Crawl away and die

November 27, 2006 at 12:23 am (Uncategorized)

poe.jpgWhen I was a kid, I wrote a story about a man who went into his tiny attic to look at old photos and then croaked up there. His family searched for days but never did look in the little known crawl space above the ceiling. And over weeks and then months and then years, life went on below while the lost man succumbed to the ravages of a lonely death. The dead man’s stuff was moved out, a new family moved in and on and on it went. Until the goo of decomposition started dripping through the ceiling tiles.

I was a weird child.

When Lewiston teenager Scott Croteau vanished back in 1995, I was on that story around the clock. One night, I dreamed, with the kind of vivid detail typically missing in dreams, that he was hanging in the attic of his home. Jolted, I called an investigator and asked if they’d checked up there. They had. No body was found.

I’m kind of a weird adult, too.

When you clean out a closet, putter in your basement, or check for lost items underneath the bed, do you wonder how confusing it would be for people if you dropped dead on the spot? Not to mention that time you allowed yourself to be bound to a bed while dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and then your date stole your wallet and ran off.

In the category of “I’m Surprised it Doesn’t Happen More Often,” here’s a good little story about death’s sharp sense of humor. Heed it well, my friends, and think twice before you crawl into a closet to give yourself an enema.

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (AP) – A woman’s body was found wedged upside-down behind a bookcase in the home she shared with relatives who had spent nearly two weeks looking for her.

A spokesman for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said Mariesa Weber’s death was not suspicious. Family members said they believe she fell over as she tried to adjust the plug of a television behind the bookshelf.

Weber, 38, returned home Oct. 28 and greeted her mother, then wasn’t seen again. Her family thought she had been kidnapped and contacted authorities. Family members scoured her room for clues but found nothing, though they did notice a strange smell.

On Nov. 9, Weber’s sister went into her bedroom and looked behind a bookcase, where she saw the woman’s foot. Using a flashlight the family saw Weber was wedged upside-down behind the unit.

“I’m sleeping in the same house as her for 11 days, looking for her,” her mother, Connie Weber, told the St. Petersburg Times. “And she’s right in the bedroom.”


  1. raincoaster said,

    There was a well-respected member of the New York literary community who was buried alive under piles of books in his apartment. I have a feeling if I don’t get some more shelves soon I’ll go the same way.

  2. Linda said,

    As soon as i get home from work today, I’m going to push all my furniture closer to the walls. Thanks for the tip, Mark!

  3. Mainetarr said,

    Missing woman + Strange smell = look behind the furniture

  4. K2 said,

    Use white vinegar to get out that smell.

  5. LaFlamme said,

    Or one of those Glade light show gizmos from the annoying commercials.
    “Oh, mom! Are you saying my room stinks?”
    “Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying, honey. You’re a dirty, dirty whore.”

  6. Richie said,

    I collect books too, RC, I know what you mean. I spent a lot of money to have my daughters bedroom converted to a library room with floor to ceiling / wall to wall shelving. Well, that was, what, 15 yrs ago ? My shelves are full to overflowing !!
    Don’t know what I’m gonna do now. Oh well.

    One of the most interesting parts of Police Service was dead body calls. Suicides were occasionally interesting, but mostly just sad. Elderly people dieing with a spouse still living were the saddest of all. I was fortunate that in 25 yrs I didn’t have to go to but a few chidrens deaths.

    The really interesting ones were like the person living on Lisbon Street in one of the old tenements. Back in the ’70’s most of downtown Lisbon Street was residential with 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor apaprtments like from the 1930’s and 40’s. It was the middle of summer and this person was doing their business in the bathroom, had a heart attack, and was “deat right there” – DRT. Problem was, no one knew this for a period of time until the delicate aroma of decay wafted its way throughout the building.

    Officers were called and responded. They knew right away what that smell was, and that since it was summer, it boded ill for all involved. The person involved had collapsed over and got stuck between the bowl and a radiator. They had been there about 2 weeks when someone finally called. Middle of summer. Hot. The removal team had to work in gas masks after spraying the area heavily with disinfectant. The body had to be removed in several parts since it could not be removed as a single piece.Talk about ghastly. Fortunately it wasn’t my Beat, so I made a point of supervising the downstiairs exterior door. Pretty much took them all day to clear that one out.

    Lastly, in closing I’ll leave you with this tip. Your relative or friend or what ever hasn’t been seen for a few days ? Going over and checking their house or apartment ? Hmm; funny sweetish smell at the front / hallway door ? Check the bedroom window. Is there, like, a cloud of flies there ? Yah. Don’t go inside. Call someone, and spare yourself a lot of grief.

  7. LaFlamme said,

    Dammit, Richie. I’m up early and I was all psyched to go for an egg McMuffin at McDonalds. But after reading that… Ah, what am I saying. A succulent, yolk dripping McMuffin still sounds pretty good.

  8. K2 said,

    And all that hydrogenated oil. Total trans-fat goodness.

    Richie, I give you full points for your post today. A good read.

  9. Martha said,

    The one day I’m in here relatively early for a very long time and this is what I find… I’m very glad I’m NOT a breakfast eater. I’ll still watch Rachael Ray in a few minutes. She rarely cooks anything I’d eat anyway. Way too much onion, pepper and hot stuff for my digestion.

  10. Nadine said,

    Damn! All that trauma! No wonder cops lose it and open fire on unarmed people, reload and shoot more (just kidding all, I know it’s a sensitive issue right now).

    I do believe, however, in the times we live in, that Police Officers should be paid to (and have to), attend anger management, trauma and stress seminars, and behavioral science classes — maybe they do, but apparently it’s not enough. Scary profession I would never want.

    Everyone dies alone, I just hope I die in my sleep — I don’t care if they find only my bones.

    Great start to my day Mark, thanks! Sheesh! What are ya doing up so early anyway? I better charge my camera, where’s the scoop?

  11. AO said,

    I think it must be at McDonald’s. Hey, bring me an Egg McMuffin.

  12. K2 said,

    Yeah, 50 shots was a tad excessive, espeically on the man’s wedding day.

  13. Linda said,

    Hey Richie I agree, that was great, thanks! just our kind of stuff. If we have a bonfire / keg party, make sure you bring more stories like that!!!

    So, like, if we all like McDonald’s so much, are we going to have breakfast there after the keg party? K2, you can stand it just this once, right?

    And if there’s no keg party planned after all, don’t be the one to break that news to me on a Monday morning. Know what I mean? I won’t say more — may have said too much already.

  14. LaFlamme said,

    C’mon, K2. What’s the first thing you thought of when you read that police opened fire after a bachelor party?

  15. Linda said,

    shotgun wedding?

  16. LaFlamme said,

    Nah, Tom Hank’s classic “Bachelor Party”
    Rudy: “Let’s have a bachelor party! With chicks! And guns! And fire trucks! And hookers! And drugs! and booze!”

  17. AO said,

    What ARE you doing up so early, LaFlamme?

  18. LaFlamme said,

    I was up at 8-friggin-thirty. Part of my years-long quest to get an egg McMuffin at McDonalds.

