,

    That is — 44% good because 56% evil, right MT?

  44. brenda said,

    ***You Are 14% Evil***

    You are good. So good, that you make evil people squirm.

  45. Mainetarr said,

    I have an evil mind, I just don’t carry out half of the shit I am thinking. Or I would have been right up there with Gil. Salut, Gil.

  46. Mainetarr said,

    Chris is 66% evil, he just took the test. Too funny.

  47. LaFlamme said,

    Okay, dammit. I gotta go take that test.

  48. LaFlamme said,

    Anybody care to hazard a guess on my evil percentage?

  49. Linda said,

    Not me. Spill.

  50. LaFlamme said,

    New catch phrase for the Guay trial: “If he did not squeeze the tit, you must acquit.”
    I can’t take credit for it.

  51. LaFlamme said,

    I’m 48 percent evil. Though that’s probably higher than it should be. On some of the questions I reached back a couple decades in order to answer honestly.

  52. Linda said,

    How’s that going, anyway? I missed the news tonight

  53. LaFlamme said,

    It’s going to be close. Decent defense witnesses today. If I had to bet, I’d bet for acquittal.

  54. LaFlamme said,

    Flamette here. Flamer made me do it.

    I’m 18% Evil
    You are good. So good, that you make evil people squirm.
    Just remember, you may need to turn to the dark side to get what you want!

  55. Daughtio said,

    56%-You are evil, but you haven’t yet mastered the dark side.
    Fear not though – you are on your way to world domination.

    I guess I’m an evil bitch.

  56. LaFlamme said,

    Wow, man. 56 percent? You get it from your mother. But don’t tell her I said that.

  57. Bobbie said,

    ***You Are 36% Evil***

    A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
    In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

  58. K2 said,

    I posted that I was 58% evil last night, but the post is gone. The games Satan plays. . . .

    So we see Guay’s accuser, although the eSJ never has captions for their photos, which is simply retarded. At least today I was able to discern who the person was in the photo. Most days, I have no idea who’s in the photos.

    Ummm . . . she’s, well . . . a ‘nice’ girl. I’m sure her personality is wonderful.

    Regardless, Clinton would be impressed with Guay’s taste.

  59. K2 said,

    Ignatius criticizing the solution-less Democrats. I think he’s totally right on.


  60. shoe horn said,

    86% +14% = 100%

    But we already knew Gil & Brenda are opposites.

  61. K2 said,

    It’s disturbing to think of the questions you’d have to check yes to get an 86% evil rating. I mean, some of those questions were sadistic. Still, Gil’s 86% doesn’t surprise me — I’ve detected some serious disturbances on my nut-o-meter, and anyone who adores the Buddha, yet scores an 86% in evil is a contradictory dichotomy at best, a total hypocrite at worst.

  62. Gil said,

    No K2, just honest. I never corrupted a minor, don’t set fires or blame farts on someone else. Nor do I wish for world domination. I don’t have a fondness for disturbing pics and I don’t backstab friends. Everything else pretty much applies, though like the Flamer, I too had to go back a ways to answer some truthfully. i don’t believe that some of those answers stiil apply. Still, I never said I was a nice guy all the time.

  63. LaFlamme said,

    It means nothing. I just like saying it.

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