Glug vs. Brr

September 27, 2006 at 1:03 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve always been kind of interested in scuba diving, but ya know? There’s a lot of freaky stuff under that water. Things with tentacles and teeth. Big ass stuff, too. I mean, imagine going nose-to-nose with even a docile tuna? Those suckers go five tons. And sharks? Forget about it.
drown.jpgTurns out this guy bartended with my brother at a club in Charlotte, NC. A nice guy, from what I hear. And a two dollar pocket knife could have saved his ass. But I don’t really have a point here. What thinks you? Would drowning or freezing to death be the better way to go?

Gary Cagle, an avid free diver, made two mistakes on a Key West fishing trip last Saturday: He speared a goliath grouper, a fish that is illegal to kill in the Florida Keys. He also forgot to bring along his knife. That error cost him his life.
Cagle, spearfishing a half-mile off Smathers Beach, shot a 40-inch goliath grouper. The fish bolted under a coral head, entangling the diver in the line and, acting like an anchor, held him underwater until he drowned. On Sunday, Key West police divers found Cagle’s body pinned to the coral 17 feet down, his mask still on but the snorkel out of his mouth. The spear line was wrapped three times around his wrist, with the spear shaft still in the carcass of the dead fish — shot right through the gills.
Goliath groupers, which can grow up to eight feet and weigh more than 600 pounds, are not known as aggressive — but many of them show little fear of divers or snorkelers.



  1. Mainetarr said,

    I would rather freeze to death. Something about drowning or dying in a fire scares the crap out of me. At least if you freeze to death, you can still breathe, albeit slower and slower. Drowning is the whole gasping for air thing, like a fire, and that, to me, is the worst way to die. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. (Even though I am highly evil)

  2. K2 said,

    All I know is, I want my cause of death to not involve other humans in any way. As long as Mo’ Nature snuffs me out, I don’t care how I go, albeit a quick death has to be better than a slow one.

  3. K2 said,

  4. Gil said,

    You come into this world naked, crying, screaming, terrified, covered in goo and blood. if you’re lucky you go out the same way.
    (Stolen from some comedian, name escapes me)

  5. LaFlamme said,

    They say when you freeze to death, the body ultimately fools itself into believing it is warm. How cozy. I assume that’s long after the nipples freeze and fall off.

  6. LaFlamme said,

    The only cool thing about drowning, I imagine, is that you get to leave a bloated, grotesque corpse. I mean, Happy Halloween, or what?

  7. LaFlamme said,

    Waiting for the friggin’ Guay verdict. How many of you in here have kissed the husky mayor on the lips? Show of hands. One, two, okay Bulldog’s got her hand up…

  8. Dan, I mean Montel said,

    Does that include tongue?

  9. LaFlamme said,

    Everything includes tongue, dude. Everything.

  10. AO said,

    From what I’ve read, only family members have kissed him, voluntarily, that is. Ugh, whold want to?

  11. MR. ED said,

    ohhhhh, I like tongue!!!.

  12. LaFlamme said,

    The jury is back with a verdict.

  13. AO said,

    Be sure to post the verdict here, first!

  14. LaFlamme said,

    Yep. Waiting for word right now.

  15. K2 said,

    I say: GUILTY

    LaFlamme, ever read ‘Into Thin Air’? Krakouer writes aobut how people near the top of Everest lose their marbles from O2 depletion and cold, and then take their coats, gloves and hats off to cool down a bit. I think that just happened this year on Everest, and the guy somehow lived. Life is fragile, but it’s also tough as nails.

  16. K2 said,

    Guay will be forced to resign if he’s convicted, right?

    Who’s in line to replace him?

  17. K2 said,

    Never mind. Not Guilty. Oh well.

  18. AO said,

    I think he’s guilty, also. But, will the jury be swayed towards a not guilty verdict because he’s the mayor? Big Whoop.

  19. AO said,


  20. LaFlamme said,

    Whoa, is that the verdict? You beat me to it.

  21. LaFlamme said,

    Ah, no shock. I’ll bet every one of the jurors believe the mayor is a dirty old man. Just not enough to get them beyond reasonable doubt.

  22. LaFlamme said,

    Never read that Everest account. Fascinating science there, though. The body/ brain relationship is amazing in scenarios like that.
    And now back to news of groping and acquittals.

  23. AO said,

    My Father in law knows both mayor’s. He’s told me some stories. And, if what he says is true then, he’s guilty.

  24. Richie said,

    Mayor found not guilty. Yup, I’m gonna go out and grope me some titty !! Woo hoo !