  19. K2 said,

    “Look, Rick, I’d rather be dead. But if it makes you happy. . . .”

    “What’d you say about the hookers, Stanley? You said NO HOOKERS!” *punches to the face*

    Gee, an innocent night out at the titty bar gone terribly astray. A total tragedy on so many levels.

  20. LaFlamme said,

    Gary: A toast.
    O’Neill: To Rick and Debbie.
    Gary: To us.
    Rudy: To girl with big tits.

  21. oopsy said,

    I used to own a small bar/restaurant/hotel in the boonies of north central PA, and we rented some rooms out by the week/month. There was one nice old gentleman who lived in one of our rooms – played the violin now and then. Anyhow, we hadnt seen him in three days (or heard the violing), so my husband decided to go check……

    Yeah, you got it right – DRT, as Richie said. Only three days, but still a mess and a smell you dont want to. Ted got out of that room in a hurry. But a police officer had to come – a nice woman, I remember, and then the coroner’s people to take the man away. They managed to get the man into a body bag, but it wasnt pretty, and it took days to get the stench out of that room. Oh yes, running a little country hotel was fun… there was the time someone accidentally shot his friend in a room, and the fires, and so on. I gotta write a book (hey mark, whattaya think?)

  22. LaFlamme said,

    Yeah, motels get more than their share of stiffies. How about those nasty stories of bodies stuffed into box springs?

  23. Linda said,

    “motels get more than their share of stiffies” — now there’s a sign of a misspent youth, as they say

  24. oopsy said,

    “stiffies” huh……. as well as the back seats of cars, huh??

  25. AO said,

    That could be a good slogan for any motel/hotel. “We’re known for our stiffies. Come in and get yours”

  26. K2 said,

    Lionel Guay resigns (in disgrace). Likes ugly young ladies and is a quitter. How quaint.

    So, how did the brothers Guay in L/A pan out? *throwing of rotten fruit*

  27. Linda said,

    K2, I know you are passionate about your football — just keep it in perspective though, OK, mate?

  28. K2 said,

    Yeah, I saw that. Cripes, I have so many friends that owe me money, it’s unreal. By my lastest math, it’s over three grand. Me no smart.

  29. Richie said,

    No amount of “stress seminars” or “anger management” courses can truly help a Police Officer. 99% of that is touchy-feely feel good crap. In the end, why do cops end up hanging around with other cops ? It’s generally because those are the only people who really understand what’s involved in this job. Back in 1978 I got sent to a crash on Old Greene Road. 5 people killed, including a small baby. I was working a double shift and had just started the second half.

    About 1700hrs get a call for the crash. I was the Beat Car for that area so away I went. Nothing in my life prepared me for things I would see or the filthy no-good shit-head people I would have to deal with. I come in on Old Greene from Sabattus; the first thing I see is a pyre of smoke in the distance. Here I am, new guy, been on about a year; still excited with the “adventure” of the job; just full of my self. But I remember seeing the smoke and thinking as how this can’t be good.

    It wasn’t. I cheese wheel up in my little police car, lights and siren going. I’m first in.
    First thing I see is a guy laying face down on the ground. Hmm, OK. Oh, wait; lookit that ! He’s on fire ! Huh ! Lookit THAT ! Theres a motorcycle laying there; it’s on fire too ! Just damn ! LOOKIT THAT ! There’s a truck flipped upside down and it’s on fire too ! LOTS of fire. Lots of noise – lots of screaming – there’s a small kid laying on the ground; burned, screaming. There’s a woman, laying on the ground, burned, her face is melted away; not charred, melted like plastic, screaming. There are people standing around looking; some of them are pointing and laughing; I hear remarks about where’s her clothes (she has panties and bra on, only) and commenting rude stuff about her breasts. I use my baton and push the people back. People tell me I can’t make them move, they know their rights ! They call ME names. I’m about ready to start beating people randomly. Never thought about pulling my gun. The ambulance arrives. Firetrucks arrive. Another Officer arrives to help me. We find more injured people. We find a woman out in some brush; serious head trauma. We find the baby in the cab of the truck. Not much left. Gee, I have a baby at home too; same age. With the help of the firemen we manage to drive away all the sick fucks who just want to see death and pain.

    Drunks try to drive through the scene. We arrest one. We try to arrest another but he gets away (we’re on foot and he speeds off on a motor cycle). I’m in shock, of course. I’ve seen pictures of myself taken by a reporter then. I have the 1000yd stare. I don’t remember. We’re there until about 2130hrs when we finally clear the call.
    I go home for a break, I lived in Lewiston then. I sat in my chair and cried for 10 minutes. Even today I still remember. I couldn’t explain to my wife just then. I did later, she’s been my support and strength through 25 yrs of shit.

    The biker was DRT. Found his brain down in a little creek nearby. His girlfriend died at the hospital. Brain turned to jelly from trauma impact. Child died two days later. Mom died six months later. Baby was DRT. I used to visit the baby in the cemetary since the grave was on my Beat.

    I sucked it up and moved on. The deaths were sad enough; but that is life and fate. Remember: You Are Born To Die. What makes me angry still to this day was the human trash laughing at that poor injured woman. SO what if the was fat and had big tits ? She was in pain, and no one NOT NO ONE was doing one damn thing to help her.

    God, I hate people.

  30. Linda said,

    Richie that’s a terrible thing to go through. Sounds like it could have been last week for you instead of 30 years ago, and no wonder. Speaking as a member of the human race, I’m sorry for it.

  31. K2 said,

    “I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand.” -Charles Schulz

  32. Mainetarr said,

    This is exactly why I couldn’t be a cop. I would have shot all of the people laughing. They would have been DRT along with the injured. No need of that crap. None whatsoever. Too bad you couldn’t just shoot them, isn’t it? When we had that gas leak at my house a couple of weeks ago, I was amazed at how stupid people were. The entire neighborhood was blocked off, but people kept driving around the firetrucks and cones right towards the gas leak. Morons. Finally, one of the firemen snapped and started reaming people out. This one woman, car full of kids, said, “but…I have to get to Walmart.” She could have blown up herself and family, but she HAD to get to Walmart. See, if I was a police officer, I would have shot her. Too stupid to live. I’m with you Richie, I hate (most) people too. Total bunch of frickin morons.

  33. Richie said,

    This was written back in the late 60’s / early 70’s but it is just as true today as it was then.

  34. jarheaddoc said,

    Short and sweet, richie: 10-4!

  35. K2 said,

    Doesn’t change the fact that most cops are egotistical meat heads with all sorts of Freudian issues.

  36. Joe Friday said,

    Including Richie, man this guy should be reported. I agree with Nadine, but I believe all cops should have extensive mental health exams BEFORE getting on the force and follow-ups for life, just to do periodic weeding of the losers.

  37. Linda said,

    Dammit, if somebody doesn’t post a comment pretty f-ing soon, I’m coming over to all your houses and searching the attics and behind the tall furniture. Don’t scare me like this!

