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December 18, 2006 at 8:30 pm (Uncategorized)

peeingi.jpegA young man and his date return very late from a night on the town. Unfortunately, the young lady lives with her parents and so no action is to be had. As he says goodbye at the door, the poor lad is hopping up and down on one foot.

“Say, do you think I can use your bathroom before I go?”

“Shhhh…” replies the harried girl. “My parents are asleep and they’ll kill me if I have a man in here. Tip toe into the kitchen and use the sink.”

The young man figures that’s good enough and off to the dark kitchen he goes. The girl waits nervously around the corner and after several moments, she hears him calling for her.

“Psssst,” whispers the young man. “Can you get me some toilet paper?”

I believe that’s the first joke I’ve told here in the Screaming Room. It will also be the last, because I’ve moved all my stuff to a new address and I’ll be hanging out there from now on. The address is listed below and I think you should come on over. The new place looks like the old place and I’ll be moving new stuff in over the next few weeks.

I’ve really grown tired of the moving metaphor and so I’m just going to go. Be sure to make note of the new address. And stay the hell away from my sink. Use the backyard like the rest of us.

The Screaming Room has moved here


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