  25. K2 said,

    Well, either way, he’s ruined politcally.

    Mark LaFlamme for mayor!!! (Oprah already said no to her running.)

  26. AO said,

    Let’s start writing letters to the editor at the Sun Urinal endorsing Mark as mayor. That really ought to piss off all the teacher’s out there.

  27. Bulldog said,

    The closest I would come to Guay’s lips is with my fist. I can’t stand the bastard (never have, never will– loooonnnggg story). BUT, if Mark was mayor, weehell, THAT’s another story. I’d be first in line to be his assistant (does anyone know if the GAP still sells blue dresses?)

    P.S. I’m also 48% evil.

  28. Bulldog said,

    Oh, if I could choose freezing to death or drowning, I’d pick drowning. It’s alot quicker than freezing to death. I mean, how long can you hold your breath? 1 minute maybe 1 1/2. After that, you’re gone. Whereas, freezing to death is slow and long and very, very painful (or so I’ve heard).

  29. Montel said,

    Why do all of you think Guay was guilty? You really believed that slut? Come on, none of you know her at all, right? Cannot believe you’d believe her if you knew her. Just ask Robert about her.

  30. AO said,

    Do you know her, Montel?

  31. LaFlamme said,

    Yes, write me in for mayor. I’ll still grope and kiss everybody, but I’ll do it openly. It’s different that way.

    • Steffi said,

      sweetie are you feeling better now? you look lovely, the purple scarf is amazing. My fariuvote colour. thinking of you and sending you love.♡

  32. jarheaddoc said,

    Freezing to death takes a lot longer than drowning, but it;s not as dramatic a process. The body temperature has to drop to the point where you stop shivering and your brain is doing weird things by this time. Chemical processes in the human body only work in certain temperatures ranges and the brain takes up huge amounts of both the glucose and oxygen in the blood stream and it doesn’t take a lot of deviation to upset the balance. Disorientation sets in until you fall down and don’t move anymore and go unconscious and die. It’s a lot eaiser to reverse than drowning, too.

    Personally, I would just as soon come and go at the same time, but that wasn’t a choice.

  33. Anonymous said,

    Watch what you say, Flammer. Montel will probably be the first in line for some groping and kissing.

  34. jarheaddoc said,

    And the first one to complain if it ain’t done right.

  35. LaFlamme said,

    Hey, I can grope anonymous right away. Can’t file charges if you don’t have an identity. Consider yourself fondled.

  36. jarheaddoc said,

    Montel said,
    September 26, 2006 at 1:27 pm

    Anyone who want to know the identity and looks of the slut accusing the mayor, watch Channel 13 news. They’re telling all, none of this protect the innocent crap. This broad hasn’t been innocent since grade school, she’s just after a bigger paycheck.

    Well, fill us in, Omniscient One! No bellicose blustering about us not knowing the facts and referring us to someone else! Out with the dirt, defend what you post!

  37. AO said,

    Hey! How come I came up as anonymous? I think Bulldog’s the first in line for groping.

  38. limpus Dickus said,

    I wants ta be nex’!

  39. K2 said,

    LaFlamme, groping is out. I prefer to be inappropriately touched. Right there . . . lower . . . lower . . . lower . . . ummm . . . hey, are you a knuckle deep?

  40. Deputy Dawg said,

    Limp Dick, I think you shoud step outa line, boy. The up an commin’ Mayor of Lewyston don’ swing thata way. So, he a caint hep ya with dat der problem. Best if you go see one of dem sexul theripist.

  41. limpus Dickus said,

    not gunna happin, Dawg. maybe you use yer badge to get yer way wif me. I’s happy eeder way

  42. limpus Dickus said,

    and what’s a sex’yall three peece? I get it once in each hole she got?

  43. LaFlamme said,

    Anyone ever given the reach around to a spider monkey?

  44. Deputy Dawg said,

    If dat’s what makes yer boat float, Limp Dick.

  45. K2 said,

    Most spider monkeys like a sac tug right at the exact ‘moment.’

  46. Deputy Dawg said,

    Reach around to a spider monkey? What da hell you talkin ’bout? Is dat someting kinky?

  47. limpus Dickus said,

    dat’s my brudder

  48. limpus Dickus said,

    he so haw-nee

  49. Deputy Dawg said,

    K2, I’m a thinkin’ dat most men like dat.

  50. Mainetarr said,

    I am having waaayyyyy too much fun with K2 in the sun spots blog. I wonder how long it will be before I am banned again…..

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