  38. AO said,

    Cue the eerie music…..whooooo….

  39. Linda said,

    AO!!! hello.

  40. Linda said,

    OK I know knitting is kind of lame and nobody wants to hear about it, but humour me and click on this, please.

  41. AO said,

    Hello. I’m still alive. Well, the last time I checked, that is. I haven’t fallen between any large pieces of furniture.

  42. Linda said,

    I tried to post this once and wordpress threw it back at me. But I can’t take a hint very well so … yes it’s knitting and knitting is lame, but look at this anyhow, please.

  43. Linda said,

    damn, i’m spam! help!

  44. Gil said,

    I’m B-a-a-a-a-c-c-c-k-k-k!
    As a lifelong board of director’s member and subsidiary of Evil Conservative Industries, I sometimes am obligated to leave and travel here and anon, driving miles and miles in a low mileage, gas-guzzling truck, making insane amounts of money by exploiting the poor. I managed to get back in time to celebrate Thanksgiving, giving thanks to our forefathers for stealing this country and claiming it for our own. A celebration of fowl massacre and overeating that would make Idi Amin blush. Now that I have awakened from my triptophan-induced coma, I thought my first act would be to say hello. I know K2 is disappointed that I wasn’t found wedged behind some furniture, but that’s how it goes.
    One of these days I will buy a laptop that i can take with me on the road to keep up to date.

  45. Linda said,

    Gil, you may think I’m making this up, but I was thinking about you just 15 minutes ago. I was thinking, where is that Gil, he’s probably out exploiting the peasants, or making a living, whatever you want to call it, the bastard. And see, I was right!

  46. Gil said,

    Oh, and of course Richie is insane. And whatever asshat cop that wrote that article in his link. I have a lot of respect for the job they do, but that’s no reason to act like a dill-hole and play holier-than-thou. I’ve known too many crooked cops to have them pretend that they are above the fray. Do your job and don’t be an ass, not too much to ask is it?
    And another surprise, I agree with k2. Most of these guys become cops because they are either suffering from Napoleon syndrome, or were the kid who got beat up a lot in school, or have some serious self esteem issues.

  47. Gil said,

    Well Linda, we cantankerous curmudgeons need plenty of coin in our jack boots to keep pressing on the necks of the proletariat.

  48. Linda said,

    Yeah, that coin jingling thing is such a turn on too.

  49. K2 said,

    Gil, like you’d even fit behind some piece of furniture or a bookcase.

    Regardless, welcome back, you right-wing lunatic.

  50. K2 said,

    And you know, Gil: Compared to Peeplugger, that fuck, you’re a gentleman.

  51. Gil said,

    Alright, enough with the lovey dovey stuff k2, I missed you too.

  52. Dave said,

    K2 and Gil, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

  53. LaFlamme said,

    Damn, I step away for a couple hours and there’s a love in. Not to mention, breasts made of yarn.

  54. Richie said,

    I’m insane am I ? Thank you for your love and support.

    Now, I know K2s issues; his having been arrested in Portland & not accepting responsibility for his actions. What’s your problem Gil ? What was with all the name calling ? You have knowledge of “crooked cops” ? Did you report any of that to competent authority; or are you just pissed because you got a speeding ticket, or a parking ticket or something ?
    Or, are you like so many people, just making it up as you go along; playing the “… everyone knows …” game ?

    It’s real easy to call names and cast aspersions; but I bet the reality is that you got a ticket or something; or the big bad cop told you to move yer ass or get arrested and you don’t like it. You’d be one of those people who’d tell me “I know my rights !” Let me tell you bumpy, I know your rights better than you think you do. And you do not have a right to be an asshat.. Napoleon complex, eh ? You’re so full of shit your eyes are brown. You have no respect for the job, or the men and women working long and thankless hours on your behalf. Like my dad used to say “Go tell it to the Marines !”.

    I’m very disappointed in you, Gil, I thought better of you. Thank you for letting me know where you stand.
    ( BTW; it’s known as “John Wayne Syndrome”; nothing to do with Napoleon. This is a genuine condition that most cops go through at some time in the beginning of their career. Yes, I went through it too, but I’m fortunate & got over it real quick.)

  55. Joe Friday said,

    Report wrongdoing to a competent authority? Such as what? The police? Give us a break. What a stupid statement, for we all know the police NEVER investigate their own unless ABSOLUTELY necessary and they are under public scrutiny. Then all they do is give the worngdoers a few weeks of “time off with pay” i.e. vacation, then announce that they were “justified.” Complete whitewash allowing the cops to do whatever, whenever. Someone someday should force the police to be accountable for their actions.

  56. Linda said,

    You know Richie, i don’t want to sound like I am ignoring your entire argument, but one thing stands out that I have to rebut — actually, I think that we DO have a right to be an asshat. If it makes us happy to be one. Don’t we?

    Otherwise, wouldn’t almost everyone be in jail? Seems to me that everyone is an asshat at least now and then.

  57. K2 said,

    Richie, not only have you not gotten over your John Wayne/Small Penis Syndrome, you’re terminally ill with it.

  58. Nadine said,

    Ok now, we all know that there are some really good, honest, respectful, caring, and, most importantly, UNDERSTANDING police officers — I just haven’t met any.

  59. K2 said,

    I’ve met a few over the years, but not many.

  60. Richie said,

    Joe Friday; ha ha ! Funny name.

    Yes, competent authority. If you have information pertaining to wrongdoing there are a number of ways and places such can be reported. Now, I’m not talking about the “He gave me a ticket and was rude to me” or “The Officer looked at me funny” or “The Officer wouldn’t take my side in my dispute with the neighborhood”. That’s all local and every Police Dept. has to have a system for dealing with complaints from the public. Any Officer-involved shooting is investigated by the AG’s office; wether as shooter or victim. Outright criminal activity would probably be investigated by the agency where the incident occurred; such as drunk driving or something. The State Police are generally called in to investigate MV crashes involving P.O.’s.
    The local District Attorney generally defers criminal complaints against an Officer to the AG Office.

    Contrary to J.F.s desires, several things come into play when making a Personnel Complaint. If the matter is of a serious nature the Officer IS entitled to legal protections under the law (ever hear of innocent until proven guilty ?) and contractual obligations. Depending on the nature of the investigation; the administrative leave may be with or without pay; again depending on agency and contract.

    If an action is determined to have been “justified”, then no further action is needed. Why should there be ? If an action is deemed to not be “justified”, then disciplinary measures are imposed; again IAW the contract then extant. Punishments vary from minimal right up to firing. Officers do not take this stuff lightly !! This is serious shit. The Chief is always “on the dime” for this sort of thing; and you may rest assured these things are viewed and reviewed in a most serious manner.

    Chances are, J.F., you called the ASO or the State Police wanting to complain about LPD; and got told to pound it when your complaint turned out to be about parking tickets or a speeding ticket or something mundane. Maybe you wanted to complain anonymously. Ha ha ! Good luck. Lets say I call YOUR employer anonymously; and report you’re stealing money or company property or something; with no proof, of course; and expect them to fire you based on that. Right. That’ll go a long way.

    People love to complain about the Police, all the time. It’s almost a national passtime. There are all sorts of reasons why: foolishness, pettiness, desire for revenge, hope to get money in a suit (we are a very litigious society; for sure), any and all of the childish motivations humans can generate.

    So, smart ass; put up or STFU. Report a VALID complaint to competent authority; or otherwise just stick it up your ass.

  61. Richie said,


    Yes, you are right. Under most circumstance a little asshattery is just fine.

    Problem is when it’s 1 in the morning, the bar is closing, people are milling around on the street, tough guys are looking for a fight, and K2 is drunk and disorderly. The Officer probably tells him to get going & get outta here. K2, of course, says he knows his rights and refuses to move; or he walks reeeeallly slow, or in some way acts like an asshat. Now the audience is watching. What’s the cop gonna do ! Eh. Launch good ‘ol K2 like a torpedo; right to the county jail. Screaming his innocense all the way, of course. The Officers then turn to the crowd and say “…who’s next ?”. The crowd got the message, though, and are dispersing nicely without further ado.

    Asshattery at the Lost Sole ? Fine and dandy. Asshattery in conflict with a direct instruction from a Police Officer ? Not smart, my peeps, not smart at all !

  62. Richie said,


    You probably haven’t met too many Officers because your life isn’t so screwed up that you need the cops coming to your house on a regular basis to sort your life out for you and tell you how to live. 99% of calls for service seem to come from 1 % of the population. Most people live their lives without once ever having contact with the cops. Some people, the only contact they have with a cop is when someone hits their car, or something simple like that. Maybe their kids bike got stolen. Whatever. These are not unusual things.

    But then there are the people who just can’t seem to get along either in their family unit or their neighborhood. They lack the social skills necessary to normal life; and in the end the cops have to come and sort them out. The guy who likes to beat his woman, or the people who think that whats theirs is theirs and whats your is theirs too, or those people who think that the rules and laws of society are for others; and the “Code of the Hills” works just fine for them.

    If you are meeting Officers in the course of their duty, then they are there for business purposes, and thats a whole lot different from meeting them in a social or other environment. If you are REALLY interested, I would encourage you to apply for the Citizens Police Academy put on by the Lewiston P.D.; I believe another class group is forming now.

  63. K2 said,

    Hurry, Nadine, spots are limited, and, if you act now, you’ll get a Frankilin Mint commerative plate memorializing my beating at the hands of the PPD. Each plate is numbered and comes with a certificate of inauthenticity.

    Richie, some representative of the force you are, Officer Shit for Brains.

  64. Joe Friday said,

    Well, Richie, if the state does not trust a police force to properly investigate an officer murdering someone, they why are we suppose to trust them to investigate all other transgressions they do? Let’s face it, police forces never investigate any complaint against them. Then hem and haw until they believe nobody will notice that nothing was done. Except for the paid vacation, of course.

  65. Richie said,


    You’re trying to have both sides of the argument. Pick a side an stick to it. It isn’t a matter of the State trusting an agency to conduct an investigation. The term you might be looking for is “Conflict of Interest”. An agency will often use either the State Police or the AG’s office to conduct an investigation if for no other reason than to avoid the appearance of impropriety. There is also impartiality inherent in having the State or the AG do the investigating.

    Of course, if your complaint turns out to be not of a criminal nature, merely you are upset with the way your case turned out, you can always go hire an attorney at your own expense. I’m guessing that’s what happened; you’re like K2 and will continually bewail your case. Like I said previously; if you have a valid complaint, then go make it; otherwise, just STFU and stop pestering us with your foolishness.

  66. Richie said,


    Never at any time have I represented myself as representing any Law Enforcement Agency. Period. I merely recall , comment on, and make abservations about certain experiences I have had in the course of Police Service.

    Too bad you got arrested by Portland PD. Acted drunk and stupid and away you went to jail. Pled guilty too, I believe; or maybe you were found Guilty by a Court of Law ? If so, Case Closed. You had your day in Court and the Judge or the DA didn’t believe you. Suck it up and move on. Drunk and disorderly = go to jail

    Of course, you could go back to Portland and look for those Officers and give them a piece of your mind . . . a small piece since it’s such a small mind . . . I’m sure they would just love to listen to you cry and whine about how mean they were to you. Most people go through life and can deal with it. Deal with the fact that you were chastised by those in authority. Don’t like it ? Don’t be an asshat then; it’s as easy as that.

  67. Mainetarr said,

    I have had to call the police on a few occassions, let me see—possible break into my house, car stolen once, multiple accidents on the corner I live on, etc…not once was I ever treated like shit by a police officer. When I first bought my house, I had a housewarming party that went on from noon till midnight. They came to my house twice about the noise, both times they were valid in coming, we were terribly loud and obnoxious. At midnight, the party broke up and my handful of designated drivers (5) began taking people home. The next day, they came back to tell me they appreciated me having designated drivers and they didn’t have to worry about people driving drunk from my house. I didn’t know how they knew about it, but apparently in my drunken stupor I told them the night before while the party was going on. I also offered to lay on the sidewalk so they could outline me in chalk. Yes, I was shitfaced. But, I was treated nicely because I wasn’t a screaming fucking moron. Had I of been, I am quite sure my ass would have ended up in the asshole tank at the county jail. People who bitch and complain about things, regardless of what they are bitching about, are usually the ones abusing whatever they are complaining about. For example, who bitches the most about hospitals and doctors? Those with Mainecare and get treated for free. This starts in school…who bitches about attendance policies? Those who are chronically late or absent-this also carries over into work. Who bitches about company policies? Those who continually break them. People who go along in life and following the rules established to keep things safe and orderly, they rarely run into problems. Not that I am holier than thou…I am a big complainer of seatbelts, why? Because I HATE wearing one. But, it is a law, so I do it. And when I crashed my car, I was glad to be wearing it, it saved me from going through the windshield. (no airbags in my old car-other than me) I will never wear a helmet either, until it becomes a law, and I will bitch and complain about wearing one until that law passes, then I will wear one, and when I dump a bike, I will be grateful I had one on when my head hits the pavement. I’m just saying, in work, school, daily life, the biggest complainers are the ones who cannot follow the rules. Walk up to some big guy in a bar and say hello, he will most likely say hi back. Walk up and yell “You’re an asshole” and you’ll wake up in the ICU. It’s kind of common sense.

  68. Gil said,

    Look it up Richie, Napoleon complex – short man with an attitude. John Wayne is who they think they are. No ne would listen to them in High School and the freaks and jocks beat them up. Now they have a badge and by gum, they’re gonna show them who’s in charge!
    On the other hand, damn glad to see thereal ones when the merde hits the ventilateur.

  69. Gil said,

    And we had a run in with some of this area’s finest a few years back and ended up having them investigated by the State Police and the FBI. Is that appropiate enough authority for ya? What happened to them you ask? Well, they aint responding to “Officer” anymore, and at least one of them is asking “Would you like fries with that?”

  70. Nadine said,

    Oh MT!!! Why oh why did you have to include the healthcare issue as part of your point? May I ask what prompted you to write “who bitches the most about hospitals and doctors? Those with Mainecare and get treated for free.”??? You seem to imply that the people who are unable to afford their own insurance — and, more importantly, often don’t even have the ability to CHOOSE their own doctor — don’t have the right to complain because their care is free. I know you said “who bitches the MOST”, but that still doesn’t seem like a fair judgement. I absolutely get, and agree with, your overall point…I just don’t agree with that example as “abuse” of complaining. Sorry girl — I still luv ya! ;p

    As for your suggestion Richie…no thanks. As much as I respect the profession (honestly I do), I already made it clear that being in the police force is not for me. There’s no way I could deal with that kind of stress on a daily basis. I’m also the type of person who can’t just “leave it at the office”. and would be an emotional wreck 24/7. Besides, I break too many (ridiculous) laws, and would be a hypocrite to those who break the same ones! Heh!

    Ya know what I cannot stand though? I know a chick who calls the cops almost every day, and it’s NEVER for a good reason — the people upstairs walk too hard, that guy is lookin at me funny and needs a restraining order, so-and-so left a message “threatening” to call the cops on me for calling the cops on them for being too loud, etc., etc.– she is not, nor ever will be my friend as I’m sure she would call the cops on me someday for some insane reason. I swear the police must cringe when they hear that she called, and rightfully so!

    Just please don’t shoot me — as I said earlier, I wanna die peacefully in my sleep, k?

    Ok, back to the name-calling 🙂

  71. K2 said,

    Richie, nope, I never plead guilty. Do a background check on me — no convictions, be-otch. Not a one (Yet.)

    And common sense, my ass, MT. Cops should never have the right to give a beat down just because they don’t like what the populace says to them. In my case, I received NO warning whatsoever that I crossed the line (I have three wtinesses — my wife and in-laws), and all I said was “You’re satiating your own fucking ego.” Next thing I know, I’m tackled high and low by two officers, get knocked out briefly from my head hitting the pavement, and essentially wake up in a squad car. Oh, but I see, I ‘deserved’ it, along with my permanently fucked up left shoulder from the fall. Sure, whatever.

    I defer to Johhny Cash: “It could be someone that you love gets done like Jacob Green got done.”

  72. Linda said,

    “You’re satiating your own fucking ego”? Jeez K2. Life on the edge.

  73. K2 said,

    The irony here is that I admit, and have always admitted, that I should have kept my damn mouth shut. But a beating for it? And then ad hoc assault chages? That’s why I’m so adamant about this, six years after the fact.

    And I didn’t sue the police, which I could have, with three solid witnesses. Suing would have meant taking the whole thing to trial, and who knows what jury you get: Brenda, Dan, Linda, Nadine or Richie, MT, Peeplugger, Weasel.

    So we went the ‘filing’ route, which was the safest for me, since a guilty verdict could’ve meant up to a year in the slammer. I used to think that meant the charges were dropped, but that’s incorrect, as Weasel coldly corrected me many moons ago. The charges (resisting and assault) exist on record (Maine has no expunge law), but I was not convicted on any counts. (“Convicted? . . . Never convicted.” ‘Stripes,’ anyone?) I was a good little boy for six months, or was it a year?, I can’t remember, but that was that, and this is this.

    And as I pointed out a year ago, if I really had gone after the cops and assaulted them, do you really think they would decide to settle with a filing? No fucking way, and all the police sympathizers in here know it. One warning from the cops, and I would have put my tail between my legs and sulked away. Like I do most weeks when my Vikings lose yet another game.

    Gil, how ’bout those Steelers? Oof.

  74. Mainetarr said,

    Police sympathizer? Whatever, K2. But if you were standing in front of my car, drunk and unruly, and I was holding a can of mace simply asking you to move along and you said to me “You’re satiating your own fucking ego” I would have emptied the can in your face. Why put up with a drunk, swearing dude talking like that to me? It’s bullshit, and after a police office told you to disperse, you continued being a douchebag. Wouldn’t it have been a whole lot easier to just shut up and go home? What were you trying to prove? What happened to your witnesses? I bet they acted like adults, kept quiet and didn’t get arrested. Is that so hard? Were the “big mean cops” beating on them too? I don’t recall you saying that.

    And I have been on a jury before. Not with the others you listed, but I assure you, it was fair. Just because I have a lot of respect for law enforcement does not put them above the law.

  75. K2 said,

    MT, you’re a hypocrite par excellance. You warn me about karma awhile back, and now you’re talking in here about wanting to shoot people and even mace me. How quaint.

    And there was no ‘dispersing.’ The incident was over my car being towed, and the tow guy wouldn’t tell me where it was towed to. Just said ‘call the number.’ Which I did, and still wasn’t told where my car was. At midnight. With my in-laws visiting. Right, I had no reason to be pissed. None at all.

    As we used to say in Rochester, ‘Shit in your fist.’

  76. Mainetarr said,

    Well, I once had a screaming drunk fuck in my face and I DID, in fact, mace him. Right in Portland, too. With the Portland Police on my cell phone telling me to get away from him, only I wasn’t fast enough. Has nothing to do with Karma, if I was being an out of control drunk fuck, I would expect Karma to come right back and mace me in the face, too. Also, if I were standing around laughing and poking fun at someone who had just been in a horrific accident, burnt and screaming in pain, well, then I guess someone would be justified in taking a crack at me then too. Not hypocritical at all, K2. But I don’t go around wishing people dead because I don’t like living by the rules set or the way an ELECTED official is running the country. I just don’t vote for them again and hope next time I make a better choice. Or, I go out and lobby to get them impeached. I don’t wish them dead. Big difference. I wasn’t particularly thrilled by the way President Clinton conducted himself in office, but I didn’t wish him dead. Oh sure, I told a ton of jokes on his behalf, but I didn’t vote for him, nor would I again if he ran for dogcatcher. Nor would I vote for Bush again if he could run. So hey, if that makes me a hypocrite, so be it. Let me guess, it wasn’t your fault the car got towed either, they just randomly tow vehicles for shits and giggles. Yeah, that must be it. They must have ran your plate and said, “Hey, you really wanna piss this guy off? Let’s randomly tow his car and not tell him where it is. And when he comes out looking for it, we’ll beat the shit out of him.” That would have held up real good in court. I see why you didn’t pursue it. I wasn’t looking to fight with you K2, but hey, gloves are off, so bring it on.

  77. K2 said,

    No, MT, I see no need in escalating with you. I have much better things to do with my time. You’ve obviously never made mistakes, and condone police brutality. That’s all I really need to hear from you to know you and I are a dead end.

    You’ll have to continue this thread with your good buddies Richie, Peeplugger and Weasel. I shan’t revisit it again.

  78. Mainetarr said,

    Wow, you’re a bigger baby than I thought, K2. What, not going to end with some snazzy remark? ”Shit in your fist” the best you can do? I never claimed to be perfect, not even close, but I do know when I am wrong. Something you can’t wrap your liberal little mind around. And do take notice, my “good buddies” didn’t make any comments, did they? I am surprised your “good buddies” aren’t here telling you how funny and wonderful you are. Although, I still think you’re pretty funny. Arrogant, but funny. And kind of menstrual.

  79. K2 said,

    Just going with the flow, MT.

  80. jarheaddoc said,

    K2, one of the first expressions I learned about alcohol was ‘instant asshole, just add alcohol.” I have dealt with way more belligerent drunks than I have happy drunks.

    Were you not the one who made an unsubstantiated claim about a state cop in a bar, on this blog, not all that long ago? You never supplied the requested evidnece to support your claim, as of this writing, that I know of. If the opposite is true, guess I need to learn to use the search function a little better.

    There are good and bad in every profession. What about the good priest who actually helped someone? Overlooked because of the pedophile priest. The good cop who found the person who stole all your stuff? Overlooked because someone got the smack down.

    One sad fact of being in emergency services is that society has stopped helping itself and expects a government agency to think for them. You hear it every damn day.

    Go ahead and scream personal and professional bias, that’s your choice and right, and I wouldn’t say you were entirely subjective in doing it. Rules require enforcement, and enforcement requires penalties. You could easily have been tossed in jail but were cut some slack, were you not?

  81. K2 said,

    I forgot about the cop incident at Augusta CC. My attorney friend told me about that story, and I related it here. And if I was wrong by retelling a wrong story told to me? Cripes, is that really a big deal? Did I mention a name or libel anyone? No I didn’t. Nor did I connect that story to poice brutality on any level. Go back and find the post if you like.

    If I was wrong, Officer X, I apologize.

    And if getting beaten AND tossed in jail is getting some slack cut, well, that’s news to me.

    Cripes, do you guys beat off to COPS on the TV?

  82. jarheaddoc said,

    There’s a difference between being held in jail pending bail and being in jail serving a sentence. That’s what I meant. And you have a decidely negative slant towards law enforcement.

  83. brenda said,

    k2 – you’d WANT me on your jury – I’m on your side on that- but they’d probably disqualify me if I revealed what I know & have seen …….

  84. "The Weasel" said,

    Sorry guys, posted under the wrong blog, It’ s been a tuff two days

    Let’s edit the following Blog….

    K2 said,
    Richie, nope, I never plead guilty. Do a background check on me — no convictions, be-otch. Not a one (Yet.) …..

    “The Weasel” says
    Yes K2, there is no record because,as what was brought up in a previous blog, your case was FILED for a fee. Therefore, you admit no wrong-doing, paid a FINE, and you were a good boy for the next 12 months, and the charge was filed. You were not INNOCENT, it was FILED. (Okay, I know this from personal experience. People don’t look at me in a bad light. We all have our crosses to bare.)

    K2 said,
    And common sense, my ass, MT. Cops should never have the right to give a beat down just because they don’t like what the populace says to them. In my case, I received NO warning whatsoever that I crossed the line (I have three wtinesses — my wife and in-laws), and all I said was “You’re satiating your own fucking ego.” Next thing I know, I’m tackled high and low by two officers, get knocked out briefly from my head hitting the pavement, and essentially wake up in a squad car. Oh, but I see, I ‘deserved’ it, along with my permanently fucked up left shoulder from the fall. Sure, whatever.

    “The Weasel says,
    What precipitated the interaction between you and those scary PPD officers? There was obviously some type of interaction prior to the beat down. Were they handling another matter and you stuck your (very big) nose into someone elses situation. I’m sure they did not take offense to your free speech, but I’m sure they took umbridge to your loud and unreasonable tone. Were you drunk or high? Where you trying to impress the in-laws or the wife. Did you receive cuts / bruises or other injuries. The shoulder doesn’t count. (I’m sure you suffered a previous injury to your shoulder from the constant patting of yourself on your back.) Family members as witnesses? Ha ha. They’re relatively well intentioned. But, they tend to be a little too biased.

    So with this “permanent” injury, how do you keep the house soooo clean?

    K2 said,
    I defer to Johhny Cash: “It could be someone that you love gets done like Jacob Green got done.”

    “The Weasel” says,
    I defer to The Oompa Loompas

    “Oompa Loompa doompadee doo
    I’ve got another puzzle for you
    Oompa Loompa doompadah dee
    If you are wise you will listen to me

    Who do you blame when your kid is a brat
    Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat?
    Blaming the kids is a lion of shame
    You know exactly who’s to blame:
    The mother and the father!

    Oompa Loompa doompadee dah
    If you’re not spoiled then you will go far
    You will live in happiness too
    Like the Oompa Loompa doompadee do”

  85. K2 said,

    brenda, at least you have an open mind. Unlike the other hypothetical jury.

    jd, so I should have spent more time in jail? Great. And yes, for the most part, law enforcement sucks ass.

    Anyhow, I just called the Kennebec Journal, and asked about the incident. Several folks in the newsroom said they were vaguely familiar with it, but a definitive answer is forthcoming from Betty Adams, the paper’s court reporter, tomorrow. Stay tuned. . . .

  86. K2 said,

    Weasel, you pack so much fudge, Willy Wonka is jealous.

    And yes, I am the most arrogant person ever. No one is more arrogant than me. I’m the absolute best at arrogance. You all suck at it.

    Murphy’s Oil Soap. That’s my secret. Sshhhh. . . .

  87. "The Weasel" said,

    By the way, Treehugger has been pardoned……

  88. "The Weasel" said,

    Thank you for the tip, my wood needs its……

  89. brenda said,

    well, now I’ve read the rest of the comments. Mark says someone has asked about me so here I am, taking a chance again.

    As far as the issue of Police, I did grow up thinking that the police were the good guys, there to protect me. Some things happened over the past couple decades that made me realise that I could have that assumption mainly because of internalized white- middle-class mentality.
    One evening, I was riding in a car with Vicki- whose husband was an old friend of my dad’s, he was studying real estate & my dad, a broker, was his mentor. He happened to be black, and Vicki- and they are everything you’d want yuppies to be. Anyway, we were stopped on the freeway by a police. I was asked how I knew her- and I had never in my life had to justify a friendship to a police! I realised as I smiled my sweet innocent-eyed smile that my being white made the incident come out differently than if she’d been alone or if I was darker skinned. She called it a DWB stop – “driving while black” and I was in shock. The whole world changed, as I was awakened out of denial of racism, my belief that racial inequality was a thing of the past (civil rights & integration struggles being over, I’d thought!)
    After that. there were many times when I would follow my teenage mixed- race daughter a few feet away as if I weren’t with her – and watched the difference in how she was treated, compared to being with me or with a group of white teenagers.
    I knew college students who had some DWB problems, one was a clean cut middle class black student who was stopped driving home to his middle class cul-de-sac because he looked like he didn’t belong in that neighborhood….
    Then in college I learned about the statistics & racial profiling policies, and I began to see that the institutions of the criminal justice systems are different than I’d thought-
    well, let me say it this way:

    * A little old lady lives alone with her little dog. She and her dog both have health problems and many friends & relatives have died; she has a general feeling of not being safe anymore, longs for when she was young and the carefree feeling she had of youth….She watches the news on tv- they say a dangerous “gang” has done something somewhere…. She needs to go to the store a couple blocks away to buy her dogfood and a few things. As she walks, she passes a group of teenagers, laughing & joking as teenagers do. It makes her nervous, as unsupervised kids & teens usually do make older people feel nervous. Maybe they are Black or hispanic, or a mixed group depending on her neighborhood. All the neighborhoods in Southern CA are pretty much mixed ethnically these days. When she was young, and felt safe, “colored people” knew their place…. When she gets home, she decides she really should not wear her pretty neclaces out in the street when she walks, someone might mug her, maybe she calls teh police, just because she feels scared, those “colored” kids may have been a “gang” and she calls her favorite politician: “You have to DO something about those GANGS…” she complains.

    The police stop every “suspicious” looking teenager walking in Redlands, (or whatever town it is) and if they are not white, they usually “fit-the-description” of someone being looked for (black, hispanic, etc, baggy pants, ____ color t-shirt, etc) abnd get the description & where they live. If this kid happened to be wearing blue, or yellow = put “crips” notation, and if wearing red or black or green = put “bloods” notation. Not every kid wearing a certain item is a gang member. But the humiliating interaction with a cop increases the internal anger & likelihood of future problems. The “look in his eye” is sometimes enough to justify using physical control. The police takes these notes, compiles lists & stats, the department uses teh stats to ask politicians for funding for “gang intervention” programs & more police presence….

    The elections are coming. Pamphlets arrive in the mail, in which all of the politicians claim to be “Tough on Crime!” and prove it by citing money awarded to police ganti-gang task forces & creating laws against baggy-pants wearing teenagers walking in groups of 3 or more…..

    Little old ladies are in the highest percentage of voters, and vote for that nice politician whose staff listened to her phone calls and assured her that he would do something about the gangs & work to keep her street safe for her to walk in…..
    …but it isn’t safe for a 12 year old, 6-foot-tall black boy who has a crush on a 12 year old girl, to walk her home afterschool, while the white neighbors’ looking out the window & calling the police to report a “suspicious looking black guy on our street—”

    A black 22 year old was smoking a “blunt” behind the garage when the police surrounded him, and placed him on the ground, face in the pavement……..

    Meanwhile, AB, a 50+ year old balding Irish-American lawyer drives past, lit joint in his hand as he drives…….. he says he isn’t worried, it would be merely a misdemeanor if he’s caught & he’d just pay the fine and it would be taken off his record in a few years, like the last time which was over 7 years ago…. he doesn’t believe the weed should be illegal anyway.

    ok, that’s Southern CA, a few years ago. I haven’t seen it like that here in Maine. In fact, mostly I have seen police being very civil in every interaction I have witnessed. It’s mind-bending- I have to question everything I know because it’s all different here.

    Maybe in Maine, k2 “fit’s the description” ??????

    What I’ve seen here in Lewiston though- is cars being towed! If someone is visiting someone, and has their car parked 20 minutes after 5pm, there’s a tow truck there hitching it up- and the person runs out- “I’ll move it! Right now!” and is told it will take $40 cash, right now to unhitch the car. No checks, cash only. Otherwise it will be $170 to get the car back after it’s towed.
    Makes me so glad to not have a car!
    And I noticed in the local listing of arrests, many are for “warrants” that are actually tickets unpaid – and I wonder — these warants & tickets are some sort of fundraiser?

  90. "The Weasel" said,


    CUCKOO CUCKOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. brenda said,

    is it that time again, weasel? gotta get your clock fixed.

  92. Linda said,

    I spent over half my life saying whatever popped into my mind whenever I got angry. I figured, it’s only words, gone in a puff of air, why would anybody mind? I mean I’m probably right, and anyhow even if I’m offending them, surely they have to appreciate the wittiness of my razor-like turn of phrase.

    It always amazed me when there was a bad outcome (bad for me) from slanging off. And I did have some very bad outcomes! No need to go down that road.

    I’d probably still be doing it if email hadn’t come along. Its a whole different thing when the words are there to be revisited. Again, a few ill considered messages … I saw that I HAD to rein myself in — think twice, write once. I don’t miss “electric knife woman” very often.

    The part of K2’s story that struck me the most is the part where he said he knew he should have kept his mouth shut. A hard lesson!

  93. Nadine said,

    MT steps back and finds K2 wide open, she goes for the long shot — but K2 doesn’t keep both feet inbound and steps WAY over the line.

    *throws penalty flag*

    After the play, unsportsman like conduct, #77/K2 — 15 yard penalty, repeat 4th down.

    I think you know better than that buddy, post 77 was a bit over the top and you know MT isn’t black and white like that (“condone police brutality”??? Come on now!). And your “hit and run” technique is pretty weak (didn’t work either).

    Heated discussions I can handle (and have been in several!), but that was a low blow…another 15 yards for clipping.

    Look, I like you both, and you both have valid points, and you BOTH resorted to saying stupid shit AT each other, BUT…you went just a little too far K2.

    You can tell me to mind my own damned business and that’s fine, but this is a public forum, and I had an opinion. Nyah nyah, heh.

    Peace and love and difference of opinion…it’s all good.

    OH and K2!! I’m on that “hypothetical jury” too — you think I don’t have an open mind? Hmmm…ok.

  94. Mainetarr said,

    Well, Linda, I think you should say what pops into your mind, especially in this forum. I can’t tell you how many times I have written something to post, only to go over it and edit the crap out of it. (if not totally delete it for fear of hurting someones feelings) But I thought we were here to talk about whatever the topic, or non topic of the day was. I don’t think K2 should have kept his mouth shut, he obviously has lots to say. And because we totally disagree makes it all the more interesting. It’s amusing to me how he defends what happened to him that night. I mean, he’s adament he was wronged. I think there’s more to the story that what he is saying and when I push, he tells me to shit in my fist. Made me laugh till I was misty eyed. Even Brenda, in her long rants, will occassionally say something I agree with. Most of the time I think she did too many drugs in her younger days, but that’s what makes it interesting. We could have both been standing on the same sidewalk watching the same situation unfold and come away with totally different versions of what happened. Then we can come here and disagree until doomsday. It’s a freaking blog, people are supposed to speak their minds while others agree and disagree. There will always be a few who agree on most things while others agree on other things. Sometimes we appear to outsiders like a high school clique. Sometimes those who blog daily are in the clique, sometimes their not. But I don’t think anyone should ever not say what’s on their minds.

  95. Mainetarr said,

    Hey Nadine, I read your post after posting my long winded reply to Linda. Sorry about that. K2 is on his period, so we need to cut him some slack.

    What’s going on with you tonight you little NIN groupie chick?

  96. Linda said,

    oh, i wasn’t thinking of the blog, MT. I was thinking of K2 on the sidewalk. guess that wasn’t clear.

  97. Nadine said,

    Ah yes MT, my beloved NIN, those were the days…wait! Hasn’t been THAT long, heh! *sniff* feels like it though!

    Lots of action in my “hood” tonight — is it a full moon or what?

    Here’s an FYI for everyone (calling K2!), a friend of mine bought some of that Salvia stuff and did it today — paid 15 bucks — and said it was crap! Just an initial rush, then nothing. Comes in 3 different potencies and he bought the lowest (price goes up with potency). He’s a bit peeved right now. So if you’re thinkin’ of trying it, don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

  98. K2 said,

    Fuck you people.

  99. Treehugger said,

    Hey Weasel, what am I pardoned for?

    Fucking cops, cant’ believe they are so bad. We ought to close the PD in Lewiston and let the Somalians run things.

    Muslims are so into peace and such, they are all upstanding and into the family thing.

    Ya KY, the cops around here are sooooooooooo bad. Lets turn it over to the Larry Gilberts and his Band of Diversity.

    Sorry about you being made a bitch because of those bad ass PPD guys.

  100. Mainetarr said,

    Oh, sorry Linda, I read that totally wrong. I though you weren’t going to speak up in here any more. My bad. Glad I said something, you scared me for a minute there.

    Salvia, sounds like saliva….thanks for the heads up Nadine. Now I know what NOT to get you for Christmas. Ha! LOL

  101. Linda said,

    MT, I scared you? A red letter day! I don’t think you scare too easily. 🙂

    Nadine, I’m the kind of person who would look Salvia up in Wikipedia rather than going down to the corner & find some, I know it’s boring but there you are. Anyhow it was a pretty rambling entry but there was mention of Salvia needing high temps and how you should use a butane torch for good effects. So if you do that, just be careful not to set your hair or the curtains on fire, ‘kay?

  102. Mainetarr said,

    Seems like a lot of work for a short high, no?

  103. Linda said,

    Sometimes you just feel like sticking with the devil you know.

  104. Mainetarr said,

    LOL Linda….

  105. Mainetarr said,

    Like vino?

  106. Treehugger said,

    Hey tarr, whay happened to your girl KY?

  107. Mainetarr said,

    He’s gone to change his tampon.

  108. Mainetarr said,

    see post 79, before you all think I am being an asshat.

  109. Mainetarr said,

    Brenda, go back and re-read post 94. I clearly wrote “I think”. That is my own personal opinion. We are still allowed to have those right? Or did I not get the memo?

    Interestingly enough, in your post 89 you write:

    “The police stop every “suspicious” looking teenager walking in Redlands, (or whatever town it is) and if they are not white, they usually “fit-the-description” of someone being looked for (black, hispanic, etc, baggy pants, ____ color t-shirt, etc) abnd get the description & where they live.”

    Really? EVERY kid was stopped? Did you witness that yourself or would that be considered libel/slander? Is it an accusation? Your professional take on the situation? I bet the Redlands Police Department doesn’t appreciate that.

    Look, if some Portland lawyer can dress up as Osama Bin Laden, wave a very real looking toy gun at passing motorists with signs dangling from his neck on a busy interstate and be protected by the First Amendment, I certainly think I can express an opinion in this forum. Now knock it off with the nasty e-mails already.

  110. Richie said,

    Nadine (Ref. #70)

    Citizen Police Academy is a program put on by Lewiston PD to educate interested residents in the various functions of the Police Department. It gives citizens the opportunity to observe Officers in the course of their duty, to get to know different Officers, and to get an inside look at what goes on here. For those who are interested, there are also “Ride Alongs” where the citizen goes on certain calls with the Officer and gets to see things first hand (obviously, for safety sake, there are some calls you wouldn’t be taken-along to !) It’s not a “job” or anything; you are merely an observer and get to see things first hand. Afterwards, you could ask the Officer questions about what you saw, why the Officer did what they did, etc etc. There’s a core group of people who come back year after year; and they are all really quite nice folks.

    The Chief is very open about this Program; and you can ask almost any question that comes to mind (other than on-going criminal investigations, and even then some of those can be discussed too).

    No stress involved in this at all ! I think it would be fun and interesting for you. Please think about it.

  111. Treehugger said,

    Which one of you hero’s would have pulled the guy out of the ‘gators mouth like those 4 deputies did in Polk County Florida?

  112. brenda said,

    Maine is SO different from places like Southern CA. There’s this basic cultural attitude here about people’s freedom of expression that just doesn’t exist in other places. I was thinking when I got here that it might have something to do with regional cultural heros such as Henry David Thoreau.

    I am pretty confident that 10 years ago, the Redlands Police department knew & had some information where to find, just about every black or hispanic kid who ever walked around town unescorted. I have said before and should probably repeat, it is never 100% correct to generalise so I just thought you’d take it with a grain of salt anyway.

    Anyway, Mainetarr straightened it out with me, I am not a drug user & haven’t ever used enough drugs to have made that much affect on who I am. I really don’t think taking 2 tokes of a joint 30 years ago & passing it on the rest of the time is enough to cause lasting damage. I like the smell though. She meant that I seem like an old hippy and that is true.

    Health-wise and society-wise I think alcohol does more harm to us than pot smoking. Methamphetamines is extremely dangerous and I hope it doesn’t get common here.
    Salvia? oh, brother. I should say, oh,no, sister….
    My mom keeps saying my sage is a drug, it is not! BUt it is a different kind of sage & you don’t inhale it or get high off it.
    It never occurred to me maybe someone else in my family was buying salvia & thinking it was the same sage? I don’t know.

  113. brenda said,

    If I could edit I would’ve deleted the word “every” anyway. But I think the Redlands Police were proud to say that they were keeping track of the “gangsters” – and for all I know, maybe there were gangsters in Redlands? There are many communities in CA that do stop any group of 3 blacks or hispanics, it’s called “gang injunctions” but I think whites would never ever be stopped just for walking or standing in a group. I am not the only person saying what I am saying, others see it too and try to speak up. BUT it isn’t black & white. Most of the problem is violence/ weapons & drugs & alcohol.
    Black kids in Maine act so different from black kids in So CA also. It’s amazing. I’ve mentioned it before. Young black men can stand around in groups here, smiling & playing around without killing each other for wearing the wrong color shirt or “dissing” someone…. I don’t remember ever seeing a black teenager smile until I moved here.

    Unfortunately, as our Somali immigrant neighbors assimilate to American culture, some of them (I’m not generalising, I can’t say “all” – I don’t know how many) but some individuals learn the bad things in American culture first.

  114. Rolling Chunder said,

    I use a technique similar to his to discourage those nasty police officers from beating me senseless for no reason.

    It works wonders to make me look docile and unassuming.

    K2, perhaps if you wear your apron and dish washing gloves to the Old Port next time, you’ll avoid this type of scenario.

  115. Treehugger said,

    Chunder, perhaps if he wore a ball gag?

  116. Herb said,

    I’ll let him borrow mine.

  117. Nadine said,

    Well Richie, I think I may just have to try that! It does sound very interesting — as long as I can bring my camera! 🙂

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